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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Black woman's guide to *social elevation* Part 1.

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Black women are getting degrees at 3x the rate of bm. They are buying houses, starting businesses, as well as seeking mates in the upper echelons of society.

Lets examine other areas in which we can expedite and exploit other avenues of social mobilization available to us....

These are small but profound steps up the ladder of social dominance....

Intelligent, upwardly mobile bw+ powerful well connected wm= SOCIAL DOMINANCE!

This lesson on social elevation is geared toward all the women who want more than to escape the black enclaves. If you are such a woman, and you want to engage, mate, and marry into the highest tiers of society- pay careful attention to the following advice.Many women think social mobility = a college degree, but this is just a minuscule segment of social climbing. You can go so much higher. This is entirely possible with adequate instruction, and ongoing support. Black women, in fact, MUST be socialized, and taught to reach the highest pinnacles of their respective fields, and become bastions of high society. Why? Because there are innumerable benefits that avail themselves to participants, for each ascending tier one reaches in life. Beginning with, but not limited to:

1. Access to the best Institutions of higher learning available
along with the accompanying respect,long term prospects, career boosting criteria, and critical thinking skills, these institutions are able to afford to one's life. The ability to offer one's progeny or offspring the best education money can buy.

2. Status and clout-over generations...
These intangibles can open doors not just for oneself, but for one's future generations, thereby being able to effect, influence, and 'exert' aid to one's offspring long after you have departed this life. Surely, you've all heard many wealthy ppl say things such as: "Yes, well our grandfather started that company when he was just a poor immigrant many years ago, and our family has kept it going for over 50 years...."

3. Having a database of contacts and connections
These are the type of connections that ppl in the lower tiers can only dream of. The truth is contacts =contracts! Many of the most successful, and well connected people in the world have been carefully mentored and 'guided' to the top.

4.Sophistication, Savvy, and social conditioning indigent to the long-term wealthy
The class savvy, confidence, and savour fair that comes from being well-traveled, and able to move among differing types of people with poise and comfort. The social graces, that scream class and decorum before one opens one's mouth. It becomes almost tangible with time, and enables one's to be treated with a higher degree of respect and deferment.

5.Ease and comfort with wealth, and privilege
The ability to be relaxed, unstressed, and comfortable with large amounts of wealth, and the ability (that is wealth 101 for many rich) to make wealth grow and to use wealth as the preamble to greater wealth and not to squander 15,000 on a pair of ridiculously ostentatious rims!!! No cultured, eloquent, sophisticated upper crust person would do this ever! Even a middle class person lacking extenuating resources, but having a modicum of common sense, would not engage in such foolishness.

6. Class and comfort-of course.
One of the primary goals of social climbing is so that one can have a life of leisure, as well as one of contribution. Being able to contribute to one's community, church, schools, etc is quite soul-as well as ego-fulfilling. Yet, being able to raise one's children in relative comfort, in a luxurious, pampered, and unstressed environment is the most profound, and desirable element of all. We all want to give our children better. Social climbing in a highly concentrated, and substantive manner, allows us to exceed the minor goal of giving our children better-we can give them the best!!

It is extremely imperative for bw to be socially mobile, much more so than others, lest they be inadvertently shuffled to the bottom. Too many of you ladies see wealth as unattainable, and beyond the scope of your grasp. In an age where black women are marrying Princes (Prince Maximilian and Angela Brown), Counts (Count Ferdinand, and wife Mary) or simply setting their sights on mega rich celebrities/and or businessmen (Wolfgang Puck, Boris Becker, Luc Bessom, Peter Norton, etc. This could not be further from the truth! The truth is that anyone who undertakes serious work, dedication and diurnal conditioning, can position themselves to reach higher echelons. Even if you never reach the moon, you can certainly reach the stars, and be much higher than you originally started on your journey. Many black women in this day and age are beginning to understand this theory inherently. This is why more and more black women are severely limiting this time in black enclaves, and amongst those with an internally impoverished mindset. More and more bw are grabbing at the chances availing themselves to partake in gifts of social mobility, and betterment. More women seem to intrinsically understand that life is NEVER stagnant, either you are growing or heading for your imminent demise.

How the black man -dynamic comes into play....
This is why many bm will try to grab onto the skirts of the mobile bw. You will see this dynamic play out again and again as a soon to be, college graduate gets pregnant by some around -the- way, LOSER. The loser set his sights on her from the start. He could have just as easily gone after a woman on his level, who had no aspirations of betterment, but he CHOSE to go after the aspiring woman and stagnate her progress. This selfish act serves a dual purpose. Most bm know (even if they won't admit it) that they are slowly becoming extinct. They must latch onto a host body (like any parasite) in order to survive. They have no plans in play for their own survival (as any reasonable man would) so they use bw as a lifeline. As more and more bw try to 'shake them off,' and move on to better lives. They grow more resentful- angry, defiant, and desperate. They cannot allow her to discard them! Their lives are intrinsically bound to her, for she has the majority of the wealth, education, businesses, houses, contacts, and other resources they need in order to survive. This is why they would rather she be annihilated than happily cavorting off into the sunset with an equally mobile white man. And this is why they go after the up and coming college student instead of shenaynay. It serves a dual purpose, if she is able to navigate the treacherous landscape of academic study and coursework, she'll become an asset which can be used at their disposal, for discretionary income, social connection/contacts, sexual gratification etc. If she is able to prosper despite the 200 lb weight hanging off her neck, than they can coast along on her back and vicariously 'achieve' and live the good life. But if she falters, stumbles, and is unable to remain upright, then they can easily eject themselves from her back to her head and 'stomp' her further into the ground. This in effect, vastly increases the likelihood of her never getting up. The parasite has now done his job, and can now jump off, and look for fresh prey. Either way this is soul satisfying for him, because her ambition is a constant irritant to him, since it amplifies the lack of his own. If you think I'm lying about this, take note of the alarming amount of young bw college students dumped by their predator -boyfriends, shortly after becoming pregnant, and having their academic careers derailed. This is parasitic behavior in action. Did you think it was a mere coincidence, that all these once-promising career women have been mysteriously turned into struggling baby-mama's, and that now they are, (gasp!) all alone?

Black women if you wish to be socially mobile (and you should) -your first order of the day is to avoid lower tiered men like the plague!!! ESPECIALLY IN THE BLK ENCLAVES!!!
I'm aware this may sound harsh, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to make it up a hill with a 200 lb weight around your neck!

This lesson begins a series of instructions, and mentoring for bw who want, need, or must socially elevate their lives. These posts will be stuck in under regular posts for those who need them. Many bw do not understand many concepts in life which if understood, could serve to add to, and better their lives in countless ways. There are so many misconceptions about class and status and betterment, that I really feel the need to clear some ambiguous theories up. First of all, bw need to understand that if you want to move up-you MUST encounter, engage with, and accompany those who are already up! In other words, drastically limit your time with losers if you are trying to be a winner. And certainly limit your time with the perpetually indigent if you are trying to be rich! I was reading another BWE blogger the other day (no one from sidebar) and while I was blown away by her level of critical thinking, and analysis, (as well as the fact that she's an incredible writer) I was put off by her myopic views concerning Upper class individuals. She's obviously under the impression that the upper class is a closed back room in which very few individuals , regardless of personal resources, ie wealth, education, upbringing, etc, can enter. She insinuated that the comment calling Michelle Obama a ghetto girl- because she grew up in a working class environment- had merit. She did not explicitly state this, but I (strongly) inferred this from the text of her words. I would like to discuss why I feel that this label is 100% erroneous, and why (in many circles) the first lady would most certainly qualify as a member of the upper crust. First of all the first lady exudes class from her pores, second she is extremely intelligent, well spoken, and sagacious. Although, I do understand that these qualities are irrelevant to a certain segment of upper class elitists, but what this author, as well as others, fail to understand is that there are diverging tides of upper class. I feel that most highly leveraged thinkers can discern that ghetto people ( I hate this term) and hard working, under-class people are two very different demographics. I would also go so far as to add that poor and ghetto are not mutually exclusive. There are many good, decent people who lack monetary resources. Just as there are people who are extremely financially solvent, yet are completely morally bankrupt! I'm sure the very wealthy would agree, but lets talk about the issues that are far more substantive.

Pay attention ladies, because these lessons will be essential if you intend to move up into the higher echelons of society, or look for a mate in these privileged quarters. First of all know that there are about 14 layers of class, not 2 or 3.
I will start with the first 4.

1. Wealth
-Now this is subjective, but usually starts with around a quarter of a million dollars and up. Wealth is NOT interchangeable with class-it is merely one level of class. This is why most wealthy celebrities would still NOT be considered upper class.

2. Lineage -think LINE through TIME.
When you hear the UCL's talk about lineage they are usually referring to the family line of money, and or status. How long has your family had money? Old money usually refers to money in the family for at least 100 years! This is why many of the UCL's who toot their nose at the nuveau riche are not as upper class as they think they are! Many of the black elite have money only 2-3 generations deep. Now perhaps my math is off, but doesn't a generation = 20 years? This means that many of the ppl tooting up their noses at other bp, would have legitimate 'old money' tooting up their noses at them! Also, if you have no money in this generation yet you are related to royalty-then you still have a degree of lineage ( this is referred to as: reflected glory)
The only way to get lineage if you don't have it is to marry it, or be adopted into a lineage family. This is why Elton John paid a member of a royal family to adopt him (although he was already grown) so that he would have access to the lineage of this family, as well as being able to take the title of Sir Elton John!

3. Memberships
Memberships can be quite exclusive, as I'm sure you've all noticed. The exclusivity of memberships serve a dual purpose. One, it avails people of similar educational, community standing, and/or monetarily leveraged backgrounds to band together. It enables them to make, benefit from, and enjoy the intimate connections with like mannered, similarly bred, and often class-conscious individuals. These connections will serve them through life, and benefit not only them, but undoubtedly their offspring as well. And two, it restricts the access of less resourced, and lower tiered, individuals from being able to ingratiate themselves into these exclusive domains. Some memberships will be closed to you eternally unless you have a family member who has/had a membership. Some will be closed by the very nature of their exclusivity, or because you must be sponsored by a certain number of the other members. Yet surprisingly, many of these clubs are not as exclusive as most people think they are IF you make friends with well connected individuals, and/or have other similar lines of class, breeding, educational, or community standing (regardless of reason) and are accepted in. ..

4. Education
The last one we'll cover today is the layer of education. Whether you went to college on an academic scholarship, or your family paid is irrelevant in this instance. Academic achievement very highly regarded, respected, and rewarded in the high class community. It is so coveted, in fact, in the upper echelons of society, that it ranks higher than money in most cases! This is why there was such an uproar when Ms Obama was singled out as first a baby mama, and later on as a ghetto girl. The intelligentsia intrinsically understand that anyone who graduates at the top of an Ivy league Institution can NEVER be regarded as a mere 'ghetto girl' regardless of her humble origins! Black women if you intend to find quarry (mates) from the upper echelons of society-please be sure to include liberal arts in your educational curriculum. This will give you a decided advantage over other women (who are not in the know) , as liberal arts stresses understanding of many requisite subjects, with an emphasize on the humanities. Many wealthy individuals see Liberal Arts as a requisite-for their children's educational development! Get yourself into the highest institutions you can possibly manage because the connections alone with the most elite of society, can often 'set you up' for life! Few public schools have the clout and connections of the premier, elite, and more private Ivy League schools. (Beverly hills Public School -is a definite exception) It's important to remember that if you have several layers of class, a conspicuously absent one will often not necessarily deter you from reaching the highest echelons of society. Think about Princess Di. Although she was enshrined in lineage, money, connections, and social savoir faire, she lacked a degree from a prominent institution (or even a community college). Yet, you'll notice with interest, that she had so many other salient lines of class, that this fact was nonchalantly disregarded, and never hindered her social standing...
Now we will subsequently delve into the next 4 at a latter date, but I also wanted to let you ladies know that just as there are layers of class, there are layers of wealth. All rich are NOT born of the same vein. Wealth and class are NOT mutually exclusive! This is why (very rich) Paris Hilton was referred to as 'white trash' by the family of her ex-boyfriend, who's name was also Paris. Because she lacked so many of the other layers, (as well as being indifferent to class-etiquette) she was ill regarded in the mega-rich community, and considered quite common! This is also why in most high class circles, Mrs. Obama would rate exceedingly high! Her educational achievements, combined with her imperious social decorum's, combined with her standing as the first lady would by far outweigh her working man's origins, and jettison her to the top of the social tier. Just as Princess Di's other layers outweighed her lack of scholastic achievement.

For all you social climbing little butterflies, join us next post. The lesson will be posted right under the post. We'll resume with 4 more tiers of wealth, and how to attract men from the higher echelons of wealth.
thanks for tuning in-see you soon

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Down Low judge indicted- but bc comes to his rescue!!!

Another Down low Bm gets unlimited love and support from the cesspool *better known as the BC*!!
Just in: Judge Herman Thomas is accused of sexual misconduct with over 15 men from a correctional institute. This judge is accused of having sexual relations with numerous men (inmates) in return for lenient sentences. Now since over 15 men (and counting) are accusing him, we KNOW they are not ALL lying! His lawyer is claiming the men lack credibility based on past crimes, and records, but the sheer volume of victims alone, leads me to conclude that this man is very, very guilty.

What's unbelievable about this case though, is that once again bw were out in front like brain-dead jack asses defending this lying, cheating, down low criminal!!! His own wife (seen at top) is also standing by her damaged man! Lawd have mercy!!! There really is a sucker born every minute!
Now keep in mind, some of the charges go back so long ago, that many have been dismissed by the statute of limitations. In other words, this man has been leading this double life for years, and has exposed this silly woman to God knows how many diseases, and yet here she is, proudly holding the hand of the man who could be responsible for giving her AIDS!!! When are bw going to wake up? How long are we going to stay stuck on stupid? She was front and center out front protesting the arrest of this man, who not only took advantage of his position of power and authority, but also violated every ethic, he was supposed to stand for as a Circuit County Judge!
The article is below. I'm just blown away at how stupid people really are! BP are actually protesting because they don't think this man, who violated every tenet of his office, and engaged in the most improprietous acts, a judge can engage in, should be arrested, and held accountable!!
Lord help us all -Truly this is the death of common sense in the black enclaves/communities....

A rally to protest his indictment on 57 felony charges took place on the east side of Government Plaza Saturday April 4 and capped a flurry of activity over the past two weeks in the case of ex-Circuit Court Judge Herman Thomas.
The rally, which took place at noon, featured a crowd of roughly 200 people holding signs and chanting for justice for the former judge, who many of those in attendance seemed to feel is the victim of a racial conspiracy. Speakers included retired Alabama State Port Authority Chief of Police Herbert McCants and President of the Mobile NAACP Jimmie Gardner.
Thomas also spoke briefly but limited his comments at the behest of his attorneys, saying only, “There are three things that are important at this time in my life and are important in your life. That’s faith, family and friends.”
Thomas carried a stack of pre-printed placards to the edge of the gathering, then handed them to another person who handed them out to the crowd before the rally began. They contained slogans asking why Thomas hadn’t been presiding judge when he was the circuit’s longest serving jurist and several admonitions to investigate attorney Joe Kulakowski, among other things. Kulakowski began independently investigating claims of sexual abuse by Thomas about two years ago after he says he learned about it from several clients.

(Press-Register photo)Herman Thomas MOBILE, Ala. -- A lawyer for Herman Thomas -- a former Mobile County circuit judge accused of paddling inmates and defendants -- said he expects at least some of the 15 purported victims to recant their statements during the trial proceedings that begin Monday.
But a prosecutor said the men's allegations have been corroborated "in a number of different ways," all of which will be revealed.
Jury selection begins Monday at Mobile Government Plaza in downtown Mobile, launching what will likely be a monthlong trial with dozens of witnesses.
Thomas, 48, faces more than 100 charges including kidnapping, assault, extortion, sodomy and ethics violations.
Prosecutors have argued that he conducted spanking and paddling sessions as a form of sexual gratification, using his authority as a judge.
Thomas lawyer Robert "Cowboy Bob" Clark said that the 15 men "are not trustworthy and are not believable" and that the defense plans to question their credibility.
"We're talking about murderers, burglars, drug dealers," Clark said.
Nicki Patterson, chief assistant district attorney, said the prosecution has 15 named victims and substantial supporting evidence.
Last month, Clark hoped to depose Thomas' accusers as part of a bid to overturn the suspension of Thomas' law license by the Alabama State Bar.
Clark dropped the attempt amid intense opposition by Thomas' prosecutors, who maintained that the men would be subjected to intimidation and harassment during the deposition sessions as Thomas looked on.
Prosecutors and defense lawyers said they're not concerned about finding a fair and impartial jury -- although they don't expect to encounter potential jurors who have never heard of the case.
Thomas, a former district judge in Mobile, moved up to the circuit bench in 1999. In 2007, he was suspended after being charged with state ethics violations. He resigned from the bench later that year once allegations of paddling inmates became public.

With the combined felonies charged, Thomas faces a possible life sentence if convicted.