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Friday, September 4, 2009

BEWARE! - The man who cannot control himself, is a mentally Impotent, and dangerous fool!!!

Travis Henry with some of his children............

Ladies sorry this post is so late, but whew! My son is taking alot out of me!
It's been a long time between babies, and I had forgotten how much work, and time they take. But on to business.....

I'd like to use the following man as a demonstration of a benevolent fool. Now Travis Henry SEEMS like a nice man. He's smiling, and cordial, but he is an absolute FOOL!. At the time this article was written in March of 09, He had 9 children by nine different women. Well as of now, he now has 11 children-because another woman recently had twins for him! Read the following article, and then we'll talk.......
" Only God can judge me." says Travis Henry.
Travis Henry, who apparently is giving Shawn Kemp a run for his money as the newest punchline when it comes to fathering kids out of wedlock. As you read in the headline, Henry has fathered nine kids to nine different women in four different states. Luckily for Henry, he was signed to a five-year deal with $12 million guaranteed, meaning he should have no problem paying the child support. Or so you would think.
[Judge Clarence] Seeliger wrote that the football player displayed “bad judgment in his spending habits,” dropping $100,000 for a car and $146,000 for jewelry. Meanwhile, Henry fell behind on support payments for his child with [Jameshia] Beacham that were mandated by a previous order. Threatened with jail, he borrowed $9,800 from his former team, the Tennessee Titans, to pay the bill, according to court records.…[Henry's lawyer Shiel] Edlin, though, said Henry collected much less than $1 million after taxes, and he said much of it went to debts. “He doesn’t have any money,” Edlin said. “The guy has significant financial issues.”

Super Bowl XLIII Scoreboard Travis Henry owes $170,000 annually in support of his children, his lawyer estimated.
I know what you all are thinking — you’d love to have the type of financial issues that come from signing a multi-million dollar contract, right? Yeah, me too. But just goes to show — don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. OK?
This was no simple task. Henry, 30, a former N.F.L. running back who played for three teams from 2001 to 2007, All nine children have been sired by 9 different mothers...
Reports of Henry’s prolific procreating, generated by child-support disputes, have highlighted

how futile the N.F.L.’s attempts can be at educating its players about making wise choices. The disputes have even eclipsed the attention he received after he was indicted on charges of cocaine trafficking.
“They’ve got my blood; I’ve got to deal with it,” Henry said of fiscal responsibilities to his children. He spoke by telephone from his Denver residence, where he was under house arrest until recently for the drug matter.
Henry had just returned from Atlanta, where a judge showed little sympathy for his predicament during a hearing and declined to lower monthly payments from $3,000 for a 4-year-old son.
Three days after the telephone interview, he was jailed for falling $16,600 behind on support for a youngster in Frostproof, Fla., his hometown.
“I love all my kids,” he said in the interview, but asserted he could not afford the designated amounts, estimated at $170,000 a year by Randy Kessler, his Atlanta lawyer. Kessler said Henry was virtually broke.
“I’ve lost everything in this mess I’ve gotten myself into,” Henry said.
His eldest child was conceived while Henry was in high school, before he was named Mr. Florida Football and a Parade All-American. The child was unplanned as were all but one of his offspring, he said.
“I’m like, ‘Whoa, I’m going to be a dad,’ ” Henry recalled.
He was wed, at 19, to another of the nine mothers, who was six years older. Henry’s mother, who picked oranges for a living, disapproved.
“She was going crazy over it,” Henry said. He added that he filed for annulment within a year “for her.”
Two relationships while he attended the University of Tennessee produced two more children. Attending the annual N.F.L. rookie symposium as a 2001 draft pick of the Buffalo Bills, Henry watched a skit that dramatized the repercussions of imprudent sexual activity. It might as well have been geared toward him.
Henry laughed through the sketch. “I thought, ‘That ain’t ever going to happen to me,’ ” he said.
But it had, and it was just beginning.
Henry maintained that he was involved long-term with many of the mothers. Some, he said, told him they were using birth control, and he professed surprise at discovering they became pregnant by him.
“I did use protection at first,” he said. “Then they’d be saying they’d be on the pill. I was an idiot to trust them. Second or third time with them, I didn’t use it. Then, boom!”
In four instances, he attested, “I was trapped.” If not for his football cachet and accompanying wealth, “I guarantee you that wouldn’t have happened.”
“My counselor asks me, ‘How can you do the same thing over and over?’ ” he said, unable to provide an answer.
“Knock on wood, or something, I’m blessed not to have AIDS. That never crossed my mind.”
Henry declined to discuss aspects of his drug case. He was arrested last fall in Colorado with another man and has pleaded not guilty to charges that could net him 10 years to life in prison if convicted. The arraignment is scheduled for next month.
At the latest child-support hearing in Atlanta, Henry testified vaguely that sizable cash withdrawals were connected to his criminal matter, not to any conspicuous consumption for himself.
In an interview, Robert Wellon, the lawyer who represents the mother in Atlanta, Jameshia Beacham, characterized Henry as spending “like there was no tomorrow,” thus depriving the children of money.
The Denver Broncos gave Henry a five-year, $25 million contract in 2007. Cut last year by the team, which cited injuries and off-the-field commotion, he received only $6.7 million.
Piling on to the child-support issues, Henry failed an N.F.L. drug test. He successfully appealed, avoiding suspension, but faced another penalty from the league for what he said was missing subsequent test dates. Though Henry insisted his body has three more seasons in it, his quandary all but dooms any chance of his suiting up again.
Henry is seeking to modify child-support obligations. Some mothers and their lawyers will have none of that, saying he has squandered a small fortune on luxuries like cars and jewelry.
“I feel sorry for the guy, trust me,” Wellon said. “On the other hand, when you take those kind of actions, there are consequences. He could have taken care of the money.”
Update Henry now has 11 children. A new woman has just given birth to twins! So now this fool has 11 children by 10 women, and is under federal indictment for cocaine charges! When will the idiocy end????
Ladies, the difference between an evil malicious, using man, and one who just happens to be a fool is only a difference of intent. Now, the evil, malicious man may intentionally use you, and cause you to cry buckets of tears, but the Benevolent fool causes his own brand of pain. ANY of these women could have caught numerous diseases from this man who was too stupid and irresponsible to use condoms. NONE of these children have a father of their own, they must share him with 9 other households!! This man can brag about dropping 250 thousand dollars on jewelry, yet can not afford 170 thousand per YEAR in child support!!! To be honest, I almost feel sorry for this him. He's so lacking in self control, yet I honestly feel like he wants to be a good father to his children and do the right thing, yet he cannot seem control his actions. And therein lies the crux of the problem. It does not matter how much someone may WANT to do the right thing, if they cannot get themselves to DO the right thing! Ladies when you see men who are financially, or sexually irresponsible -RUN! There is nothing you can do to help him, and he will only bring you down-regardless of intent. Because in the long run, he will follow the path of least resistance and show that he is morally, mentally, and willfully lacking. And a man like this is of no use to any woman who has her head on straight. This man looks very physically strong, but it does not matter because mentally, he's as weak as a kitten. Look at his track record:

He lacks the strength to insist on condoms when he's in heat.

He repeatedly (not once or twice) but continuously engages in unprotected sex with random women.

Some of his children are MONTHS apart!!! He's been cited repeatedly for engaging in drug use by his team, then was shocked when he was finally dismissed for repeated violations..

He ended his first marriage because his -orange picking mother objected to it!
He's under federal indictment now due to his ongoing drug charges, as well as being under the constant threat of jail regarding child support issues, and what does he do? He finds another woman and has more babies that he cannot afford!
You can see by his example that some men are their own worst enemy. But the reason I use him as an example is because when you see ppl who cannot control themselves in such serious matters -steer clear! Whatever issues they have will surely be visited upon you.

A man who cannot control his sexually is a very dangerous being. Even if he does not mean to be. He will engage in all manner of sexually dangerous liaisons, and then fall back on the excuse that the women threw themselves at him. (as if that matters!) Always remember ladies, a man should be in control of 3 things:

1. His mind. He should continually learning, reading, striving to know and understand his world, and the people in it whom he has to interact with...Never give too much time to a man who shows no interest in further learning and growing because he'll be left behind the times, and so will his bank account!

2. His body. He should take the best care of his body he can. Including food, exercise, and careful scrutiny of any substance he might ingest. Alcohol and smoking (are a definite no no in my book-but if it does not bother you then... ) Illegal drugs should get him thrown out of your life, without even a good bye! I would NEVER have people in my life who indulged in illegal drugs, and I strongly suggest you ladies adopt the same policy.

Forget trying to save a brotha. If he's on drugs, (and even if he's not) let him save himself -or perish!

3. His life. Now of course, life is not always controllable, but we certainly have alot more control than most people think. Most people do not get what they want out of life, because they are not working for anything. You can easily see what people will become in life by watching what they are doing in their 'off' time. Your man should have SOME type of dream-he is working toward, even if it's just a promotion. He should be looking for ways to make life better for your family. That's what a man does....

But a man like T.H. is very common in the bc. Here is a man who is very talented, and in his case, even well meaning. Yet he does not have the mental fortitude to control his own actions-and is a slave to his impulses, both physical and sexual. He will probably end up broken, bitter, alone, and financially destitute. I hope I'm wrong because I really believe he loves his kids, and wants to change. But I don't think he has the patience to do the work required to bring the changes about. ... But the point is: That men must be held accountable for their actions, and they must have control of themselves, lest they mess up their own lives and YOURS......