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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Predators in our mists....

To me, when I hear all the excuses for bm who abandon their
children, impregnate multiple women, go on the DL, and engage in all manner of negative, and nefarious activities. It reminds me of what a crisis we are in, in the so-called BC. Which is really just a euphemism for bwo (black women only) because we all know good and well, the men are not really part of it. Their involvement seems to be more peripheral and based on what advantages them.

Evia is having an absolutely fabulous discussion on her blog about the break down game and other topics that have morphed up. Apparently the break down game is where bm will try to find a 'nice girl' a naive young, inexperienced and vulnerable girl to use, sex to death and discard. Thereby breaking her down physically, and most importantly, emotionally. It appears these damaged (men)( I use the term very loosely) have nothing better to do with their worthless lives than horribly traumatize vulnerable young women. And if that's not sick enough, many of their cohorts, (who claim to be good bm) will stand idly by and watch the devastation these animals leave in their wake! All the while calling themselves good men!!! I remember studying the Holocaust in school and after, because I found it so horrifyingly intriguing. The one line that always stood out to me whenever people would ask how this catastrophe was allowed to occur, was:
ALL that is required for evil to flourish, is for good people to do nothing!!

I never forgot that. That, to me, represents the BC now. Many people are aware of the horrific acts being committed against bw and children in the BC. Yet they allow these acts to continue because no one wants to hurt the feelings of the poor, poor little black man! He is therefore allowed to prey on women and children, he is allowed to have sex with any young girl, He is allowed to use and abuse to his hearts content. Women are constantly being told to shut up, to cater to, to accept, to settle, to stop bitching etc. These black enclaves are often a haven of misery for many young black females. They are like lambs in the wolf den, unprotected, and without a prayer. Ladies please go out and warn every young blk female you possibly can about these predators! Tell them about the break down game. Tell them about how it is open season on them, and they MUST protect themselves. Tell them if they can get out- to RUN!!! and never look back. These men are monsters, predators and many times child molesters! And their bait and prey is young black girls, and sometimes even young boys. And all the while the so called good bm sit by and watch it happen and do absolutely nothing. Then have the nerve to call themselves good! What a joke! Ladies, let me tell you my definition of a good man:

  • A good man Shields the young (even when they are not his)
  • A good man has respect for women.
  • A good man provides for his family, even if he has to work 2 jobs.
  • A good man protects the women and children of his community to the best of his ability.
  • A good man does not make songs disrespecting his race of women
  • A good man always tries to leave the world a better place
  • A good man would NEVER engage in drug dealing, because he knows the devastation it brings to the whole community.
  • A good man does his best not to leave fragmented families in his wake, because he knows every child needs a father.
I could go on all day, but I think you get the picture. There are few GOOD MEN in the black enclaves we call the BC. Now, I have no idea why bm are so messed up. I really do not care. I just don't think it's relevant at this point. I'm trying to *save* bw, not *fix* bm. So many sistas are trying desperately to 'fix' black men. I am not trying to 'fix' anyone! I say, they have pillaged and plundered bw long enough and the time has come to discard them! My theory is that ANY man who has shown himself to be without regard, redemption and character should be discarded, as should his enablers. Evia said this best: If someone is not engaging in reciprocity, then they are using you! It cracks me up when I hear people try to tell bw that wm are going to use them for sex. It's hilarious, because if these ppl cared anything about bw, they would tell her that, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT MOST BM ARE USING BW FOR!!! How come no one is warning young sistas about the true users? How come no one is telling them about the high incarceration rates of bm, or the high levels of STDs they are passing to their unsuspecting victims? How come no one is telling these girls about the low, low marriage rates of bm? The rate of bm marrying is around 30%! That means there is a 70% chance he will NOT marry the woman he is sexing. Now if she is black, cut that number in half, if she is dark, cut it down again, and if she is not extremely well off...... Well, lets just say the chances of it happening are slim and none. Do these sound like good odds to you ladies?But a better question, to me is: Why would you want someone like this in your life or as a husband period? Their record on women is horrible, and getting worse, I always feel sorry for these young and stupid females who get involved with them. One of my very young cousins (20) had just gotten out of bed with her so called boyfriend (dbrbm) last week, when he gets a phone call. He told my cousin, she had to leave because he had to go out. She got dressed, and at 2 in the morning and proceeded to walk home (all alone mind you at 2 in the morning!) As she was walking she encountered an even younger girl than her, going toward the house. She pretended she had forgotten something, and went back. Sure enough he was butt naked and in bed with the young lady who had walked over to the house at 2 in the morning to be some loser's booty call. My cousin started screaming at him, and he called her a trifling black hoe, and told her that if she did not leave, he would beat the sh*t out of her. She ran home crying and called us. Now keep in mind, this loser did not change the sheets or the condom!!! She is now on pins and needles worrying about what he might have given her. These are the types of men that are plentiful in the BC. Keep in mind his friends and his brothers all knew what he was doing, this is common as well. They all laughed about it and called her and the girl, hoe 1 and hoe 2! Ladies, it's time to stop being the prey for these damaged, useless, senseless, and dangerous men in the bc. It's time for bw to do a mass Exodus, and get the hell away. So many bw are not in relationships with these men, they are in user-ships! And they are being used for everything from sex, money, cars, and anything else these predators can get. BW-WAKE UP PLEASE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, AND GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THE PREDATORS IN OUR MISTS.....

PS. Part 3 of Donnely place in 2 days.... Thank you all for tuning in.