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Friday, August 21, 2009

The impact of more and more WM showing an open attraction for BW!!

Some very prominent white men are letting their love/ attraction for their black mates/wives be known, this is becoming increasingly common.....

Many people wonder what will happen when wm and bw come together in numbers too large to ever ignore . As more and more wm show their attraction for bw, many ppl still bury their heads in the sand, and pretend it is not happening. This is amazing to me.
It's also amazing to me how many wm openly pursue bw, yet many bw still think wm only want them for sex! I find this incredible, because it's mainly bm telling bw this. Yet, we can all see that sex is predominantly a bm's reason for pursuing ANY woman. But especially bw! The OOW rate for bw is over 70% with the vast majority of those babies belonging to black men! So does it look like they were pursuing these women to marry them? Do you think these women WANTED to be single mothers and struggle alone?
Ladies, learn to reason and think for yourselves. If wm only want you for sex, and marriage is not a consideration, then first of all bw/wm marriages would not be undergoing a 170% increase. They are actually growing faster than any other IR union! And second of all, if that were the primary and singular point in their pursuit, then ask yourself, why would black men care!!! Seems to me they wouldn't. After all that's what they themselves have been using bw for for decades. And they never warn bw against other bm, who are 'using them' . Yet they constantly break their necks to warn bw against wm 'using them'. Lets apply a little logic here.

They are certainly not warning bw out of any legitimized 'concern' for these women. For we've all seen them leave bw out there hanging, time and again. We've seen them harass bw, trying to walk down the street. Call bw filthy names for daring to ignore them. We've seen them refuse to call the police or intervene when bw were being attacked. Even watch and laugh as their fellow brothers used, lied to, manipulated, and hurt bw, and I've even seen them laugh at the poor fatherless, suffering children who resulted from the mother's involvement with these man-boys. But the minute a wm steps to a bw, then they want to rush in, and warn her!!! Give me a break-does anyone else see the writing on the wall?
They are not operating from an altruistic, compassionate, legitimate concern. They are acting on their worst fears. Secretly, they know That WM DO want bw!! They see the tide turning, and it's unfathomable to them. The same women they've been calling nappy-headed, ugly, fat, gross, dark-butt, and a host of other demeaning terms, are being snatched up, and adored by wm, who think these women are marriage-worthy and beautiful. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for bm. It must be sooooo exhausting to carry the yoke of self hatred around with you day in and day out. And it must be so confusing to be so programmed and weak that racist whites can tell you that your female counterparts are ugly, and you accept, and embrace it. You don't even have the inner convictions, and fortitude to judge for yourself. You simply accept what some racist, with a hidden agenda, has told you. How sad is that?

I previously told you all about how in Kailua Intermediate (Hawaii) I was in the class with a bb bully named Andre. His mom was Hawaiian, and his father was black. I'll never forget how he tortured us black girls because he despised blackness so much. Since I was dark brown, I caught much of his venom, but one girl caught the most because she was jet black. But the thing is, I could see right through him. He looked at us, and saw HIMSELF!!! He hated himself, and that's why he raged at us. He hated that his mom was married to a black man. It was obvious, he desperately wished she'd married a white one. As much as I hated him, I pitied him even more.
I knew he was miserable in his own skin! I remember he made life unbearable us bg's until a new boy named Loafie came to class. He was big, handsome Samoan boy, and he thought bgs were beautiful. He fell hard for the jet black girl, and when Andre called her a nappy headed, jungle bunny. It was on. Loafie beat him so bad, he was out a week, and when he returned, he never said another word to any of us.... But my point is, do you know the other bbs in the class (3) had never said a word the whole time!!! Many times the jet black girl had gone home crying, and they had never said a word.......

This goes on into adulthood as well. Many bw think wm cannot possibly find them attractive because they have been told that they are too black, and the only ppl who can be considered attractive when they are too black, is bm. This is bull. There is no such thing as too black, first of all. Skin is beautiful in ALL shades! Apparently alot of wm agree with me. I have noticed that many wm seem to gravitate toward darker bw. In HS, many wb's told me how lovely they thought I was. Which was weird when you consider how many bb's told me: "You're pretty for a dark girl" or " "you'd be prettier if you weren't so dark". Luckily for me, I came from a family that thinks dark skin is gorgeous, so my self esteem was intact, and I always knew I was hearing the voice of self hatred in these young men. Therefore, I discounted everything they said, and focused on simply loving me. It's so sad that some bw who reside in the bc, will never be told that they are pretty ESP. If they are dark, with less than Euro features. Trust me, I've lived amongst whites for the vast majority of my life, and many, many wm find bw appealing. But as more and more wm show an attraction for bw, I think it will become increasingly obvious to bw that they have been sold a false bill of goods by bm. I think bw will realize that they are, and were ALWAYS attractive, and that they do NOT have to put up with the mess, they've been putting up with for so long. Not by bm, or bm -protectors. I think the impact will be more and more women jumping ship, and swimming away as fast as their worn and weary legs will carry them. I think the impact will be other wm realizing that bw are finally opening the ports to love in all forms, and 'snatching up' these women with a gusto. I think the impact will be many more biracial children, and ppl won't automatically say to these children: "So, your mommy's white, and your daddy's black huh?" I think the impact will be many more sistas with ear to ear smiles and a rested PEACEFUL look on their faces. I think the impact will be more and more bw feeling free not to over-press, and over-perm their hair to get the 'look' that bm deem acceptable. I think the impact will be more and more bw refusing to be the mammy mule any longer, and demanding ALL men either show and prove they are worthy, or leave. I think the impact will be bm finally losing their 'kickstand' and being forced to stand on their own two feet, and black women who finally know excitement, appreciation, joy-unabashed, love, and marriage. The simple love of a husband coming home, seeing you tired, and offering to go get Chinese food. Or looking over, and seeing your blond husband happily doing your baby's hair-and watching her smile up at her daddy. Or the car breaking down, and being able to pick up the damn phone and say: "Honey, come get us, the car broke down!' So many sistas have no idea how good life can be when you have a good man to share it with. Not a parasite, who's sponging off of you, and sucking the life out of you, and depending on you to do everything for him. But a real man to lighten the load. Someone who can give you the freedom to be a WOMAN- because he has taken the responsibility of being a MAN!! I think the impact of wm showing their attraction for bw can only lead to better and better things for bw and children all around the land...........