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Friday, April 10, 2009

# 1 Reason to date out, mate out, and GET OUT of the BC!!!

More and more bw are running away from the bc, and finding love and happiness in the arms of 'other men'

I left my family the other day and told them I was going to see one of my sisters. She lives in a predominantly black area of the city, and was scheduled to undergo light surgery for a common female problem. As I left the hospital and made my way to Walmart to pick up a few things for her, I encountered a group of young bm. There were about 4-5 of them. I averted my eyes so as not to attract their attention, but it didn't work. The apparent leader of them flashed me a wicked smile and said: "You is one fione b*tch! Then he turned to the others and said "Thems the kinda B*tches I likes to F***! He then went on to spew the most despicable stream of profanity, and sexual descriptions you've ever heard. I shot him a 'You are truly disgusting look, and practically ran away from them, while he and his friends fell over themselves laughing.

"She thinks she's too good for you!" one of his crew told him, laughing through a haze of cigarette smoke. "Ah she's just another b*tch!" He shot back. "None of them mean a damn thing!" I thought about that as I walked away. BW DON'T SEEM TO MEAN ANYTHING TO BM!!! It's like they see us, but we're not worthy of being thought of as humans, only as sexual toilets!!! A young girl who was standing near the bank had overheard everything. She smiled sadly at me, looking as if she wanted to cry. " I thought they only did that to teenagers like me" she said softly. "I had no idea they disrespected grown women too!"

She looked so sad I wanted to put my arms around her and comfort her. I could almost feel her pain. She probably went through this mess everyday because she lived here.

I thought about how grateful I was that I didn't live near these animals but it saddens me to no end that so many bw do. I don't understand why they don't leave! The young girl has no choice her family probably decided to live here, but what about all the women who stay voluntarily? I can't understand why they stay! Do you think it's a good idea to bring your child up around these subhumans? This particular sister, I don't visit often because I cannot stand being anywhere near these misogynistic city-dwelling terrorists. The lives of bw are hell in these places and everyone knows it! Now I am NOT suggesting that wm cannot be misogynistic, because they certainly can! But nowhere is this behavior more prevalent, more accepted, more encouraged and enforced than the black community! It almost seems to become a right of passage into manhood in some areas! These broken down, nothing- going-for- themselves, pieces of filth are allowed to prey on women and children with complete impunity in the BC! And the level of open hostility, venom and outright hatred directed toward anything female, often cannot be described, it has to be experienced to be believed. But that brings me back to my original question: Why do bw stay? Anyone with eyes can see these places are breeding grounds for misogynistic predators, yet so many bw seem to think they are going to save the race, and make bm change. Ladies, let me give you the sad facts. You cannot make a man change, and two, black men DO NOT WANT to change! They are so addicted to having ppl make excuses for their shortcomings and failures, that they've grown weaker and weaker as men. Filled with self contempt, and loathing. They attempt to push bw in the mud and step on them, so they will considered higher. What you are seeing from these men is self hatred being directed out toward the women who remind them of themselves! You cannot change these men so please don't endanger yourselves trying. Get the hell away as fast as you can, and never let these predators anywhere near your children!
I remember a few years ago, my cousin (we'll call her Lena), and her best friend (we'll call her Stef) had gone into a chicken place in the wee hours of the morning (they had been out clubbing) Both my cousin Lena, and her friend Stef were young beautiful light skinned girls. As they entered the establishment, they attracted the attention of many bm standing in line. One particular sleazeball slimed his way over to my cousin and her friend and said: " I loves myself som light skinneded womem!"

My cousin knew better than to say anything, but her friend was from a different place, and unfamiliar with the dark, twisted minds of these men. So Stef turned to the man, and before my cousin could stop her, said, "So what!- who cares what you like!" The man immediately turned into the animal he was, and began to call them b*tches and h*es. He was screaming at the top of his lungs that these b*tches had, had the nerve to insult him. My cousin tried to pull her friend away, but Stef was so shocked by this behavior that she turned to the man behind the counter, and asked him to call the police. The man just looked back at her blankly and went on serving food while this fool screamed obscenities at them. At this point my cousin was begging Stef to leave. She knew exactly how dangerous it is for bw in the hood. Stef turned to the man's friends and said. "Why is he doing this to us? -please tell him to leave us alone!" His friends looked at her like she was a cockroach, and one snarled. "Shut the f*ck up b*tch before we cut yo stupid azz!" With that my cousin was thrown away from Stef, and Stef was punched by the man and one of his friends! People were yelling, and my cousin saw Stef screaming, and holding her face. Blood was streaming between her fingers! That was when she discovered the men had, had razor blades between their fingers when they punched her! The men ran outside like the cowards they were and took off in a car driven by a female (who later claimed she did not know them, but had given them a ride at 3:00 in the morning because they asked her to!!!) Now of course she KNEW them, no female in her right mind would give a ride to strangers at 3 in the morning! The chances of being raped are too high! Neverless, they were never found, and Stef's formerly beautiful face, now bears long ugly scars that will never go away! She is just a shell of her former self. She seems broken, and her vitality and zest for life both seem long gone. Ladies, I am begging you. These places are no place for women with any hope of love and happiness to EVER be. Get out of the hood with it's misogynistic, hate filled, criminally inclined predators! Run as far away as you can, and encourage other bw to do the same! This can become a matter of life or death for you and your children. These places have become cauldrons of pain, despair and hopelessness. Your children will learn what they live! Think about that for a moment, is this the life you want for them-or for yourself?