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Friday, January 14, 2011

Ugh! How can you love a white man?

Princess Angela with hubby (the Prince) and son.
Handsome Hispanic man and his lovely bride...

I was showing family pictures to a total stranger when I got "the question"
I just stared at her because we were standing outside a mutual friends house, and she and I barely knew each other!" Excuse me!" I finally managed to stammer angrily. I shot her a look that shut her up fast. How dare a total stranger question me on MY LIFE!

Have any of you ladies ever gotten this question from friend and family? I love I have, and it's one I really despise. First of all it's asinine, and second it's ridiculous. A better question to me is:

Why would you worry about his color instead of his heart? That's a question many bw need to ask themselves. Far, far too many good men are going to waste looking for women who are tying themselves to losers and settling for nothing.

But I've noticed that many people will try many tactics to keep a bw in her place. And I'm sure you've all noticed that sometimes those ppl share a color or even gender with you. I remember being at the library staring at the computer (which featured the gorgeous David Beckham) A bw nearby made a gagging sound in her throat and then murmured angrily in my direction, that I should be looking at Denzel. I replied calmly that although I like Denzel very much -he's not really my cup of tea. You would have thought I committed a crime! She turned pale and practically ran away with a horrified look on her face ( like she was about to faint) I just calmly kept looking at what I was looking at....

Ladies NEVER let anyone tell you who you are ALLOWED to be attracted to or in love with. That's ridiculous. If any of you caught that Oprah show a few years back where a ww declared to an audience of predominantly ww "We sure love the brothers don't we?" The audience clapped and cheered. They really didn't give a damn if the bw there took issue with their comments. They were not about to let bw or anyone else dictate who they were allowed to be attracted to. Oprah just shook her head, and smiled. She was used to ww declaring themselves open and unashamedly.

If only bw would do the same. I know something many of you ladies don't know. I know that where ever you are right now, there's a wm near you with his eye on you. He's just waiting for some kind of go sign from you. So many times I've instructed women on ways to let a man know she was interested and watched their love bloom, so I do know what I'm talking about. Many of my post have referred to this time and again. As I've told bw many times, because of the sordid history wm have had to live down, as well as the mistrust that has been spoon fed to bw about wm since baby-hood, many wm are very weary about trying to date bw.

This is why you MUST let him know that there is an interest there. He won't move in if he feels for a second that you're going to start screaming " White boy please!" and laughing your ignorant head off. This I've actually seen happen! The man turned red, and walked away, and I'm sure it was a long time (if ever) before he asked another bw out....

So when I get that stupid question, I don't answer. It's just too stupid to require a reply. I always look at the person calmly and wait for them to feel as stupid as they sound. It almost always works. The truth is I've been attracted to wm since my teen years, and I just don't feel the need to explain myself to anyone. I'm sure you ladies have noticed on Evia's site the numerous wm who loving and snatching up the darker bw, that bm often leave behind. It's really exciting to see these women looking so happy, and realizing they finally found someone who thinks their ebony hued skin is beautiful (which it is) and finally feeling loved, desired and appreciated....

If you haven't been there in a while go check it out. Those wm are snatching up those dark women like gold nuggets out of the ground! I love it!

So how can you love a wm? I can't figure out how you can't!!! I love the looks, the sense of sefl and the intelligence that many wm seem to emit effortlessly. And their talk goes so much deeper than "Hey shortie, can I gecha number?" So tell me ladies -what do you love about them, and how do you respond to that silly question???