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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Train is picking up speed, and more and more bw are jumping on board!!!!

These couples are all newly married in the last 2 and a half years.
Arpil and Ron,  Bill and Dee, Sandra and James, along with  Patra and Andrew. All recently married between January 2010- January 2012                                                                                      

Remember that train I always warned of, well as you can see it has taken off in the last couple of years- just as many of us foresaw that it would! Did you know that in the past couple of years the number of bw/wm marriages have skyrocketed and nearly doubled!!!! Did you know that Bw/Wm marriages are the FASTEST growing of ALL IR MARRIAGES!!!! With Bw/Hm men in second place!
Yay!!!! Bw are really waking up and finding the love and compassion they so richly deserve! And the best part of all this is that as more and more bw wake up their family and friend sisters will as well, and stop settling for men who are so far beneath them.- they need a periscope to see them! 

Don't listen to anyone trying to tell you that you are a traitor to the race for dating, mating and marrying out! You are a traitor to yourself if you don't find the very best man you can to love honor and cherish you and the offspring you bring into this world!

You owe it to yourself and your children to bring a great husband/father into your lives. Nothing sets my blood boiling like the lies that are constantly fed to bw in regards to romance and relationships. or should I say in the case of most blk relationships- about-to-be-used-er-ships. Because that is what most blk relationships are or become. Most blk women who are dating or married to bm are dating or married to men whom they should not have allowed to cross their path. You cannot stop a man from looking your way but you can certainly stop it from going any further. This is why you see so many bw living in pure hell now. Because they did not want to be a traitor to their race, so they rejected all the non-bm who looked their way and settled for some high school drop out, hanging on the corner, weed smoking or selling fool who uses her for a maid, meal ticket, and/or sexual toilet!

I know someone now who just graduated from nursing school and is just starting a brand new RN career. She's beautiful, young, and ambitious, yet she is dating and talking about marrying some loser who just got out of jail for drugs! He has absolutely NOTHING to offer her, yet everyone around her is encouraging her to marry him! Now think for a minute why these bp would be encouraging this young lady to marry someone so far beneath her.  I will tell you why. The hospital where she has just begun to work is TEEMING with handsome  young white doctors, many of whom I have seen giving her very appreciative looks. Some have already worked up the nerve to ask her for a date. So the KBWE (keep a bw from escaping) patrol has gone into high gear! They follow her around now, and make sure to remind her that she is "black" and belongs to bm. They wholeheartedly push her at the 'loser' and shut her down quick if she ever complains about him, or expresses reservations. They 'watch her' for the loser and report back to him when wm get to close. They are her supposed 'friends, and family, and she confided to me that she cannot understand why they are doing this. Hmmmm, I certainly can. She is a grat resource. She is a first yr RN slated to make upwards of 65,000! Do you really think they are going to let all that money/prestige simply 'walk' out of the BC? Not on your life! Even her pastor, whom she met with for couples counseling, advised her to "stay and work it out" Lord have mercy! Of course the 'loser' is trying to push her into marriage before she has a chance to come to her senses......Quel domage...(what a shame). If this young lady marries this man, she will join the legions of miserable bw who are now being used for money, sustenance, job title, maid service, sexual services, etc. In a few years if things continue on this course, I predict this yw will be a burned out, used up, sad and defeated replica of herself.  Then the ppl around her now who are encouraging this idiocy will laugh and say " I done tole her dum ass not to marry that fool- he done stuffed the drugs in her purse, now she goin to jail 'stead a him!-she so dam stupid!"

Or it will be something like him getting violent and hurting her, as he has been getting more and more agitated/angry by all the wm MDs  sniffing around her. After all she is HIS meal ticket! He has NO intentions of letting her live on a wm's easy street as a Doctor's wife in the suburbs. He has every intention of keeping her in the hood, 'tending' to him, and paying his bills!
 Scenarios like this happen everyday in the bc, and bw who make the wrong choice will lives of suffering and silence (as will any unfortunate children born into these unions)The suffering will obviously happen at the hands of the loser, but the silence will happen because every time she tries to express her pain, the community (incl fam and friends will shush her and tell her to be glad she has a husband, and that bm are just under tremendous strain cuz the 'man' has his foot on a bm's neck. 'Puleeez!' SMH....

Ladies you MUST take your future in your own hands. NO ONE can live your life for you, or knows better than you what kind of life you are looking for. It is up to you to go get it. Your unborn children are helpless, they cannot choose the kind of father they have, but you can, and you must with great consideration for your happiness and theirs...