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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How ww are upheld, coveted, and protected...

This is but a sample of what happened after the VMA's. Now I know you have all heard about the remarks Kanye made to Taylor Swift. It seemed to cause a national uproar. I thought his interruption, and remarks were trademarks of his arrogant nature. But that aside, besides being rude, I certainly didn't find it so newsworthy that the President should have been talking about it! For those of you who don't know, Pres. Barack actually called Kanya a jackass for the remarks! Now I'm just wondering. But is this the same President who has nothing about the bw being raped, mutilated, and murdered in the Congo? Is this the same President who remained mute when Pastor jerk-off called his wife ugly, and his momma a hoe? I'm just wondering because I have a really hard time holding my tongue at times, as y'all already know that. But I just cannot understand for the life of me why he would concern himself with kanye being rude to a pretty white teenager, yet have nothing to say about issues that that soooooo much more relevant? Like Hovey Street, Dunbar Village, Congo, bw street harassment, the Mayor who insists on shutting down low income daycare centers so that mothers who are single parents are losing their jobs due to lack of adequate daycare etc, etc, etc! BTW, Zabeth, I definitely owe you an apology about the President girl- You were right, and I was wrong! (you know what I'm talking about...)
Why is a pretty white girl attracting national attention over a silly remark by an arrogant man? This is exactly what I mean when I say ww are on a pedestal. Now don't get me wrong. Since I'm a country music fan, I've been aware of TS probably before many of you. And I like her. She's sweet, and a good (not great) singer, and has a big heart. I definitely felt Kanye should have apologized. But I don't think his career should have been (and possible still is ) in jeopardy over that silly remark. Everyone was talking about it! I turned to 10 stations the night it happened and it was on all of them! People were demanding that he be banned, and boycotted, and everyone was coming to her rescue! You would have thought he walked up to her and slapped her the way ppl reacted! This is ww on the pedestal Ladies-in case you wondered what it looked like in action. Remember when Don Imus (who looks like a horse) called the girls basketball team of bw, nappy headed, ugly hoes? Did you see even 1/10 as much anger as you did when one ww was insulted? Remember when stupid ass DL hughley agreed with him, and said on national tv, "Well... yeah, they was some ugly ass women!" Remember how angry bw were and demanded that he apologize. Remember how he blatantly refused-and yet his career went on. Remember the ignorant Wayans brother also calling bw names including the first lady whom he addressed as an " ugly dark woman" did you hear a fervor over that? Did you see anyone rushing to end his career or make him take it back?
Then think about Dr Dre. This man took issue with a bw reporter having an interview with Ice cube. (who had left NWA on a sour note) He and his posse of woman-beaters apparently felt that this reporter had no business giving their (now enemy) an interview. They were also angry about the tone of the interview, and the things she 'allowed' this grown man to say. When Dr Dre saw her at an after hours party weeks later. He promptly commenced to jump on this young lady like she was a man and beat her up and down the hall! He kicked, punched, and stomped this girl, and even tried to throw her down the steps! NO ONE CAME TO HER DEFENSE -INCL. HIS CREW WHO STOOD ON THE SIDELINE, AND CHEERED HIM ON! She got away at one point, and ran into the ladies bathroom, but he stormed in and proceeded to pound her head into the concrete wall! She barely escaped with her life, and yet very little was heard of the horrendous attack on a woman by a man twice her size!!! His crew said repeatedly afterwards "B--ch got what she deserved! " This is the way bw are treated- hardly a peep from anyone, yet EVERYONE seems to be up in arms because a wg was rudely treated at an awards show! Dr Dre later had to pay an undisclosed amount of money yet, never apologized or showed any remorse, and his undeserved career went on!!!
Yet you can best believe Kanye KNEW his career was in jeopardy if he didn't take his remarks back about the wg!
Even Taylor herself has said: "I was shocked at how many people had my back! I got letters, phone calls, emails etc full of support-I couldn't believe how many people were looking out for me!"
I'm not really surprised so many people were looking out for her. After all she's a young Becky in America. That's something that's always held in high esteem, and protected. But in her case she's also famous, rich (or soon will be) and has a definite vulnerability to her persona. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think ww should not be protected, because that is NOT what I am saying at all. I merely think that the protection and pedestal should extend to ALL women be they Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Black etc. I don't think it should only make National news when a ww is missing or insulted. I think the privilege should extend to everyone. I keep wondering what would have happened had he made the remark to Beyonce about Taylor instead of the other way around. Do you think there would be half this much anger and uproar???? Think about it.....