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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Predators in our mists....

To me, when I hear all the excuses for bm who abandon their
children, impregnate multiple women, go on the DL, and engage in all manner of negative, and nefarious activities. It reminds me of what a crisis we are in, in the so-called BC. Which is really just a euphemism for bwo (black women only) because we all know good and well, the men are not really part of it. Their involvement seems to be more peripheral and based on what advantages them.

Evia is having an absolutely fabulous discussion on her blog about the break down game and other topics that have morphed up. Apparently the break down game is where bm will try to find a 'nice girl' a naive young, inexperienced and vulnerable girl to use, sex to death and discard. Thereby breaking her down physically, and most importantly, emotionally. It appears these damaged (men)( I use the term very loosely) have nothing better to do with their worthless lives than horribly traumatize vulnerable young women. And if that's not sick enough, many of their cohorts, (who claim to be good bm) will stand idly by and watch the devastation these animals leave in their wake! All the while calling themselves good men!!! I remember studying the Holocaust in school and after, because I found it so horrifyingly intriguing. The one line that always stood out to me whenever people would ask how this catastrophe was allowed to occur, was:
ALL that is required for evil to flourish, is for good people to do nothing!!

I never forgot that. That, to me, represents the BC now. Many people are aware of the horrific acts being committed against bw and children in the BC. Yet they allow these acts to continue because no one wants to hurt the feelings of the poor, poor little black man! He is therefore allowed to prey on women and children, he is allowed to have sex with any young girl, He is allowed to use and abuse to his hearts content. Women are constantly being told to shut up, to cater to, to accept, to settle, to stop bitching etc. These black enclaves are often a haven of misery for many young black females. They are like lambs in the wolf den, unprotected, and without a prayer. Ladies please go out and warn every young blk female you possibly can about these predators! Tell them about the break down game. Tell them about how it is open season on them, and they MUST protect themselves. Tell them if they can get out- to RUN!!! and never look back. These men are monsters, predators and many times child molesters! And their bait and prey is young black girls, and sometimes even young boys. And all the while the so called good bm sit by and watch it happen and do absolutely nothing. Then have the nerve to call themselves good! What a joke! Ladies, let me tell you my definition of a good man:

  • A good man Shields the young (even when they are not his)
  • A good man has respect for women.
  • A good man provides for his family, even if he has to work 2 jobs.
  • A good man protects the women and children of his community to the best of his ability.
  • A good man does not make songs disrespecting his race of women
  • A good man always tries to leave the world a better place
  • A good man would NEVER engage in drug dealing, because he knows the devastation it brings to the whole community.
  • A good man does his best not to leave fragmented families in his wake, because he knows every child needs a father.
I could go on all day, but I think you get the picture. There are few GOOD MEN in the black enclaves we call the BC. Now, I have no idea why bm are so messed up. I really do not care. I just don't think it's relevant at this point. I'm trying to *save* bw, not *fix* bm. So many sistas are trying desperately to 'fix' black men. I am not trying to 'fix' anyone! I say, they have pillaged and plundered bw long enough and the time has come to discard them! My theory is that ANY man who has shown himself to be without regard, redemption and character should be discarded, as should his enablers. Evia said this best: If someone is not engaging in reciprocity, then they are using you! It cracks me up when I hear people try to tell bw that wm are going to use them for sex. It's hilarious, because if these ppl cared anything about bw, they would tell her that, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT MOST BM ARE USING BW FOR!!! How come no one is warning young sistas about the true users? How come no one is telling them about the high incarceration rates of bm, or the high levels of STDs they are passing to their unsuspecting victims? How come no one is telling these girls about the low, low marriage rates of bm? The rate of bm marrying is around 30%! That means there is a 70% chance he will NOT marry the woman he is sexing. Now if she is black, cut that number in half, if she is dark, cut it down again, and if she is not extremely well off...... Well, lets just say the chances of it happening are slim and none. Do these sound like good odds to you ladies?But a better question, to me is: Why would you want someone like this in your life or as a husband period? Their record on women is horrible, and getting worse, I always feel sorry for these young and stupid females who get involved with them. One of my very young cousins (20) had just gotten out of bed with her so called boyfriend (dbrbm) last week, when he gets a phone call. He told my cousin, she had to leave because he had to go out. She got dressed, and at 2 in the morning and proceeded to walk home (all alone mind you at 2 in the morning!) As she was walking she encountered an even younger girl than her, going toward the house. She pretended she had forgotten something, and went back. Sure enough he was butt naked and in bed with the young lady who had walked over to the house at 2 in the morning to be some loser's booty call. My cousin started screaming at him, and he called her a trifling black hoe, and told her that if she did not leave, he would beat the sh*t out of her. She ran home crying and called us. Now keep in mind, this loser did not change the sheets or the condom!!! She is now on pins and needles worrying about what he might have given her. These are the types of men that are plentiful in the BC. Keep in mind his friends and his brothers all knew what he was doing, this is common as well. They all laughed about it and called her and the girl, hoe 1 and hoe 2! Ladies, it's time to stop being the prey for these damaged, useless, senseless, and dangerous men in the bc. It's time for bw to do a mass Exodus, and get the hell away. So many bw are not in relationships with these men, they are in user-ships! And they are being used for everything from sex, money, cars, and anything else these predators can get. BW-WAKE UP PLEASE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, AND GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THE PREDATORS IN OUR MISTS.....

PS. Part 3 of Donnely place in 2 days.... Thank you all for tuning in.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the things you say about bm! Maybe your cousin should not be such a hoe! Why would she walk to someone's house to give him some, in the wee hours of the morning.... I think most bm are good and are doing the best they can. I support bm, and want them to do well so that they can take their rightful place on the throne..... I really hate you and Evia too. you sellouts!

Taylor-Sara said...

Anon, that was an interesting comment. I do agree that my cousin should have had better sense (she's not a hoe, just young and stupid) but I have to stenuously disagree about bm doing the best they can. Mentally challenge individuals can do better than this! As far as you hating us, I just could not care less, I intend to save as many sistas as I can from the evil clutches of these predators, and I certainly expect some animosity along the way....

sky said...

another great post sara, unfortunetly most of the time women know when their man is cheating on them or using them. It's a God-given gift called "intution". we either choose to listen to it or put on snooze until the alarm rings once again.

ann said..."...I think most bm are good and are doing the best they can. I support bm, and want them to do well so that they can take their rightful place on the throne"

in my book they are on the throne of "worst type of men to be dealing with". i no longer look at bm as my king, or african prince. the hell with that. sara's list of what a good man is like, reminds me of the movie 300, where the king's primary focus was to PROTECT his QUEEN, child, and village. Throughout the movie he RESPECTED his queen by calling her by her rightful name. Even upon his death he died in her honor. BM(dbr) are no where near that, they still think "get rich or die tryin" / "gots to get mine" mentality. and im suppose to give them this "throne". darling you are more than welcomed to mother these bm and allow love to pass you by while your busy potty training them, but don't you dare ask us to do the same.

i caught up with a friend today whom i haven't spoken to in awhile and asked her about her dating life. she met w/ a white guy and seems nice but had some doubts about people's reaction. i told her not to worry about them. you don't owe them an explanation. have fun, get to know him and see where it goes. that's what bw need to do. not wait on these fake princes who have no intention to be kings or be on a damn throne.

like i say go where love finds you. and im seriosly thinking about studying abroad in europe after i get my degree.

Anonymous said...

I see Mr. Laurelton from Queens is up to his hate tactics. Why don't you go on those sites that speak badly of bw and make the same type of comments?

A. F.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I appauld you for being so honest about your family.

So, Mr. Laurelton from Queens what about your family.

a. f.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I am sure by now your cousin realizes what a young and foolish thing she did going home alone at 2:00 a.m. Now that she saw with her own eyes exactly what she meant to this guy maybe now she will listen to you.
This 20 year old should be in school and focusing on a career and not the wants of some guy.

a. f.

Anonymous said...

" I think most bm are good and are doing the best they can. I support bm, and want them to do well so that they can take their rightful place on the throne..... I really hate you and Evia too. you sellouts! "

This almost qualifies as Stockholm Syndrome to be perfectly honest. Either way, the comment has reminded me of some of the lyrics from the "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" song by Eurythmics:

' Everybody's looking for something.
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused. '

pikacute said...

Sara great topic. There are a lot of bm who don't protect their kids or women. Not to long ago a younger cousin told me that he was raped. I told his parents, and nothing has been happening! Not saying all black parents do this... I meet black boys and girls in my family who are raped and they're parents do nothing. Then they wonder why their kids are so f**ked up. How can bm call themselves protecters when some of them don't protect their kids from sexual preadators. Maybe it's just my family. (I know I'm ranting now) My genearation have kids , and all this bad stuff is happening to them (ex:rape,incest) but no one does anything. There is only one time in my family (that I recall) when someone pressed charges because her daughter was being raped by her FATHER. Ugh.. I know now that a black girl/boy is being raped right now, and they might not have justice because the parents won't do anything and then they'll be screwed up for life. I can't wait to get away from the BC... I just need to be away from them for a long time...

Aphrodite said...

"Women are constantly being told to shut up, to cater to, to accept, to settle, to stop bitching etc."

And don't forget "fast" and "she knows what she is doing" even if she is 9 years old.

That story just sickened me. It makes my heart hurt to think about young BW being used like this and it is being used.

Unfortunately I was one of those females - fortunately I used condoms.

I will say that not having anyone tell you anything as in your post (not just the functional parts) about sex leaves you incredibly vulnerable to being used and exploited.

I think this is cultural. It is not normal, but becoming a common value system in the BC.

Had someone told me about vetting men as a preteen, if someone had told me that I didn't have to be nice all the time, and what were the qualities of a good versus bad male etc I never would have had the negative experiences that I had.

I thought that just because I was kind or honest etc that would attract the same to me or that others were that way too - not true at all.

It makes my heart sick to hear of other BW enduring crap like this.

Aphrodite said...

I just wanted to add that at that time in my life I was so free and tenderhearted. I was thinking about the romance, thinking about love - those are the tools that that can unfortunately be used against you by these damaged freaks.

I think that is what most young BW are focused on as well. Thinking that the guy loves them or that they can get him to love them.

KM said...

I know of this game very well, I was nearly a victim of it when I was 12/13. First guy was 19, my body was developed for 12 but he knew when I opened my mouth I was young but he kept saying age wasn't a number and tried to get my number away. I gave him a fake number and ran out of Rite Aid and on home. Second guy was at least 2.5-3x my age, trying to buy me stuff at 13. My dad, in one of his better moments, beat the guy down. Found out that he liked to turn young girls out, get them hooked on drugs and pimp them.

I work in the schools here in my city with young children with behavioral health problems. I try to work with children between 8-13, technically I'm only assigned to one child but I talk with all of them, especially girls because this sick monsters target the youngest of the young and in many cases, Mom isn't warning or protecting her kid. Some men target boys with this kind of game too (rates of molestation of boys in the BC is just as bad as girls) Someone has to care for our kids, especially our girls.

lola said...

Maybe your cousin should not be such a hoe! Why would she walk to someone's house to give him some, in the wee hours of the morning....

First off she was his GIRLFRIEND, and second nothing said she walked to his home in the wee hours of the morning specifically FOR sex. You don't know WHEN she came to his home, maybe she was there all day. All we know is she was forced to LEAVE his home at 2 AM. I guess the "gentleman" didn't see anything wrong with letting his girl all alone outside at 2 AM. Calling a black girl a hoe so easily, TYPICAL of enablers and DBRs.

Sara, this is another excellent post as usual. It's crazy how these young girls are being played. What is sad is that the VAST majority of them are searching for the love and affection of a man because of the father's love they never had, that's why SO MANY fall for their break down game. Not only are they young and easily impressed, but they're taught that they can only be "loved" under certain conditions (not unconditionally) aka by being sexed. And these girls are willing to give their bodies to get some "LOVE". Someone needs to teach them that this isn't love and what love really is.

Allie said...

I love your blog! I been reading your posts of several months now. Because of women like Evia, Halima, and yourself I've heard the "Stop being stuck on getting a black man and focus on getting a quality man" message loud and clear. It has prompted me to focus on qualilty in my search for a mate. This is an excellent post. I can only hope that your cousin can take something postive from her experience.

PS. I am really enjoying the "Donnely Place" storyline, can't wait for it to continue.

raffleckt said...

I found your post on a help blog. I did the same thing as you & accidentally reverted to classic. Now I am stuck in the old style. I do not have an 'UPGRADE BUTTON'!?!? I'm so frusterated. Did you ever find a solution to that specific problem? Do you know who I could contact about this problem?? Thanks!

sky said...

"I think most bm are good and are doing the best they can...I really hate you and Evia too. you sellouts!"

this pretty much how bm treat each other. check out this clip from the performance of cassy and jojo. the brother falls on the stage and no one does a damn thing not even his own brother, until later.

is this what you call the best they can. cause although this doesn't happe literally like on a stage, but in real life situations, where if a sinlge black woman w/ children ask for help from family or friends, they simply step over her thinking "she's a strong bw she can get up on her own". not to mention what happened in the NY hospital when no one did a damn thing for the poor woman.

im so glad you hate sara,evia, and the rest of us you're one less person we have to deal with. im glad you call us sellouts. trust me we are selling away the lies of not being desirable or marriagable, we are selling away the thought of being single forever, selling away the thought that there's a perfect bm for every single one us bw, selling away the thought that we gotta give a brotha a chance,selling away the idea "it's the wm fault why our brothas ain't making it", selling away the thought that we have to be thick, ignorant, or a ride/die chick in order to please a bm. believe me we are sellouts in that term! good bye and good riddance!

on a good note i went to my local mall and im seeing young bw (high school) walking hand in hand w/ white guys. they looked cute and happy.

Taylor-Sara said...

Hi Raf. sorry but you are looking at the result. I had to move the whole blog! That's why my traffic is low for the moment (it'll prob. be back to normal in a few weeks, but right now, this is what it is. Wish I could help you but I was never able to get it back to beta....

Phantom Mare said...

rightful place on the throne"


For dbrbm

The only throne I know of they can have is the one down the hall and to the left.(Make sure to put the seat down!)

Zabeth said...


Why don’t you do something about it? I think you can report it to the police and they can press charges on the child’s behalf without the parents.

Phantom Mare said...

I saw the video...the guy that wlaked by didn't do anything either! The people filming were even saying..pickem up!

Anonymous said...

I was not planning on posting I am taking a blog break but I had to reply to this. It is possible to assist the child even though you are not the parent - it is also possible to do it annoymously if there is a personal risk to your safety and or that of the child.

Check out the links below for resources in your area to get assistance and find protective and counseling resources and assistance:



Clarice said...

Forgot to add
One other alternative is to go with the child to a clinic or health center and speak to the medical personnel there. In 48 of 50 states there it is mandatory for these individuals to report suspected abuse.

In NY all school employees are required to report suspected abuse:
"Mandated reporters of child abuse now must directly report their suspicions to the Statewide Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment, rather than rely on the school principal or supervisor.

This change in Social Services state law, sponsored by Senate Education Committee Chairman Stephen Saland, clarifies murky requirements that had been subject to varying interpretations.

The new law, which went into effect in October, also clarifies that "school officials" who are mandated reporters include teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, social workers, school nurses, administrators and other school personnel required to hold a teaching or administrative license or certificate. Previously, "school officials" were defined as mandated reporters but the law did not specify what employees that included."

Aphrodite said...

pikacute, baby, sadly, it isn't just your family. I am so sorry that this is happening in your family and continuing to happen.

I have had to endure crap like this and watch it being done to others.

I am starting to think that CPS stands for: Cain't Do S**t as I have called them so many times on peeps in my fam for my cousins and nephews.

I could tell stories...

kurt said...

Sorry about that SARA , i look forward in reading more of your future post

pikacute said...

Thank you everyone for your advice, about my cousin. I'm concerned about calling CPS because he is very suicidal. I've told his mother about this in great concern, she said she would handle it. His mother also thought something was going on, because of his behavior around his rapest. My cousin has also told me that he was just lying (he lies alot)but I'm still not sure, because the person who raped him was also raped... My cousin is 12 and the boy who hurt him 13. Not saying I'm protecting his rapest , but they both need help. I don't want my cousin raping some one. I'm thinking about maybe to talking to his school counselor. I don't know , I just have a lot on my plate right now.

Phantom Mare said...

I have listed a few email addresses and snail mails to the site:

If anyone knows of anymore please let me know.

Clarice said...

pikacute, Phantom Mare, Aphrodite _ Everyone

Here are some resources specifically targeting male survivors - that may expand the options available other than CPS.



Phantom Mare said...

Thanks Clarice ":o)

Hey everyone, check out:

For those who do not have satellite or cable you can check out FULL episodes on I *think* they only have them up for one week then move to the next.

PLEASE write the show and let them know that *WE* are happy with this positive light. The email is automaticaly listed on my page or you can search the site.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that a lot of black men engage in these terrible crimes against black women and black children. I just hope we bear in mind that not all black men are like this.

I however am gonna put my happiness before the so called black community. I hate how loyalty to the race is being used to trap black women and cause misery for many.

The fools who cry sellout and traitor are beyond stupid they are stuck on stupid!

Anonymous said...

What is worst than loyalty? Is those ppl. who will speak against someone who is trying to step outside the box; but, later on you learn by chance that that person themselves have been jumping in and out of the box.
Some people are chosey about who they wish to see outside the box with them. LOL...I hope that makes some type of sense. Example, people who date ir; but, frown on others who date ir.


Aphrodite said...


I think all kids fib from time to time, but telling grandiose lies and fables are indicative of a larger problem. I don't think that is normal and a clue that something is going on.

Also I don't have faith that your cousin (?) will handle it as she is still allowing this boy to be around his rapist which is not good.

I hope that whatever you do the response on behalf of the outside agencies will be swift and in the best interest of the poor baby.

I am wishing you much luck and support in this and I hope you have a plan for your support as well in the event of a family backlash against you.

A lot of people know that stuff is happening, but don't want to disrupt the status quo.

Be brave.

Aphrodite said...

Thanks for those links Clarice.

Andrew said...

Dear Sara and your sellout ilk.

I see your still talking about the DBRBM LOL. It is simply amazing that you are calling us predators now. I guess the white men can't be a predator because you are unhappy with black men.

Personally I really do not think your a bad person. But I think black men have hurt you deeply. If some of my "fans" have come on your board to call you all sellouts. I must sincerely apologize. It just seems for all your energy you put in to promote the interracial agenda, you have other black women that are against that.

I guess you got one thing right it is not black men responding back to your blogs. I think I am one of the few black men who actually read your sellout blogs. So find someone else to blame concerning the backlash on your movement.

By the way I would like to thank one of your sellout followers for coming to my blog.

Slim_Lola said...

Hey Andrew find yourself a weak-willed woman who will tolerate your B.S.

I'm not just looking for white men I'm looking for men of character and I happen to have a preference for non-bm! Boo Hoo to you!
Sit on it and twirl Andrew because people like you make me sick!
Demanding loyalty while giving the people who are loyal to you scorn in return! Gee I call being loyal to someone who treats you with contempt stupidity at it's finest!

I won't be loyal to someone who probably never gave a damn about me until I decided to get mine!

Take your loyalty to the race rhetoric and shove it Andrew!

sky said...

Dear Sara and your sellout ilk.

"I see your still talking about the DBRBM LOL."


"It is simply amazing that you are calling us predators now."

you don't say.

"I guess the white men can't be a predator because you are unhappy with black men."

we've never said that

"Personally I really do not think your a bad person."

we really don't care what you think

"But I think black men have hurt you deeply."
try not to give bm too much credit

"If some of my "fans" have come on your board to call you all sellouts. I must sincerely apologize."

are you also apologizing cause after your letter started with and i quote "Dear Sara and your sellout ilk"

"It just seems for all your energy you put in to promote the interracial agenda, you have other black women that are against that."

i just seems for all the energy you put into writting to us you could have used it to mind your own business.

"I guess you got one thing right it is not black men responding back to your blogs."

please trust that we are not waiting on their response.

"I think I am one of the few black men who actually read your sellout blogs."
and why would you waste your time doing that?

"So find someone else to blame concerning the backlash on your movement."
and while your at it tell bm to find someone else to blame for their own failures.

"By the way I would like to thank one of your sellout followers for coming to my blog."
your welcome and whoever is going there from this blog don't even waste your time. your focus should be on yourself and this blog.

thanks for the entertainment Andrew sometimes we need it here =)

lola said...

@ Laurelton "Drama" Queen,

I see your still talking about the DBRBM LOL. It is simply amazing that you are calling us predators now.

Yep, as you said she's specifically talking about DBRBM aka BM who are DBR. You've said "US", as in "US DBRBM" I guess? Since you know that's who she's talking about. So you've just implied (and confirmed) that you're DBR yourself? Wow Mrs Queen, there's progress. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm looking for part three of Donnely place. I've check your blog every day and have not seen it. Did I miss it :-(

Taylor-Sara said...

hey everyone, I'm sorry ppl are emailing and waiting on part 3. I've been so busy, but I will do my best to have it up tonight....

Taylor-Sara said...

Mr L. stop bothering us and go whine elsewhere. 1st you follow me all the way over here for a blog that does not even concern you and then you whine constantly. There are plenty of blogs for bm. This is a bw's blog. I really don't give a rat's ass how bm feel about anything! I'm concerned with bw! But I'm sure there are many who want to hear your opinion, why don't you go give it to them, and spare us your diatribe. What you are really angry about is the fact that we are NOT looking for bm, and are NOT concerned with them at all over here. Well that's just too bad-get over it and go get a life. And you never did answer my question, why the hell are you here???

Selena said...

To Laurelton and to all the trolls that visit and send hate mail,

I sincerely hope you realize that the phrase "sell out" holds no water in the offensive department. It means absolutely nothing to each and every woman that visits this blog, Pinky's blog, CW's as well as Evia's and many others like it. As a matter of fact, you can add that phrase with all the other words that are meant to harm or keep BW in line:

Just to name a few:

Darkie, nappy-headed, sell-out (yes its quite popular in the DBR community), uppity, negress/negro, angry, bitter and pretty much whatever your word is for today, the week, the month or the year.

I'm glad you pop in every now and then because the more you read, the more you realize its a losing battle for "your kind". One day you'll get it but then in your case you probably won't. Just keep in mind that your antics does nothing more than fuel the curiosity and cement the interracial relationships that already exists.


Felicity said...

Very good post as usual and I learn more about some men's behaviour, women have to learn to respect themselves. I do hope that your cousin is alright now!

Anonymous said...

Is this an example of women not being protected by their community?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I see Mr. Laurelton from Queens is up to his hate tactics. Why don't you go on those sites that speak badly of bw and make the same type of comments?

So you admit this to be a site that "speaks badly" of black men.

Anonymous said...

" So you admit this to be a site that "speaks badly" of black men. "

Don't put words into other people's mouths. Ever. What this site does is hold up a mirror. If you don't like the reflection you see in that mirror, back right off and do a bit of serious soulsearching.

Read Bill Cosby's book "Come On People" sometime. It might actually move you to do something worthwhile with yourself. Imagine that.

Taylor-Sara said...

Mr L. I think you might have an obsession and you should get some help for it! I don't care what you write, or where you write it. I have no interest in you at all. As for my sister blogger who you tried to sneakily smear. I can assure you that will not happen here. You should see someone. They have all kinds of proceedures to deal with mental illnesses these days. If you hate what you read over here so much -why do you come! You know that is the definition of insanity, To do the same thing over and over, and expect a different result! And that is exactly what you are doing. You know all about this blog, and apparently you are quite offended by it, yet you come again and again. As for that person you tried to indirectly smear, using my blog. I happen to be very fond of her, and I don't blame her for choosing the course of action she chose. She has absolutely NOTHING to prove to a troll like you! You can write anything you want on your site. I will NEVER see it because I will never COME. You see I just could not care less, so that is why I am not on your site bothering you everyday, and forcing you to delete my constant rants..... Go get a life and leave us alone!

keisha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.