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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Down Low judge indicted- but bc comes to his rescue!!!

Another Down low Bm gets unlimited love and support from the cesspool *better known as the BC*!!
Just in: Judge Herman Thomas is accused of sexual misconduct with over 15 men from a correctional institute. This judge is accused of having sexual relations with numerous men (inmates) in return for lenient sentences. Now since over 15 men (and counting) are accusing him, we KNOW they are not ALL lying! His lawyer is claiming the men lack credibility based on past crimes, and records, but the sheer volume of victims alone, leads me to conclude that this man is very, very guilty.

What's unbelievable about this case though, is that once again bw were out in front like brain-dead jack asses defending this lying, cheating, down low criminal!!! His own wife (seen at top) is also standing by her damaged man! Lawd have mercy!!! There really is a sucker born every minute!
Now keep in mind, some of the charges go back so long ago, that many have been dismissed by the statute of limitations. In other words, this man has been leading this double life for years, and has exposed this silly woman to God knows how many diseases, and yet here she is, proudly holding the hand of the man who could be responsible for giving her AIDS!!! When are bw going to wake up? How long are we going to stay stuck on stupid? She was front and center out front protesting the arrest of this man, who not only took advantage of his position of power and authority, but also violated every ethic, he was supposed to stand for as a Circuit County Judge!
The article is below. I'm just blown away at how stupid people really are! BP are actually protesting because they don't think this man, who violated every tenet of his office, and engaged in the most improprietous acts, a judge can engage in, should be arrested, and held accountable!!
Lord help us all -Truly this is the death of common sense in the black enclaves/communities....

A rally to protest his indictment on 57 felony charges took place on the east side of Government Plaza Saturday April 4 and capped a flurry of activity over the past two weeks in the case of ex-Circuit Court Judge Herman Thomas.
The rally, which took place at noon, featured a crowd of roughly 200 people holding signs and chanting for justice for the former judge, who many of those in attendance seemed to feel is the victim of a racial conspiracy. Speakers included retired Alabama State Port Authority Chief of Police Herbert McCants and President of the Mobile NAACP Jimmie Gardner.
Thomas also spoke briefly but limited his comments at the behest of his attorneys, saying only, “There are three things that are important at this time in my life and are important in your life. That’s faith, family and friends.”
Thomas carried a stack of pre-printed placards to the edge of the gathering, then handed them to another person who handed them out to the crowd before the rally began. They contained slogans asking why Thomas hadn’t been presiding judge when he was the circuit’s longest serving jurist and several admonitions to investigate attorney Joe Kulakowski, among other things. Kulakowski began independently investigating claims of sexual abuse by Thomas about two years ago after he says he learned about it from several clients.

(Press-Register photo)Herman Thomas MOBILE, Ala. -- A lawyer for Herman Thomas -- a former Mobile County circuit judge accused of paddling inmates and defendants -- said he expects at least some of the 15 purported victims to recant their statements during the trial proceedings that begin Monday.
But a prosecutor said the men's allegations have been corroborated "in a number of different ways," all of which will be revealed.
Jury selection begins Monday at Mobile Government Plaza in downtown Mobile, launching what will likely be a monthlong trial with dozens of witnesses.
Thomas, 48, faces more than 100 charges including kidnapping, assault, extortion, sodomy and ethics violations.
Prosecutors have argued that he conducted spanking and paddling sessions as a form of sexual gratification, using his authority as a judge.
Thomas lawyer Robert "Cowboy Bob" Clark said that the 15 men "are not trustworthy and are not believable" and that the defense plans to question their credibility.
"We're talking about murderers, burglars, drug dealers," Clark said.
Nicki Patterson, chief assistant district attorney, said the prosecution has 15 named victims and substantial supporting evidence.
Last month, Clark hoped to depose Thomas' accusers as part of a bid to overturn the suspension of Thomas' law license by the Alabama State Bar.
Clark dropped the attempt amid intense opposition by Thomas' prosecutors, who maintained that the men would be subjected to intimidation and harassment during the deposition sessions as Thomas looked on.
Prosecutors and defense lawyers said they're not concerned about finding a fair and impartial jury -- although they don't expect to encounter potential jurors who have never heard of the case.
Thomas, a former district judge in Mobile, moved up to the circuit bench in 1999. In 2007, he was suspended after being charged with state ethics violations. He resigned from the bench later that year once allegations of paddling inmates became public.

With the combined felonies charged, Thomas faces a possible life sentence if convicted.


Lisa-just-Lisa said...

Wow! This is just so wrong on so many levels. I hope the Mrs. has enough common sense to get herself tested for every possible STD. I guess it really is true... some women will take any man just to say she has a man! I'll bet the Mrs. thought she had the catch of the century with professional BM and a judge at that; you know she was stuck to him like glue and now this most public humiliation and violation of trust. I would stay single for the rest of my days if I thought this was the best partner I could hope for SMH

lormarie said...

As far as the wife is concerned, I'm not sure it's mammy syndrome since there are plenty of white political wives who do the same. But if black women are mobilizing on his behalf, they are indeed jackasses as you say. Black women like that really make me sick. They don't know how stupid they look.

MilesPerHour said...

Just another example of how the US justice system is flawed. Unfortunately as you say, so are some women when it comes to choosing men. (Men can make ill advised choices too)
Sure we all make mistakes but we don't have to make them more than once and can avoid them altogether by learning through other's.

Lena said...

I'm more sickened by the so called black community coming to the defense of this pervert than I am at his initial crime. Yes his actions are a violation of the office he holds but it paints a rather ugly picture of the black community. I wonder is his wife that desperate to have a man even if he's a down low dude! Glad I didn't partaken in the racial groupthink kool-aid!

This proves that groupthink is the death of reason and common sense! Glad I put my womanhood before my color.

I'd rather be single for the rest of my life than have a cheating dog for a husband!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just watched that rally and it seems like 90% of the participants were black women.

Skypurple15 said...

smh. there are no words.

KM said...

Too many BW like these would rather contribute to their death than to rightfully condemn those who do wrong.

Skypurple15 said...

I'm sorry I had to come back and say something,lol...

let's be honest the BC has ALWAYS been about protecting bm, no matter what. No matter what the BC says now, people are going to have to investigate this crime and hopefully nothing will be swept under the rug. Anything that happens w/ these guys are no longer my concern, they have the blind leading the blind rallying for them, so they don't need to turn to my attention. My concern will always be about bw and children, that's it. He is a grown @$$ man, he can handle himself.

Taylor-Sara said...

It's just too disgusting to think about! He's 'doing' all these guys and then coming home sleeping with his wife! And she's by his side!!! Bw are either going to have to wake up or perish! And those stupid women out there protesting and fighting for him. What the heck for? For this down low, sleazy, pervert who takes advantage of male prisoners! It's just incredulous to me....

Anonymous said...

You should watch this documentary -

Some more information on this specific stalking -

It's about a BW/WM couple who were stalked for years and still are.
It just proves the already known fact that there are some crazy people online.
I just thought I would post it to keep people aware.

Lovebug said...

This is very disturbing indeed. I hope that the wife will eventually get a clue sooner rather than later.
As for the so-called black community, I gave up on it awhile ago.

Thank you, Sara for your blog which provides a great service by shedding light on these issues.

Steph said...

What the heck????? This is getting to become a circus. Most of the affluent whites who were down-low were publicly shamed but since it is a BM we must rally for him?! I was too young to remember the OJ Simpson trial but looking back on it, the same blind devotion that he received from the BC is the same as this judge is receiving and it's embarrassing and unnecessary. I don't care if it is about "unity" or anything...the BC should STOP supporting deviants. What's that telling young kids??? That whatever you do, no matter how despicable, you will get support no matter what? I'm not commenting on whether the judge was innocent or not, but we as black people should stop picking up those signs and marching in lines for just anything. Save the energy for something more productive.

Aphrodite said...

I am not surprised. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I had a BM confess to me that he has sex with a man. He called him the s and f word. He claims that he didn't receive therefore he is not gay or bi. He says that the gay man was putting himself out there like that... [so he just had to "take it- emphasis mine]

This man is also in a common law situation and the woman is clueless.

"Thomas lawyer Robert "Cowboy Bob" Clark said that the 15 men "are not trustworthy and are not believable" and that the defense plans to question their credibility."

I am sure the judge was counting on that.

Anonymous said...

Ewww, what a nasty dog.

There are simply too many BM who secretly yearn for the penis.

These so-called "men who have sex with men" (many will have a hissy fit if you call them "gay") need to own up to their mess and leave BW out of their charade.

BW have it hard enough being "beards" to straight DBRBM.

Bellydancer said...

People got mad at JL King when he wrote those down low books but he was trying to warn the sisters about these types of men.
Some bm got mad cuz some of them were suspect and they knew it and did not like the questions bw were asking them.
This man was in a position of authority and even though the men he touched were criminals they still have the right to say no. That is why he did it he knew that people would be skeptical of these men and their accusations.

DiosaNegra1967 said...

high 5 and co-sign Bellydancer!



Aphrodite said...

@ Bellydancer

"That is why he did it he knew that people would be skeptical of these men and their accusations."

Exactly. DBRBM have always abused their power in these ways. Usually against BW in the workplace, church, colleges, etc...but a deviant is a deviant.

I am reminded of the stories that Khadija used to tell about negro judges and their chambers.

It just goes to show how much thought abusers put into their acts - to be sure they can continue and not get caught.

I can remember a while back when I was vocal about my rape/molestation and I warned someone about allowing their children around this person. They told me- that I was a girl. They would only need to worry if their kids were female and besides their kids were teenagers [older].

I kept saying that it doesn't matter an abuser is an abuser. They didn't listen and not even a full year later unfortunately I was proven right. The older boys were harmed.

I guess that is what happens when you tolerate and coddle deviants. And it looks horrible for BW to be supporting this man. It looks like they have no moral compass at all. This judge abused his power horribly.

At any rate if a guy is gay or bi - no big deal. Not having integrity in relationships is. Hiding it to have relationships with desperate BW coupled with most BMs notorious unsafe sexual practices and lack of health care - sickening and shameful.

There have always been gay and bi people. I think BM like this are definitely DBRBM and want to have their cake and eat it too at the expense of BW.

I know that the BC is homophobic, but I am not buying that as an excuse for the DL men.

Lena said...

This loyalty to color over the well being of black women is appalling and the very reason many black women will remain forever stuck in the terrible shape they are in.

Glad my parents don't have that damaged mindset of black power. My parents endured racism from blacks and whites alike so of course they aren't fooled by ignorant black folks!

I would never defend a sexual predator regardless of race. This is just as reprehensible as the people coming to the defense of R. Kelly!

Bellydancer said...

Had this been a white man and the defendant's had been black boys all hell would have broke loose by now.
Black people have this weird mentality that as long as black people do each other wrong or do wrong to other ethnicities it is okay like in the R Kelly situation, had the older man been white black people would have marched and burned records, cds, BET would have pulled videos and every rapper would have been whooping and rapping about it.
Rev Lisa touched on some things in her blog today about bw defending anything that is being validated in black onstructs. We as bw need to stop letting others (bm) tell us how and what to think.

Velvet Queen said...

LoL....this is such utter nauseating....oh I won't even go down there.

Nothing upsets me more than when black women defend hideous criminals just because they're black men.


This is so unreal...I'm practically speechless.

I hope that judge gets a lot more than an indictment. Prison time is also appropriate too.

Anonymous said...

I hope that judge gets a lot more than an indictment. Prison time is also appropriate too.


Hey, that's actually something for him to look forward to -- he can get all the man-on-man loving he can handle in prison.

Alta said...

I'm not surprised that the wife is proclaiming his innocence. We see political wives do this all the time. What I don't understand is the women protesting. Don't they have better things to do? Don't they have jobs? Did they not think this through? All I had to do was read Sara's post to know that this man is sick. Why don't these protesting people get this? And of course the judge is turning this racial.

I don't think this bad group mentality exists in the Haitian community. When the Haitians I know hear that a criminal(s) that happens to be Haitan got punished, they just say that he(they) got what he(they) deserved.

People shoudln't let ethnicity hold them hostage like this.

Divalocity said...

We had the same thing happen with an attorney who would have the inmates perform lewd acts in order for them to receive lighter sentences. He did not get away with it and was disbarred.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Clarice said...

Fear of stepping outside the box is keeping folks stuck on stupid.
May God Bless them and help them because short of divine intervention these folks are not willing to help themselves.

Many blessings to you Sara and the other bloggers for encouraging women who will listen to divest, distance and disengage themselves to move forward and not look back.

This mess is too sick



Anonymous said...

Paula Patton and her husband lost their baby.

Taylor-Sara said...

Thanks for telling me Anon. undder the circumstances, and out of condolence, and respect, I took down their pic... They'll be in my prayers...

sky said...

omg they did? (robin and paula). Omg I'll keep them in my prayes. =(

Anonymous said...

Please, the wife has to keep up the act b/c she doesn't want her influential mealticket behind bars.
She probably knew the deal about his DL tendencies, but she's living large off him- why would she care? Men like that don't want women, he probably has touched her in years. She's a beard. (maybe not form the start of their marriage, but she's been a beard) Don't waste pity on her.

I don't get the stupid protesters. What do they receive for protesting? Why don't they want the truth to be known? It's so stupid that I wonder if some organization gets "funding" (payoff) by bringing "supporters" to rally around The People's Judge (sarcasm)?? Hmmm

Anonymous said...

@ anon. 4:20 The protesters appear to be family and close friends.

No, I do not pity the wife. We all know those political wives benefit from their husbands.


Anonymous said...

Once again this just tells us, that once again, some of us (BW) will get it and move on and up and outward ...and others will not.

Anonymous said...

"@ anon. 4:20 The protesters appear to be family and close friends."

Family & friends?? Makes sense now. They definately don't want meal ticket behind bars. There goes their vacations & other perks.

Anonymous said...

This man is VILE, there is no other way to put it!!!!

Lena said...

I guess the man's character flaws out weigh all of his prestige. Men like him are worse than those penniless damaged beyond repair losers. At least you can spot the DBR without money with relative ease.

I wonder has the wifey taken leave of her senses to protect this man who is a criminal as well as a pervert!

If I was married and my man was cheating on me with other men I would file for a divorce post haste!

The Misses said...

The wife is in denail. This man probably did sleep with these men and he was gay when he got married. If a man of mine were accused of being gay, i couldn't be with him because these days u never know and there are many people that's gay and want others to believe otherwise.

We as black people need to stop protecting and standing by everyone just because they are black. I wouldn't be out there defending him. Besides, when have blackmen start defending black women? If this was something that his wife was accused of, he wouldn't support her nor would the community. He and everyone else would be saying yeah, she was sleeping with those women.

ak said...

Sooooo... Black people are sticking up for this DL man and then dare to open their mouth and speak out against openly gay black men who are only ever with men?!?

Hypocrites plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

The "judge" has just been acquited of all the charges. He's a free man. Unbelievable! I wonder will he get his old job back?

I also wonder about his relationship with his wife. I guess they will continue to stay together under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. lol