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Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's wrong with adopting a white child?

The Wares and their new baby daughter.

Ok, I need someone to explain the problem here to me because I just do not get it. These blk ppl have suffered several miscarriages, and a son who was stillborn. Still they managed to put their grief aside and adopt a precious little girl. I am completely shocked that bp are angry because the little girl appears white. What exactly is the problem? White ppl adopt black children everyday. It's bewildering to me why the bc is upset about the ethnicity of this little girl.

And while you are explaining the problem to me, make me understand why it is anyone's business but the Wares, who they adopt. Is it not their money, their resources, their time and their child????

Why would anyone think they have a right to tell this couple who they can and cannot adopt?

To me this is just small minds thinking in their typical fashion-small! This little girl needed a home and love, this couple had love and a home to offer her-sounds like a wonderful story to me. Instead the Wares are having to deal with angry blk ppl who have NO intention of offering a home to ANY child-telling them who they should have adopted! It's gulling to think that ppl seem to think if they share your skin color, they should have a say in YOUR LIFE! That's preposterous. Many of the comments geared toward the Wares ranged from irritated to downright hostile. Read the following article and give your thoughts on this. Do you feel the host has a right to question the Wares on their choice of child? And if you do, think about how you would feel if the BC were to try to tell you who you could or could not adopt. A friend of my mother's recently (well 2 yrs ago) adopted a Chinese baby. (she's always been extremely attracted to Chinese ppl, customs, traditions etc.) She told us that bp have walked up to her and cursed her out, wanting to know why she did not adopt a black baby. She is not one to take mess, so she has gotten into a few altercations with ppl. Last year, she married a Chinese man. Now bw simply think the baby is theirs, and looks more Chinese than black. This immediately seem to diffuse their anger. Now they ask a million questions, and especially about where they can meet a handsome Chinese man like Yoshi (sp?). This however, has done nothing to quell the anger of bm. Who are more angry than ever *but that's another story* The point is, no one had the right to approach her in the first place. She did not owe total strangers an explanation about HER life! And neither do the Wares......

Read the following article.....

Alright I am going to be a little messy with this post. But hey, I wouldn't be me if I didn't keep it real with you. Now you see the picture I have up with this post right? That is DeMarcus Ware (a very fine football player with some serious skills) and his lovely wife Taniqua, with their newly adopted baby, Marley ( I love the name for obvious reasons). But...okay, let's keep it 100%. Do you mean to tell me that the Wares couldn't have found a little black baby to adopt?
I mean honestly, like WTF? And please don't tell me that the baby in the picture could be black, or Mexican, or whatever. I know that. But....come on now.

Still, there is a serious side to this post. Honestly, Mrs. Field and I are considering adopting down the line, so when I see stories about adoptions, I pay attention. And apparently the Wares had three failed pregnancies and a young son who was stillborn. So I really do feel their pain, and I sympathize with what they had to go through. But come on now; there are thousands and thousands of black children in the foster care system who need good solid homes and loving couples who will take care of them. Couples like the Wares. Unfortunately, not enough professional black folks who can afford to adopt, go that route, and it's a shame. That is an option we should always consider. In the previous post we damn near all agreed that there is a crisis in our communities with many black families. Many of them being held down by single parents. But what about the scenarios where none of the parents are around, and the poor children are forced to bounce around in state agencies? Shouldn't we be trying to help those kids as well? And to be fair to the Wares, they have said that they will probably adopt foster kids in the future, and that they will do charity work with similar agencies, so we will see.
I have a white colleague who tried to adopt a little African American boy and he was discouraged from doing it. He is still pissed about that shit. Apparently black social workers and psychiatrists don't think that's such a cool thing for white folks to go adopting little black kids. Something about f**king up their minds culturally. I won't get into that right now, but there is a post in there down the road.
In spite of that, white folks adopt little black kids all the time. (See Angelina and Brad) Primarily because there is such a shortage of little white ones. So much so that the biggest import to this country from places like Russia and China for awhile were those beautiful little bundles of joy. But black folks adopting little white babies? Come on now. Ya think Taniqua played with white dolls when she was a little girl? Oh stop it field you are such an asshole. Yeah, I know, but the guy is a stinking Cowboy. (Digression alert)Let me stop, I don't want to be mean to DeMarcus and Taniqua. Besides DeMarcus is a big boy, I don't feel like going even one round with his big ass.


Anonymous said...

also bp have been caring for white children for centuries, even white children who weren't ours to care for anyway.

Anonymous said...

all children deserve love,if wp can adopt black kids, bp can adopt white kids. its a shame that more black children don't get adopted though. i personally would have adopted both the white child and a black child. equal opportuity for all...

Addy said...

I'm a bw and I've always wanted to adopt a Japanese or Korean baby (love both cultures and am working on learning the languages).

I always find it funny that most articles concern white parents adopting black children, but rarely anything about black parents adopting white children (maybe b/c it's considered a taboo?). More power to the Wares, and as someone said...a child is a child and s/he should get a loving home. If there are willing parents, I don't see the problem. More power to them.

Prosechild said...

BP are mad b/c the Wares chose to use their considerable resources to help someone that isn't black. That's why bp don't like Oprah - she isn't using her billionaire status to benefit 'them'. Never mind that she's improving the lives of numerous people, or numerous people of African descent. Its all about black Americans, and black Americans enjoy being up in someone else's business. You're supposed to 'keep it real', and that doesn't include somoene who isn't black.

Anonymous said...

I am in an interracial marriage (bw/wm) and when my husband and I were thinking about adopting a baby we were told that we could by some agencies that we could not sign up to adopt a bi-racial baby unless we were willing to adopt a black baby. We would have to take either. I wanted to adopt a bi-racial baby because I wanted our family to look like we belonged together. I didn't want all the questions. So I am impressed that the family in the article was willing to deal with the stares and the questions etc. Love is more important. Since the time I was looking into adoption I have had 2 kids and now understand that if you love a child it doesn't matter if people stare and question you. I get that with the kids I actually gave birth to. It doesn't matter what they look like. My kids look bi-racial, but the could have just as easily looked like just my husband or just like myself and we would have had people asking foolish questions (like it is any of their business.) But I decided that if I ever were to adopt it would be a Chinese/Korean/Japanese child as I really like the Asian cultures. The BC is always in somebody's business when it isn't called for but the important matters (no marriage, illegit kids, criminality) the BC has nothing to say that will address or solve the problems. I think that there is more for the BC to worry about than who these people adopted.

Lavette said...

Ahh my! Sometimes we behave just like the white folks we complain about talking about your being made like your oppressor sort of...anyway I agree no one has the right to tell this couple what race of child they should adopt.

After all none of us were in Taniqua shoes when she miscarried/stillborn so I don't blame her and DeMarcus one bit for taking a different route to starting a family.

When you get down to its what anyone would want if they so desired.

Anonymous said...

The heart of the issue is the low adoption rates for black children. I agree that this is a problem, however, that does not give the author of the article the right to question the Wares' decision. Especially if he does not plan on going out to adopt some black children himself.

I am a strong advocate for the adoption of black and latino children. I would love to adopt one of each when I get married, even if I am able to have my own children. The amount of resistance black men I have dated have had to this idea is extremely disheartening, and yet, they are the same type of folks who would have been complaining about the Wares.

Most of what the author said was the typical type of response I would think the Wares would unfortunately receive. He really pushed me over the edge with the comment about Taniqua playing with white dolls as a child though. WHAT IS THAT!? So now Taniqua hates herself and idolizes white babies? This couple has been through a series of traumas! That last swipe is sooo utterly disgusting! When you want to offer love and a home to child who needs it, that's it! Why does it have to become about fetishization?

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand what the problems is. According to this article
their friend father's told them about a pregnant women looking for a good home for her child. What were they supposed to do? Say no thank you.
And what wrong with some social workers with the race matching adoptions? Isn't the point is to find a child in foster care a home no matter what race. And the said thing is that 40% of them are black, but most of them stay in foster care because they won't let a home of another race adopt them.

[edit] Pro race matching

On the other hand, David Watts, a biracial social worker in New York who was raised by an adoptive white family. "It's a bad idea to put a black child in a white home.... I think it's impossible for someone of one culture to teach another culture," he says. "You have to live it in order to absorb it." The influential National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) has taken this stance, suggesting that interracial adoption is a form of "genocide" and that "black children in white homes are cut off from the healthy development of themselves as black people." "Same race makes sense because it is what the child is accustomed to, what causes the least disruption in the child's life," says Toni Oliver, a chairman of the organization. "Often when people are looking at 'love is all it takes,' they seem to overlook the impact race has on our society. Somehow when it's a case of adoption, race suddenly doesn't seem to matter anymore. [5]."
the whole article of the Wikipedia excerpt below

Anonymous said...

I guess that they are mad because of the same reason so many black women are mad when they see a rich black man with a white woman. All of that money and he is giving it to a white baby when there are not even enough people to adopt black kids. Interesting how you never see poor blacks adopting white kids. Isnt it interesting how WEALTHY blacks get to adopt a white unwanted child?

Clarice said...

Children in the foster care system need to be adopted and have families. Children need healthy loving parents, perferably two - but stable loving homes come in all shapes and sizes and configurations. As long as the child is loved, cared for and their needs for food clothes and shelter as well as their emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual needs - which are universal are met - this sounds like a solution looking for a problem. Yes there are cultural differences and nuances but that means that the parents and the child together can grow and learn - it is a global world and the unifying fact is we are all human. If the Wares have the resources and the love - problem solved. As for those folks with more mouth than muscle to actually walk the talk and care for a child any child - do not count. If they are not part of the solution they are part of the problem.



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Anonymous said...

They have the right to adopt a non-Black child and I have the right to question it.

It is a damn SHAME that these two Negroes and others like them can't see fit to adopt one of the multitude of children of your own race who are languishing in the system rather than feeling honored and proud to adopt a WHITE, CHINESE, JAPANESE or KOREAN living plaything who you'll probably treat like royalty simply because they were not born a Negro like you.

And so what you Lubs de culture? What does adopting a drooling baby have to do with Kabuki, anyway?

Anonymous said...

"According to this article
their friend father's told them about a pregnant women looking for a good home for her child. What were they supposed to do? Say no thank you."

I saw this too. It makes me feel as if race wasn't an issue. It seems like faith was. When I read that article I got the impression that they all knew one another - the minister running the home, the birth mother (introduced via the minister), and the Wares. I get the impression that the Wares were considered a good Christian family, a loving home for a child and that was that.

"It's a bad idea to put a black child in a white home.... I think it's impossible for someone of one culture to teach another culture," he says. "You have to live it in order to absorb it." The influential National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) has taken this stance, suggesting that interracial adoption is a form of "genocide" and that "black children in white homes are cut off from the healthy development of themselves as black people." "Same race makes sense because it is what the child is accustomed to, what causes the least disruption in the child's life,"

"Often when people are looking at 'love is all it takes,' they seem to overlook the impact race has on our society. Somehow when it's a case of adoption, race suddenly doesn't seem to matter anymore. [5]."

I am of the stance that this is ridiculous. I don't think there is a such thing as black culture. If there is I am missing it. I think there is a lot of pressure for "acting black" aka enacting stereotypes and dysfunction.

I also think its possible for a non black person to prepare a black child to deal with racism.

cool_splash1 said...

"They have the right to adopt a non-Black child and I have the right to question it.

It is a damn SHAME that these two Negroes and others like them can't see fit to adopt one of the multitude of children of your own race who are languishing in the system rather than feeling honored and proud to adopt a WHITE, CHINESE, JAPANESE or KOREAN living plaything who you'll probably treat like royalty simply because they were not born a Negro like you.

And so what you Lubs de culture? What does adopting"

Uh oh we got a troll on board.

"I am really on the fence with this especially since I am in the process of adopting. I am a single black man that has worked in detention centers and seeing the need up close for children in the foster care system. Needless to say this is a daunting task as well as finding exactly how to do this. I was really shocked to see that this black couple had decided to adopt a white baby but I am certain their is a story that goes with this. I have seen this both ways, white couples adopting black babies and children while black families are passed over etc. It seems we are victimized on both ends, also for anyone single men in my position trying to adopt please stay away from private agencies. The private agencies tend to stereotype you first as a man then as a black man i.e. why are you adopting? Are you a predator or potentially violent? It is truly mind boggling and many of these workers are black women."

It's funny how the man is surprised that bw are the ones asking the questions of these bm. Hmm could it be the reason that so many of the black babies, biracial are here because of the number of baby daddies that like to hit it and quit it?

But I did like the comment on the so many black children in foster care etc. is because we don't adopt and then complain when white people adopt them. I would rather a child get adopted by someone who will love them instead of languishing in the foster care system. That's like saying we don't want them, but you don't want anyone else having them either. Now that's just sick.

cool_splash1 said...

Oh and something else interesting I found out. Many Europeans, Brits etc. have been Adopting Black American babies and children as well as other children.

And the black women or man that was talking about adopting a white baby so she and her hubbie or whatever could raise him to be a non racist white man and marry a white women and have non racist children. I was like what a moron. That white male child will mostly likely ended up marrying a black women because the women he was raised by is black and the fact that black girls/women are who he grew up with.

Pamela said...

This is insane. The couple is the one that will have the responsibility for the next 20+ years. They are grown people that have the right to decide what they want to do.

Anyone that is angry about this is doing NOTHING with their lives. People that have lives are too busy to even notice this other than to say that little baby will be in a loving home.

Have mercy.

Anonymous said...

I read about this couple last year. At first I thought like many why adopt a non-AA child when there are so many AA babies who also needs a good loving family.

And, this couple seems so ideal...what a difference this couple could make with any child.

I can understand this couple jumping at the idea of adopting a child when their wm friend brought the idea(and not the race of the child) up to them.
At first they probably thought that the child was blk. and realized they could not back out simply based on the child's race.
However, this couple could have adopted a blk. child if they really wanted to and why not add an Hispanic and then an Asian child if race really does not matter.

If I were a kid I would love to be adopted by this happy looking couple. Still, I wish the entire family and that includes that cute baby well.


j said...

I absolutely see NO problem with a black couple adopting a whit babt,as long as the love and take of them,what does it matter?As for weather a black child can be raised by white people or vice versa, there are black people raised in black homes who are still considered "white washed" and don't fit in with black people so once again I see no difference.

Gloryus said...

Black kids are adopted by white couples all the time, so WHAT is wrong with a white kid being adopted by a black couple? Those whiners need to go sit in the corner and shut their pieholes.

Sophisticatedblkwoman said...

I feel the Wares did a good thing. Good for them to adopt a child in need and provide a stable setting for her, she is so precious too. How cute!

Golden Silence said...

"And so what you Lubs de culture? What does adopting a drooling baby have to do with Kabuki, anyway?"

I hate to agree with an anonymous troll, but he/she/it has a point there. I don't get how adopting an Asian child because you love Asian culture is mutually exclusive. If you love Asian culture then study it, try the foods, take language courses, go to one of its individual countries, but don't adopt a child simply because you love Asian culture. That kid will have no ties to his/her Asian heritage unless you instill it in him/her through the above methods.

But I agree with adopting a child and looking past race. Josephine Baker had her Rainbow children and she wasn't concerned with what race they were. Why should it matter what the race of the Wares new baby is?

American Black Chick in London said...

I once wrote a paper for school on trans-racial adoptions and most of the families I spoke with said that when they were looking to adopt, they were steered towards adopting kids who were the same race or discouraged from adopting outside of their race. One white couple I spoke with specifically wanted to adopt two black children and they said it was a real fight to adopt them. They got negative reactions from whites and blacks (whites couldn't understand why they adopted black kids and blacks were pissed off that they adopted "their" kids), but a big part of the reason they decide to specifically adopt black kids is because they knew that the adoption rate was lower.

And yes, adoption rates for black kids are lower, but I have real issues with people who criticize black people who don't adopt black kids (or conversely criticize white parents who *do* adopt black kids), especially when the critics are not willing to adopt themselves. I take sort of a "put up or shut up" argument with those critics.

I'm actually a big fan of adoption and have no problems with trans-racial adoptions. At the end of the day, no one has the right to tell another person who they should or shouldn't adopt. Love is love and kids (white, black, asian, whatever) need love just like anyone else. My hat goes off to the Wares for opening their home to a child.

Aaron said...

I can't say much about the Wares adopting a white child. If that's what they wanted to do then, fine. I don't necessarily agree, either. If Mrs Ware ever does give birth, it will certainly be black children. As long as she understands this (I imagine she does) and does not go about playing favoritism, then it's all good.

I don't really understand the whole "adopt a Korean baby because you love their culture" deal either. A baby is a small human, not a conduit for his race's culture or language. Just because you have a Japanese baby doesn't mean you will become Japanese or even understand Japanese people any more without actually going to Japan. Quite the contrary. An argument could be made that you would be placing a greater distance between your Japanese child and his parents culture, most likely to the detriment of the child from a social perspective.

Even the black people here on this blog don't get it. Saying that black people don't adopt kids and black people don't do that. You should do some research before running your lips about which you have no clue. Plenty of black parents (especially grandparents, whose children have grown up and left the nest) adopt black children at rates commensurate with white parents. Since there are fewer white children in the system than there are black, there are still more black children leftover than whites.

Check this website for stats:

You ladies are engaging in the same kind of ignorant xenophobia as the people you are lambasting. It's really disgusting.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting to see two well-off Black people chose to adopt a white child, ESPECIALLY since white children are the ones who are most WANTED in the adoption/foster care arena, and Black children are some of the least wanted children. If Black and white kids were adopted and placed on the adoption "market" at the same rates, who cares? But for a black couple with the resources to adopt to choose to seek out a white child when a Black child was probably easier to find? Its so sad to me. I'm sorry, but as someone who knows a lot about how many Black children are out there just waiting for loving homes, you can't convince me that a white baby was the first one to pop up at their doorstep.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that too many black kids are growing up in foster homes. While white orphans are rare and in demand so they get adopted quickly when they're babies. Too many black folks aren't taking care of their children and need a home. And this couple, who could have helped out a black child, decided to adopt a white child? We love helping other people, but don't want to help our own. That's sad.

Anonymous said...

The reason people are concerned is because there are thousands of black children in foster care waiting to be adopted. That is the reason whites adopt black children is because they don't want to waite years to waite to adopt a white baby. Hence, many white families do waite because they, like so many other ethnic groups don't want to adopt black kids. There are so few black families that adopt. Most birth their children or take responsibility for a relatives child. It is disturbing when a black professional wealthy family wants to adopt and choose a white child. There is such a great demand for white babies, that baby was not in need. However,the black children are. To me, that clearly sends a message they some blacks believe white is better than black. They have low selfesteems obviously. I am disappointed because I know that there were 10 other white families trying to get that baby. If we don't take in our black children who will?? The answer is in the "puttin", because there are thousands of black kids around this country waiting to be adopted that no one wants. National Social Workers or America have tried to work churches to increase black adoptions with little success. Shameful. To me, that is like giving the rich another tax break when the middle class need a stimulous plan, it is rediculous and it shows who is really important. I guess what they say is true, if you are white your right and you are black step back!

Anonymous said...

White only adopt black kids because there are so many of all ages in foster care. Most whites are encourged to not choose a race because if they choose white child they could waite for 10 years for an infant. They are not chosing a black child, like you choose a purse. They are taking what they can get, because they want a family. Black kids are commodity in foster care, while white infants are hard to come by. Most white women manage their birth control, have abortions, and are on extreme diets which cause missed periods and infertility. Therefore, the birthrate for white children is lower. Therefore, the demand is much higher for a white infant. It baffles me that a couple as dark as they are would not want to adopt a child that looks like them so they give that child pride in who he/she is. They are wealthy and can really give a black child in need the love and support that the child they adopted would have gotten anyway with another white family.

J said...

OK it sorta making me sick how everyone here is talking about babies like you would talk about livestock.People have a choice in who they want to adopt and its THEIR choice no one elses.So what white people adopt black children because they don't want to wait for a white child, wouldn't that be a good thing;the black child would finally have a home.As for this couple a few people have mentioned the fact that their friend told them about this bay that needed a home;the opportunity was their and they took it despite the race of the child.This couple is obviously have no problem with black children because they tried for years to have a child of their own and they couldn't,but i hope they do succeed one day.If they do have a child of their own or for all we know ADOPT a black child I believe they wont treat both children the same,but not in a negative way.As far as social issues its sad to say but they will treat them differently because their different races will bring along different challenges.As far as love and care goes,well that should be the EXACT same.

Anonymous said...

How about asking the children,
"Do you have any problems with being adopted by another race family or would you rather stay in this group or foster home until you are 18 years old?

Think about all those children who are missing out on not being with a family or a single and self sufficient parent(s)?


cool_splash1 said...

I understand that black children are in the foster care system etc. more, but you also have to look at the black mothers who prefer black parents, but with so few adopting can't just want whomever will love them. So we should look to ourselves. But that is no reason to adopt a child because they are black. There are blk who fostered and fell in love with white, asian etc. and chose to adopt just as they would or even have done with black children.

cool_splash1 said...

Boy the trolls came out on this one didn't they? And am I crazy or do two of the latter posts sound like the same person?

Anonymous said...


If you read the article you would see that these people did not seek out a white child.

It seems to me that it was synchronicity/serendipity that things turned out this way.

The Wares are Christians and a close minister friend of theirs (whom I assume to be white) knew that they had trouble with becoming pregnant and also ran a home for pregnant women/girls.

Aabaakawad said...

This adoption was thru a personal connection, so it is not quite as stark a situation as it might appear. Just the same, and I hate to go against the interracially loving people at this site, but to my mind it is about where the need is.

As a white man, I would be willing to adopt across race lines to alleviate some of the need. I can excuse other whites for being unable to face such a challenge. I am not angry, but I am disappointed that a couple perfectly set to help avoided the opportunity.

Healthy white babies practically fly of the shelf. It's not even important why this is. By adopting a baby of color, or a white baby with problems, one is potentially eliminating a whole childhood of foster care.

But I do wish them love and happiness.

--- Aabaakawad

Velvet Queen said...

First of all, its a shame that “race” has become such an issue among the foster care & adoption system. It's become too overwhelmingly political and corrupt. Yes, it is true that there are simply too many black children who are in the system of all ages and this is a horror but if we didn't have so many “race conscious” people in the first place in America then there'd probably be a lot more black children adopted into loving families. If this country is ever going to be a pure melting pot then quite frankly, EXPECT transracial adoptions. We should be rooting for it, encouraging it, and enforcing it.
On the other hand, I am so happy for the Wares and their blessing of a little girl! She's precious, and they look overjoyed. If the only thing a person can see about that little girl is that she's possibly a “white” baby then quite frankly, I think that person is subconsciously racist. The first time I heard about the Ware's adoption and saw their little girl I was elated! Only people capable of being minions would harshly criticize them for THEIR choice....over a precious little girl!!!!!! God's creation mind you!

Now personally, I'd rather Americans choose to adopt AMERICAN children first and foremost but I would never criticize an American family for adopting internationally. That's their own decision, and children in other nations need loving homes and families too. If a black family wants to adopt a Chinese, Korean, or even a Russian child...then good for them! It's pro-diversity. People need to seriously stop being so childishly race-conscious. It's getting to be such a bother. A child is a child. End of story. This should not even be an issue. Why should we make a family's choice of adoption just because they're black and the baby is white such an issue? Honestly, I think we should be bragging about this black family's stance on pro-diversity.

tasha212 said...

How could you not see that there is a problem with this? Why would a black couple decide to adopt and choose to adopt a white baby when everyone knows how many black children are in foster care waiting for adoption. I just can't fathom doing that. All of these people on here talking about how race doesn't matter are delusional. This is America, where race is definitely a factor and will be for a long time. Anyone who knows anything about the history of this country can't deny that.

Taylor-Sara said...

hey ladies, We're on a mini-vacation, and having a blast! That's why the comments are being checked sporatically. We'll be back soon, and I'll update the post on here and WC-preferred. See you all soon... and have a good week end-Sara

cool_splash1 said...

I do think that black community is also to blame for the rate of black children in the foster care system. Black organizations fighting against transracial adoption knowing full well that there aren't many black Americans adopting. Some because of stigma, some because they don't know much about it etc. There are many reasons. I've heard many black people say why would you adopt when you can have your own etc. Then is it no wonder there are many babies and older children in foster care or being adopted transracially? If they want black families to adopt then they need to get out there and talk to the people in that community. A priest did this a while back. He encouraged his congregation and the black community as a whole to adopt at least one child. He had also adopted a young boy from a home and raised him. Adoptions rose. So that tells you that you need to talk to the people.

Another thing is stop fighting against the children going to good homes.

Just because there aren't as many white kids as black and latino doesn't mean it's not bad. The children don't really care about any of that. They just want a home.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is great that this couple has decided to adopt a foster baby. Even though the baby is white, a loving family knows no color. Even though i would of like for them to adopt a black baby, at least this foster child will know what it is to be loved, this coming from a black former foster child. I wish this family all the best.

Anonymous said...

Sara, black girls traveling in packs to Italy. This is annual. It is almost filled up for 2009 trip!!!

Taylor-Sara said...

Anon, and you are a cowardly pathetic loser troll. To say such horrible things because I don't see anything wrong with interracial adoption! This makes me a self hating black B----! You are really sick and twisted, but no matter it took me 2 seconds to delete you-loser!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, hope you are having fun!

Anon, I saw that page and I wish, I wish, I wish. :)

Aabaakawad said...

Sorry I commented and then disappeared. I thought the thread was dead, but I hooked up the RSS feed wrong.

I'm backsliding a little on this. If this was common occurrence, I'd worry, because of unmet need, but I've been thinking about the huge symbolic pluses to this. The little girl is going to have an interesting life, and probably less identity confusion than a black child with white parents cuz there are affirming portrayals of whites everywhere.

If she has the creativity to write as an adult, that would be an intriguing book.

It would be interesting 20 years later to see who she was attracted to. Probably bm and wm and other. Maybe by then ir will be commonplace anyways.

This adoption is a radical (because it is so unusual) declaration of acceptance of whiteness by two black people. I can't guess the effect on bp, but many wp will find this reassuring.

Wishing you all progress.

Anonymous said...

Our school physcian said that one of his cousins adopted a white child, a boy. They lived in a middle class neighborhood with advantages that most blk. kids would have evied. Years later the adoptive son is now an young adult and the son and his mother had a disagreement about something and before he left the house he told her, "I am tired of being a nigger"...well, that was some thank you for raising him.

The school's physician has no idea why his cousin adopted her son in the first place. In this city there are so many AA kids who would loved to have switch placed with him.

Side note- the physician is very light complexed and I am assuming his cousin is also. Maybe that is why she wanted a non-b child.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how people make the issue what they want it to be so it will fit what they want. There is a comment above where they say it is great they adopted a child in foster care. This child was not in foster care. This couple met the pregnant mother and waited for the birth. That is unusual when they could have gotten a child out of foster care. Interesting how even we as black people would choose white child over a black child. I guess nobody really wants to be black. Actually, we are treated so terribly everywhere, I suppose we are just conditioned to not want to be black. I guess adopting a black child will make the legacy of this family white. It used to be that passers turned their family white, now we just adopt and make the change.

Anonymous said...

Call me Dumb/ignorant, but I didn't know #1 Black people "COULD" adopt white children/babies, and #2 I didn't know that wht. children/babies were in demand to be adopted since all the wht. celebs keep snatching up Afrikan babies! {Madonna,
Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie-Pitt}