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Friday, October 31, 2008

Use the man-plan to find him!

2 Examples of women who were looking for a certain type of man, and found exactly what they wanted-and married him...

Finding him is knowing what you are looking for!

Many women cannot seem to find their ideal man. But if you ask them what he is like, or for some kind of physical description of him, and they cannot tell you. Let me tell you ladies a secret. You get and move toward what you focus on! You do not have to take my word for this. I want you to give it a try. Pick something for the next 5 days. Anything. Lets say you pick Nissan sentra cars in a certain color. I want you to write down how many you see in the next 5 days. You are going to be amazed at how many you suddenly see. Where did they come from? The fact is they were there all along, but you had not ordered your subconscious to notice them.
Once you do this experiment, and prove to yourself we get what we focus on, I want you do it for the ideal man that you are looking for. I want you to make a man plan. What this is, is simply a list of qualities that your ideal man would possess along with a vague physical description. The reason the physical description is hazy, is because his looks are secondary. The main thing is the find the man with the qualities, you seek. Following is a brief example. This plan has worked for thousands of women. (I did not invent it-I found out it's been used for a long while)

Let's say this is Betty's plan:

Man plan (Date)

My ideal man is 5.7-5.9 and has dark hair. He is attractive, but no Gerard Butler. His most prominent feature, is his scintillating personality. He makes over 60k per year, and enjoys his work. He is a physical worker, and enjoys working hard, and playing hard. He enjoys taking me out and having family get togethers at home. He is loving, kind, devoted and a great father. He is humorous and generous, and loves children (even if they are not biologically his) The most important personality trait, I am looking for is that he is an optimist and sees the world as a happy place. I have physical disabilities, so he needs to be very patient, kind, and compassionate. etc.

This is just an example of Betty's plan. This really does work! But you must write it, and you must use it. How do you use it? You eliminate the men who don't match it. Don't eliminate him if he does not match the physical, that's not so important. Only eliminate him if he differs greatly from the fundamental qualities you are looking for. Everyday spend 15 minutes 3x per day just visualizing how happy you will be with him and how much he will add to your life. Really get into your visualization. See it, feel it, almost smell his Cologne. There is power in clarity. Knowing what you want is the absolutely easiest way in the world to find it! Know what kind of work (or type) he'll do, his fitness level, his income level, his parenting skills, his devotion levels etc. Write down what you want, VISUALIZE it, and then get out there and start meeting people. I guarantee he will not be knocking on your door. You are going to have to go out and find him! Now if you look like Beyonce or Angelina, hey-he might just come to your door. But if you are like me, Pretty, but not movie-star beautiful, you are going to have to go out and find him. Go to places you usually don't go. Like hockey games, golf places, auto shows and games. Someone told me that she went to a tennis game, and every bw there was with a wm! That sounds like an ideal place to me. Listen every town has a diner or two where the police, parole officers, and fire men go for lunch-find it!
Last year, coming back from AC, my sister and I stumbled on a quiet little diner that was filled with state trooper cars. We thought they'd had some kind of emergency. We almost left but no one was coming out, so we tentatively went in. Sure enough, it was filled with happily eating, tall, handsome, white, state troopers! I went back to town( this was right outside of town) and told every single woman I knew who was looking for a man. 3 women I know so far have gone and found husbands just by having lunch at that diner everyday, until they found the man they were looking for! Every woman can do this. There are places where the men congregate and you can do a little research and find them. Use your man plan, concentrate on what you are looking for, VISUALIZE, and find HIM!........
And then write and tell us all about it..... Thank y'all for tuning in -see you next post.... Read New Story!! The girls of Hollingsworth in:
White chocolate preferred

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Someone please explain John McCain to me...

John McCain with and without wife.....

Obama's convention: a few months back....

I posted the following article because it's just so funny to me that this man can get away with all the misrepresentations that he does. Even his own campaign is starting to admit he has a bit of a problem with the truth.... This is just the latest..... The following article was written by Lee Ward, and published earlier this month....

McCain Lies Again About Joe the Plumber, Blames Obama
Posted by Lee WardPublished: Oct 17, 08 06:13 PM
Not only did John McCain introduce "Joe the Plumber" to America in this week's Presidential debate, and proceed to lie to America about Obama's tax platform using "Joe the Plumber" as an example -- John McCain is now lying again, telling America that the resulting press attention paid to the guy that John McCain himself shoved into the spotlight is all Barack Obama's fault.
First, the facts...
FACT: John McCain first brought up "Joe the Plumber" during the debate, not Barack Obama.
FACT: During the debate John McCain mentioned "Joe the Plumber" 21 times, fueling a media frenzy to find out more about this guy. When discrepancies turned up, they dug deeper, exposing more information about Joe.
Obama had nothing to do with it, and yet John McCain continues to lie saying he did.
The strange tale of Joe the Plumber unfolded a bit more on the campaign trail Friday when Senator John McCain used a rally here to defend the Ohio man he made a national star of by focusing on him in Wednesday night's presidential debate.
The man, Joe Wurzelbacher, gained fame after he met Senator Barack Obama recently and expressed concerns that Mr. Obama's tax plans would hurt him if he ever became wealthy enough to buy his own plumbing business. Mr. McCain seized on the encounter at the debate to highlight the fact that Mr. Obama's tax plan -- which would cut taxes on 95 percent of Americans -- would raise the taxes on small businesses. The Obama campaign countered that Mr. Wurzelbacher in fact stood to get a bigger cut under their plan.
But under the glare of the ensuing media spotlight, reporters found that Mr. Wurzelbacher did not actually have a plumbing license, and that he actually owed some back taxes. Mr. McCain leapt to his defense here Friday in a rally at Florida International University -- and made another leap by suggesting that the Obama campaign was somehow maligning the plumber whose vote Mr. Obama has sought at a campaign stop in Ohio.
"The response from Senator Obama and his campaign yesterday was to attack Joe," Mr. McCain said. "People are digging through his personal life, and he has TV crews camped out in front of his house. He didn't ask for Senator Obama to come to his house. He wasn't recruited or prompted by our campaign. He just asked a question. And Americans ought to be able to ask Senator Obama tough questions without being smeared and targeted with political attacks."
It's the kind of lies the right wing blogsphere tells on a daily basis, but you'd expect more from someone who wants to be President -- wouldn't you?
Not if it's the desperate, erratic John McCain, who is now seeing his latest effort blowing up in his face, just as the campaign stunt "suspending his campaign" blew up in his face as well.
The press knows John McCain is just flat out lying to the American people on a regular basis (and so is Sarah Palin as a matter of fact) so naturally when John McCain uses a specific person as an example of someone who'd be hurt by Obama's tax plans, the press follows up and fact checks what McCain said.
Well, turns out ol' Joe the Plumber misrepresented himself, and John McCain misrepresented Joe and is wrong again. As a result there have been numerous press reports detailing the misinformation that was revealed by McCain's spotlight on ol' Joe the Plumber.
It must be time to blame Obama!
John McCain has turned into a pathetic figure, someone who lies, then blames others when his lies blow up on the front pages and national TV news programs.
It's bad enough that he's making bad choices, such as using Joe the Plumber as an example without checking for accuracy first, but to blame Obama for the fallout which resulted from John McCain trying to turn Joe the Plumber into an American hero is just plain disgusting.
McCain and Palin have literally thrown away their integrity, and are now lurching from one desperate, pathetic attempt to grab attention to the next.

Is it my imagination, or this the most erratic, poorly run campaign in the land?
And why is everything being blamed on Obama? Someone help me understand because I am completely stumped. This man lied about asking Obama to put off the debate. About the lipstick on the pig thing, about having won numberous awards, and honors from vets, (when a vet challenged him on national TV, he simply kept lying) He lied about Obama wanting to teach Sex Ed to little kids, about Obama being a terrorist, a communist, and now a socialist! His lies never seem to end!
But putting his misrepresentations aside, someone please tell me how a person can parade a pregnant teenager across the American stage and your chances for office not plummet? (Palin)
Please explain to me how you have have no college degree and even think about running for President of the United States (McCain)
How can you graduate at the bottom of your class 295/299 and barely make it out of HS, yet constantly sneer and roll your eyes at your opponent like you are too good to be in the same room with him? (McCain)
How can your wife get away with being addicted to pain killers, and even steal them from her own organization and have the story buried? (Cindy McCain)
And lastly how can you and your running mate lie on a constant and continual basis about any and everything and still have such a damn good shot of getting in the white house? And lastly, what the heck is this mess about REAL Americans and and patriotism. Are we not all Americans? And don't we all love this country-regardless of it's problems? I'm just wondering. and I welcome rebuttals. I think it's obvious I'm voting for Obama, but McCain supporters I welcome you to try to change my mind........
(No replies with McCain banners will be posted)