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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Protect your children-or stop having them!

This is exactly the kind of story I hate to have to report....

Take a look at the face of this beautiful perfect baby. He was recently murdered by his 17 year old mother's boyfriend. Apparently the young lady had an altercation with her severely damaged, evil, predatory boyfriend (22 yr old monster) who assaulted her and her 3 month old baby at her apartment. He actually slammed the poor baby onto the concrete! The police were called by the mother, but by the time they located this monster, he had thrown this precious baby on the expressway from a moving car! The baby (Emanuel Wesley Murray) did not survive.

It's beyond sad, how horribly these damaged pieces of dog feces calling themselves men, will prey on the most innocent, and vulnerable victims. When I read the original story I sat down and cried. We IR bloggers warn women all the time about letting any old man in their lives, and that they must be vigilant, and carefully vet any man they allow into their vicinity. But it seems the young are the hardest to reach. I don't even understand how a 17 year old was living on her own in her own apartment! Who the hell allows a 17 yr. old baby, to have a Baby and live ALONE!

I keep thinking, where was her mother? Where was the baby's father? Why was no one protecting him??? Do these young girls really think that damaged men who will abandon their own children won't hesitate to harm, main, or kill offspring that isn't even theirs? My heart goes out to this precious child, and the fact that he looks just like my four month old nephew just makes it so much worse!
Women for God's sakes- if you are too stupid to protect yourself, and you choose to get involved with these damaged, parasitic, morally bankrupt, monsters- At least have the compassion to give your child to someone who'll love and take care of him!! IOWS, Don't keep your child, you have at this point, proven yourself UNFIT to be a mother-give him/her to someone with more sense, logic, and compassion than you...

Don't have children if you plan to procreate with monsters, who will only prey on them!
Don't keep children that you plan to let other monsters, father! (Monsters make horrible fathers, and often kill or abuse the offspring that was NOT sired by them)

I'm so angry about this baby! This is so unnecessary. Any fool could have predicted this mess. The clues were all there.

A. The girl was young and stupid

B. The biological father is in jail (So she was already messing with jailbirds before she meets this monster)

C. The girl is living alone with her son (thereby giving monster access to the helpless baby)

D. There is no family to protect child or mother (just the way the monster wants it)

= Poor Baby is a sitting duck.....

I guess the question is: How do we reach these young vulnerable girls/women and let them know that no matter how lonely they are, or scared they are, they CANNOT just allow unknown men into their children's lives! That is a horrendous mistake, that could easily cost them and their children their lives! This precious baby did not deserve this. I don't' understand what this young girl could have found so appealing about this CONVICT!! Who is convincing these girls to go off with these damaged predators? Why would she think her precious baby would be safe? I don't mean to pin all the blame on a 17 year old, it's just that my sister had a baby at 17, and I never saw a more protective mother. She worked, and finished school, went to college and got a good job with the state, while the baby went to daycare. She eventually married the father, and they are still together. But to illustrate a point. One day (back when she was a teen) He, (the father) got loud in the house and the baby grew frightened and began to cry. My sister jumped up and showed him the door fast. My mother and step father were right behind her, they told him to never come back unless he knew how to act. He never tried that mess in front of us again, but the point is, she let him know that she was not going to put up with it. This probably would not have worked with a very damaged man, but then that's the reason you NEVER allow a damaged man in your life in the first place!
If you won't protect yourself-FOR GOD'S SAKE PROTECT AN INNOCENT BABY!!!
Stay away from convicts (most of them will never be reformed!)
Vet ALL men, and carefully screen for damage long, long before you let anyone NEAR your children!
It's probably best to refrain from dating when children are this young, as they cannot even tell you if someone is hurting them.
Watch carefully, not what a man says, but what HE DOES! How does he treat ppl when he thinks no one is watching?
Follow your instincts -It's knows more than you ever will!
Some warning signs of damage:
Does he curse excessively-and/or have a very dismal view of life in general?
Does he grow impatient, and anger easily?
Does he think all women are hoes and bitches-except his momma?
Does he get into fights easily over every little thing?
Does he act overly possessive or jealous over innocent encounters?
Does he come from a battered home?
Does he always have something spiteful to say about ppl in general?
Does he criticize you for small things?
Does he express outrage toward your children over trivial things -Get away fast!!!
Does he use drugs, sell drugs, or defend those who do? -Get away fast!!!
Does he have a record of even one serious offense? -Get away fast!!
Does he get angry, and for ANY reason you are suddenly afraid -Get away fast!!!
Does he try to force team, or move the relationship much faster than you feel comfortable doing?
-force teaming is when he might say "We need to take care of these kids"-And the KIDS ARE NOT HIS. IOWs He's making the two of you a team and you may have just met! This is a very effective manipulating tactic often used on women, because many men know that women don't want to be rude, or to seem rude....
Does he use guilt, manipulation, or pity to get you to do things you don't want to do? -Get away fast!!!
Are your children uncomfortable or fearful of him-regardless of whether you've seen any reason for them to be? -children have very good instincts (Be on high alert!) -Personally, I would never let someone near my children that I had not thoroughly vetted, and hopefully you ladies would not either. These are some of the clues, I'm sure you guys will add more, but we need to come together, and get these naive young girls away from these predators before more beautiful babies are thrown from moving cars!!!
....May God bless and keep this little angel...........