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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BEWARE- the pastor who promotes his own agenda instead of God's word......

You know I'm not going to get into a sermon here. I definitely have enough sense to know I am woefully unqualified to do that. All I want to say about this subject is: Beware of the false prophets!

The bible warns that there will be " men that come claiming to be from God, but they are of the world" This seems to be especially true in today's world. The problem is many of us have been raised to 'revere the reverend' (where do you think the word came from? We give him the utmost respect, we hang on his every word. We let our guards down, and automatically assume he has our best interests at heart. We give him instant credibility, and ostracize anyone who questions him, We work long hours in the church for no pay just hoping for a smile of approval from the man of God. We sing our hearts out in the choir, and do spirit dances like there is no tomorrow. (Can you tell I grew up in the church) I know all about the psychology of the church. It becomes like a second home. The only place many sistas feel safe. Unfortunately, it's a false sense of security. The church is loaded with predators! Many convicts have felt comfortable saying the best place to find lonely, vulnerable bw to use and abuse was the church! But I think the worst abuse of all is coming from many pastors!

A few weeks ago, me, and my family went to visit the church of a friend. Since she's a Pentecostal (sp?) and We're baptists, we had never gone to church together before. I was shocked to see the same woman I had talked to at the shelter (I'm a volunteer) sitting in the first lady's pew. At the shelter she had told me that she had been living with her bm baby daddy for 8 years, and that he had been beating her for 7 of them. She claimed she had no way to leave because he handled all the money. The shelter had offered to get her a job and find emergency housing for her, but she had refused. She had shown her boyfriend's picture around, and asked us if we thought he was cute. I remember thinking that was a strange question. But now looking at her in the first lady's pew, her head high as a peacock, and a smug smile on her face, I knew exactly why 'she could not leave'. She was the first lady of the church! Her man was the pastor-and they were PRETENDING to be a happily MARRIED couple!

I watched quietly as he told the women is the church to wait on God when it comes to finding a man. I looked around the church. Many of the women already had streaks of gray in their heads, and he was telling them to wait! A chorus of ' Amen pastor' followed everything he said. He went on and talked about their deacon who had been framed by 'evil white cops ' and was now caught up in the system. He claimed he was innocent, and that the church was planning to protest his arrest, and conviction. The church rose up like a giant animal and began to shout and stomp happily. The first lady rose up wobbly and pretended to fall back. Immediately ppl rushed to her and one fanned her while the others put her gently back to the cushioned pew, got her a drink, and made her comfortable. I felt like I was going to gag. They were all so fake! They took 3 regular collections, and 1 for the Pastor's anniversary. I felt like screaming "They're not even married, you fools! " But I just watched in amazement as people ,who claimed they were having a hard time financially, dug in their threadbare pockets and came up with all sorts of money to give to this charlatan. As we exited after church, I saw one church sista excitedly grab the hand of another and squeal. "We raised over 5000 for pastor's anniversary! " She gushed happily. The other lady gave her a big hug, and said " Sista you keep up the good work- You doin God's work!" Me and my family looked at each other and shook our heads....... I kept wondering how is giving this man 5k for his anniversary, God's work? And how does he justify telling middle aged bw to WAIT on a man? And how is it ok for him to beat his girlfriend and preach-all the while PRETENDING she is his wife? I walked out feeling like I was in the twilight zone. I could not understand what those ppl saw in this man, but as I watched the Pastor drive his Lexus truck from the parking lot,with a smiling, sometimes beaten, brain washed first lady inside, I knew one thing. Me and my family would not be coming back.......


And since we're talking about charlatan Pastors- I wanted to get your thoughts on Pastor Manning. Never have I seen a pastor spew so much hatred from the pulpit, under the guise of a sermon! (Sounds like jealousy to me)

Here is a recent quote:
“Obama is a Macdaddy! You don’t get your campaign started with a big-chested white woman. She must be a 54-D. Double D. That’s the first place I saw his name. On a pair of great big ole tits. Obama is a long-legged Macdaddy!”
Long-legged? You sure you aren't mistaking him with the roadrunner? But then the gloves come off:
“I haven’t trashed Obama. His African in-heat father went whoring after a trashy white woman. He was born trash. I said he was born trash!

"You hypocrites you. You spineless you-know-what. You don’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot, and you’re talking about Obama as your president. You’re despicable.”

He goes on like this. His whole 2 hour sermon was devoted to Obama hatred. He said that back in the day they called all ww Ms Anne. And that since Obama was the son of a Ms Anne, how could he be considered a black President. (because he's still biracial/black duh) He goes on to say that that Obama is trash because of his parentage, and that he only won because some ww wore his name on their t-shirts.He then goes on to pretend that Obama endorsed this! When he is called on this, and told that Pres. O. had nothing to do with these ww wearing his name on their chests. He replies: "Then why didn't he repudiate them? " Ah.. perhaps Pastor, he thought this mess was beneath him, as any normal forward thinking adult might conclude, and he decided the American ppl would have enough sense to know that!
His sermon is filled with hate, half truths, and pure conjecture. The topper for me was when he called Pres. O. trash because he had a white mother. Like ww were inherently bad! We all know no one is inherently bad, ppl CHOOSE to be good or bad, and Obama has always talked about what a wonderful woman his mother was.
This man is truly off his rocker! I think they need to strengthen the dosage on his meds and pull his crazy self off the pulpit. It's unbelievable to me. He could be condemning bm who are filling the jail, abandoning their children, raping, beating, killing ppl. Instead he is condemning a man for running one of the greatest political campaigns ever, and becoming President. (Perhaps he wanted the job-I don't know) All I do know is that this is typical crabs-in-the-barrel type behavior. When you see someone else doing especially well, and you try desperately to pull them back down to your level (or lower, so you can step on them) It's sad and unnerving for a so-called man of God to speak of the President this way. It's unbelievable to me how you can claim to be from God and spew venom straight from the bowels of hell! You all are free to research this man yourself if you think I'm exaggerating. He's truly an enigma......