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Thursday, October 9, 2008

WW! - If you don't want black children-please don't sleep with black men!!!

Please, Please, Please, if you know you harbor racist tendencies or feelings-please do not bring innocent children into it!!

I wrote this post in response to several young women who have written to me begging for help. All of these young ladies are the product of ww/bm relationships/marriages. I am only enclosing one story as the others do not want to discuss their plights publicly. Please read the following story and give this wonderful young woman your insight and compassion... and please tell your ww friends to please think about the children that she might bring into this world before she lays down with bm because it seems to be in fashion.....

Hi Sara,

I really love your blog. I'm writing to you to tell you of my experience with a neo hip fake wannabe down -white woman. She is also my mother. Twenty five years ago, she decided to try the black experience and she seduced some young 17 year old black kid into bed with her (she was 25) She wound up pregnant and my nightmare began. She came from a very racist family and they called me every name in the book! I won't begin to try to count how many times I was called n*gger, jungle bunny etc. It went on and on. Her mother would hide me in the closet when company came and beat me if I cried. She, my womb donor was weak and uncaring. She told me to tell her white boyfriends I was the maid's child. Except this trailer trash family never had a maid! I hated this entire family and wanted nothing more than to get away from them. But the father did not know me and I assumed, he did not want me either. But God is merciful, one day he met us at the park. He and my mother began to talk( I think he was just being friendly) but he looked at me, and I knew, that he knew I was his. His eyes got big and he asked my 'mother' about me. She said that he had knocked her up and messed up her life. He ran back to the car and told his family. That night they all showed up at the house. I was in the closet crying because mom had some white people over so I could not come out. I heard shouting and swearing and my mother lying about where I was. I started to cry in terror. Suddenly the door was yanked open and my father stood there. When he saw me in that dirty closet, wearing rags and eating three day old bread, he began to cry. My black grandma snatched me into her big warm arms, then she turned and cursed my white family out. My grandma took me that night, and I have never been happier. I now have a real family that truly loves me. I cannot tell you how wonderful that is. I'm grown now but I still remember that scared little girl on the closet floor. I still remember being told if I had been white I would be good enough to eat with them. I still remember the pain. I just want to say to ww who want to try something new, PLEASE think about the children you will bear. I have 2 friends who have black moms and white fathers and they had warm wonderful lives, I also have a friend like me with a white mom who was ashamed of black and she had a horrible life. Unfortunately for her, her dad was no better than her mom. He did not care how horrible her mom treated her, he just wants to sleep with white women. He has left two other young girls in similar situations. She told me, her mom actually tried to paint her face white when she was young before she took her out with her! Candace, my friend still cries when she thinks about it. We both think WW should not have black children unless they are really, really, ready and not racist at all. If you have a black mom and your dad is a racist pig at least you have your mom to love and protect you. But if you are like us, and you have no dad and a racist or uncaring mom, then you have nobody. And it's a sad lonely world when you have nobody. Thank God for my black family. I try to be a family to Candace because she has nobody. Sometimes she seems so sad when we are with Megan, and Julie, their moms would take a bullet for them (so would their white dads) but she only has us girls... Please Sara, tell ww not to sleep with bm if they don't want black babies.....

Dear ________________
I am so very sorry for all you have endured. But I am eternally grateful you could count on your father and his family. I know the blessing that family is, yet I also know how much racism can hurt. I remember a time when my baby brother, Pedro was about 3, and a half years old. He is half Spanish and my sister was angry at his father. She called him a spic, and said that Puerto Ricans could not be trusted. I want to point out that she was really, really angry and normally did not talk this way. Anyway, I remember it like it was yesterday because my precious little baby brother began to cry! He looked up at us and said "If you hate Spanish people then you hate me because I'm Spanish too! With that he buried his curly little head in his hands and cried. Both my sister and I began to cry. We both love him dearly and hated to see him hurt. She apologized profusely and told him that she was wrong. She has, to my knowledge, never made another racial slur against Spanish people.You see she hurt someone she loved dearly, and that's enough to stop most people in their tracks. Most of the time love does concur all, but I guess not always. I'm so sorry about your mom, but it truly is her loss because you sound like a fantastic person and she has really missed out. Pray for her and pity her because you were a precious gift and she was too foolish to see it...

May God bless you.....Sara

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sorry Becky, We don't care- We're too busy loving WM!!!

More and more, Sista's are too content to be angry.....Love is just too sweet to be bitter....

Sista's are REALLY changing! It's so wonderful to see and experience! The following letter illustrates what I am talking about. In the past, when ww have tried valiantly to make bw jealous, all she had to do was simply let it be known that she was dating/marrying/or seeing a bm. That was the past. Things are definitely changing. With more and more bw dating/mating and marrying wm. We finally seem to be coming to the point where we no longer give a damn!! HOORAY!!!

I liken it to if you have a beautiful home and you meet someone bragging about their beautiful home, you will probably be happy for them, but not impressed. If, on the other hand, you live in a shack and someone is bragging about their beautiful home, you may be angry and jealous because it's something you desperately want and feel you have no way to attain it. The same can be said for men. The more you sistas mate and date out with quality, worthwhile men the less impressed, affected or angry you will be about ww with bm. You should in fact (NOT GIVE A DAMN!) at all regardless. But if you have a good man in your life, you will have no trouble projecting this indifferent air.

I have noticed that many ww complain about bw being mean and evil and having attitudes about seeing them with bm. And may I add that 2 of my 3 white Aunts are some of the meanest women you've ever met. Especially Aunt Tina. ( But I love them all dearly) Anyway, like I said many ww complain about bw having attitudes about seeing them with bm, but will do everything but a somersault to get a bw's attention when she is with a bm, and then get agitated if she is ignored! I am convinced many ww like this drama!!! It sounds crazy because they are supposed to be so docile and easygoing, but I think that's just another false myth. Many ww WANT to see bw get riled up and angry about them being with bm. It seems to feed their hungry egos. It's not working too well anymore, because more and more sista's are starting to realize most bm are definitely not worth getting all upset over, and that non-blk mates seem to be making much better husbands/fathers these days anyway. Read the following letter and see if you believe this woman was really asking an innocuous question, or if, (like me) you believe she was just trying to provoke a response from bw in order to feed her overinflated ego.

The most significant part of this post however, is that almost all the bw on the board made it clear they did not care anymore!! Go y'all, in fact some were dating white and made it clear they were perfectly content. This is the power of living your life YOUR way.......Read the following.....

Question- to panel from agitated becky.

Why do black woman hate me becuase I am dating a successful black man.?
When ever my fiancee and I go out to the club the woman hate on me because I'm white and he's a successful black man he's an engineer. Is it just pure and simple jealousy2 weeks ago
It's not just me assuming they hate me they have made comments and given me dirty looks like I have done something wrong and taken another man from them or something. I dearly love this man why can't they just butt out.

Comment 1 (WM)
it really isnt towards you, its towards him. it seems from what i have heard from my black female friends is that when a black man becomes successful, he ignores black women and purposely seeks out white women which tells them that they are not good enough. what they feel the "white man" has done to them (male and female) they are reiterating by dating white. like a trophy. my wife is black and we actually get dirty looks from white people, male and female but not black people. weird. we cannot help who we fall in love with. ignore them. act like they are not even there and enjoy your man.
Comment 2 (bw)
most successful black men date and marry black women. only 9% of black men are with white women. it's a small percentage. but. "why do black woman hate me becuase I am dating a "successful" black man?" "he's also very "handsome." - maybe because you WANT black wmen to get riled seems you are looking for some sort of validation. imo your question seems to want controversial know what im sayin?...edit: handsome? successful? you know what i read your Q again with the additional details and i couldnt help myself. seriously. i find it pathetic. admit it you just want to get black women riled up. YOU KNOW black women are having trouble with successful black men. (not true for all of them but the majority) which is why this Q was asked in the first place. damn you are one nasty as hell cavebitch arent you?

Comment 3 (BW)
Is this a serious question? I'm just gonna assume it is and answer by saying that Black women are often given the shitty end of the stick when it comes to dating. Many of us sistas feel like Black men are all we have left.That said, I could care less who you, or anyone else dates..Because I am a Black woman who chooses NOT to limit herself to Black men=)

Comment 4 (BW)
Im black and a woman, Sorry im I sposed to care about someone i dont know and couldnt give a fig about...Errr guess tht slipped your mind, that many people couldnt give a toss wether u were dating a zebra or a iguana..or a black, pink, purple person....!

Comment 5 (BW)
I'm black and I wouldn't care cuz I don't date black men anyway. too many bad experiences. But it's probably the same reason white women glare, stare, and scoff when they see me with my gorgeous white husband. ;-PYou shouldn't let it bother you.I don't.

Comment 6 (WW)
it probably has nothing to do with blackness, and you are probably just being paranoid, i wouldn't worry

Comment 7 (WW)
I think you think to highly of yourself, dear.

This is such a welcome change from what you normally read. I see more and more sistas waking up and its wonderful. The thing to keep in mind is that many times ww are just trying to get a reaction by doing things like flipping the hair, grabbing his arm, kissing all the sudden etc. It's almost comical to watch. I have no problem with it at all. But what I do have a problem with is when it's in reverse, bw are often harassed, intimidated, and even threatened to keep them from exercising their own options. BM can be with their coveted ww and still try to give the bw 'death glares'. WW can be quite nasty as well, when they want. Apparently it's news to them that wm ARE very much attracted to us! Even as the numbers grow, they will still claim it's just a few BW, and only the sistas who resemble Halle are sought by WM. They could not be more wrong! Self delusion is soooo funny! Bottom line, we have no problem with you dating/mating or marrying Tyrone, Becky. We just hope you can handle us dating/mating /marrying Bob, Billy, Dennis, Trevor etc.....