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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How WW try to steal the spotlight....

This is the post answer from a ww in reference to a recent post about Hollywood's refusal to show classy, talented, beautiful bw. For some reason, (I cannot figure out why) she thought this was a good answer to that particular post. Keep in mind this post had NOTHING to do with bm/ww at ALL! It was about BLACK WOMEN! Oh but I guess the spotlight is NEVER allowed to be on us, even on a blog GEARED to and ABOUT us!!! lol

I must admit this is my pet peeve with ww. Many of them truly seem to think the world revolves around them! What does some bm worshiping at her feet have to do with a post about the lack of good roles and images of bw in Hollywood? But see the spotlight must be turned back around to them always, because no one else really seems to matter. They remind me so much of bm, it's uncanny! Never can the discussion not involve them or there is a problem. Exp. I knew someone a few years ago, when I used to volunteer at a particular shelter. She was also a volunteer but quit because one of the regulars was getting very attached to her, and beginning to act like a stalker. Anyway, before she quit, this guy went from throwing kisses at her to following her to busting ALL the glass in her brand new car when she would not respond to his overly-obvious gestures. I remember her running back into the building crying wildly because she'd seen her car. She called her husband, who came down immediately. After he examined the car, he had the nerve to say, "That sonava bitch -how could he do this to ME!!! -I drive this car all the time!!! " WTH! I remember her looking around at the faces of the other women in total embarrassment. He completely disregarded her, and only thought about how the situation affected him! bm and ww do this constantly. They often see things through the filter of their own wants, desires, and needs, and completely disregard the wants, desires, and needs of others. Should we hate either one of these groups? Absolutely not, but we should be aware of how seldomly they have our interests at heart and have the sense to see it, and take appropriate action. Notice also how this heifer took the time to throw WM under the bus as well while she was tooting her horn, and trying to make bw jealous. First of all wm are some of the most courteous caring men on earth, yet she has the nerve to claim only bm have treated her in a courteous, chivalrous manner. I don't believe her for a minute. Then she once again goes on to rave about the bm's skin, and how much she loves it. You can bet many bm will read this and grin like Cheshire cats, yet when I mention (on my own BLOG!) how much I love the hues of a wm's skin and eye color, I KNOW I'm going to catch hell from bm (And I do!!) So my point is two fold. First I cannot figure out why this lady came on a BLACK WOMAN's blog to brag about her man, and second, I'm simply flabbergasted once again, how ww cannot allow bw to have the spotlight on a bw blog! And no, this is not an isolated event at all. I delete comments from ww talking about THEIR PROBLEMS, THEIR NEEDS, THEIR WANTS ETC. all the time. This is a BLACK WOMAN's blog -what's so hard to understand about that?

Read the passage from her below, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the post it was posted to......(Hollywood's refusal to show classy, beautiful bw)

Anonymous said...
I'm a 31 y/o white chick (120 lbs @ 5'5" for those concerned). I recently started dating a black guy and it is AWESOME. He treats me better than I've ever been treated before. He understands when you take care of a woman, she'll take care of you. The way his skin looks and feels drives me crazy. He's not jealous or possessive, but protective and trusting. The sex is hot. He treats all my friends well, males and females. He is such a gentleman and anticipates my needs. If we're out and he sees I'm getting tired, that man has the car pulled around before I even have to say I'm ready to go. These aren't race-specific attributes. Any man can do these sort of things. And no man is perfect...they're still men! After years of dating all sorts of men- Indian men, Eastern European men, white American men, I have only felt truly worshiped by my black man. I can't get enough of him. The white guys I've been with, on the whole, just seem to take women for granted and forgot the little courtesies that make a women feel cared for and loved. They expect it to be all about them from Day One. Then they don't even call the next day. Your mileage may vary.
April 30, 2009 4:56 PM