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Monday, January 26, 2009

Black love is DEAD!- and Pres. Obama cannot revive it!!!

Black Love is DEAD! Find a man of ANY color to give you the love, adoration, and marriage you deserve!!!

Many women don't understand logical prescient thinking. Logical prescient thinking means that you can look down the road and see how today's behavior is going to affect you in the future. For some unknown reason many ppl seem unable to engage in this deductive type of thinking.

Many women are still of the misguided belief that having a black/biracial president means that bm will suddenly straighten up and take their rightful places back in the lives of their children and become the upstanding, men of integrity they always could have been.
I say WAKE UP! President Obama is a wonderful role model. And yes it's been wonderful seeing the love on his face as he gazes at his wife. However, many of you will NEVER have a BLACK MAN LOOK AT YOU LIKE THIS!!! I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many of you. But it is nevertheless true. It is so true, I feel compelled to repeat it. Many of you will never have a black man look at you like this!!! Stop wasting your precious lives on men who are never going to change! Stop wasting time on men who do not want you! Stop wasting time on men who are not worth wanting!!!

President Obama, although a wonderful role model, cannot change the misguided, thinking of millions of ordinary bm because, as a great poet once wrote: The threads of habit are too thin to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. In other words, mistreating, and ignoring bw has become so commonplace, many bm do it without thinking twice. It has become so ingrained as to be an unconscious part of their lives. What many women do not understand is that, your daily actions make up the material that shapes your life and makes you into the person you become. If a man has been taught by self or environment to treat women well, and give the fairer sex the utmost respect, than that is the mode of behavior he will express to the world. However, if a man has been allowed to mistreat women, and engage in all manner of malfeasance in regards to women, (and even encouraged to, as in the BC) then chances are that he will end up as a reprobate with few redeeming qualities, and of use to NO woman.
If a man is not going out of his way to love and protect you, to offer to provide for you, and your offspring, to work hard so that he may afford to spoil you, then you are a fool if he should turn around and see you there!!!

Many bm today simply do not WANT to do more! And getting upset about it will not change that. Having a great black/biracial President will not change that. The only thing that can change the mediocrity many bm are wallowing in is THEM!!! Please stop expecting President Obama by word, deed, or image to change millions of no-count bm into good, upstanding non-color struck vessels of manhood. It will simply not happen. He is a man, not a magician. Please stop thinking that because he chose an elegant, regal, educated bw for his wife, that millions of bm will suddenly start holding us bw in high esteem. That is NOT going to happen! In fact the reason millions of bm wanted him to win in the first place was so that THEY could be held in higher esteem, and have more access to non-black women. Please wake up, and do not deceived.

The other night I was watching a program on Fox. And they were talking about how Pres. O. had told fathers to get back in their children's lives, and to be FATHERS! He mentioned how they were acting like boys and not men, and how pronounced this problem had become in the AA community. The wp on the panel concurred wholeheartedly, much to my embarrassment. But what was far more embarrassing, was the fact that one bw began to spout how blk fathers could not be in their children's lives because they LACKED THE RESOURCES!!! (LOL!) While the panel of ppl looked at her in disbelief, she went on to explain that if Pres. O. wants to help, he should HELP BM GET BETTER JOBS, SO THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN! She then went on to say that bm could NOT be men in America because it was too hard for them economically! I was horrified and aghast to hear her make a plethora of excuses for grown men! It was lunacy. If millions of bw can take care of children all by themselves, while holding down (sometimes) multiple jobs, how in the world is it too much of a task for adult men to contribute monetarily, and stay in the child's life??? More lunacy....

I want bw to STOP trying to change bm, and MOVE ON!!! You MUST think about you, your children, and the life you are trying to achieve! You cannot change other ppl. You can only change YOU. Somehow other women seem to get this, but bw do not. Look for the BEST man you can find, and forget about his race and ethnicity. Your children will not care what color their daddy is, they just want a DADDY! It's funny to me that so many other women seem to inherently understand this. When I watch episodes of House Hunters, invariably, I will see Oriental, Spanish, Asian Iranian etc women who have had the sense to snatch up a good wm, and not worry about what their family and friends thought of it. They are happily shopping for their new homes, and laughing with their husbands, while too many bw will be shopping for a house to share with a sister or mother etc. But once again, of the 10-11 times I've seen a bw buy a house with a husband, on the show, he was once again *White* Only twice have I seen bw buy with blk husbands! But many times I've seen bm buy with non-blk wives. This is common and I think we all know it. What does this really say? I'll tell you what my interpretation of it is. I think these bm who had aspired to home ownership (and to be part of the American dream) *felt* that when you can afford to buy a nice house-you put a non-blk woman in it. I read somewhere (correct me if I'm wrong) that 90% of bm millionaires are married to non-black women. Yet some of you ladies continue to pine for BM, when they have made it abundantly clear that you are at the bottom of their list. It's wonderful that Obama is President but no, he will not change the thinking of millions of bm when it comes to their choice in women. Stop making excuses and MOVE ON!!

So lets recap what I am telling you here in case there is any confusion.

1. Obama's Presidency will not make a minuscule amount of difference in bm's dating habits.

2. Bm are NOT subject to change, and become loving family men because there is a man of color in the white house.

3. You must carefully scrutinize ALL men and find the best man for you REGARDLESS OF COLOR!

4. The pool of eligible bm who are non-color struck, gainfully employed, and possessing character and integrity, is shrinking daily. If you do not chose to date/mate out, you are LIKELY to find yourself old and alone!

5. Black love is DEAD! Except someone forgot to tell blk women! Forget about it, and concentrate on finding a Mr Right of ANY color who can love and provide for you and your offspring.
6. Having Michelle for the first lady is wonderful, however, bm have no intentions now or in the future, of having women who look like our lovely first lady lying about their pools. MICHELLE CANNOT make bm change their misguided, myopic, and color struck views!

My mentor calls this magical thinking. And that is exactly what it is. Make a declaration to yourself right now that you will not give the time of day to any man who has NOTHING to offer, and is simply on the TAKE. You will know such men when you encounter them because they will be wearing invisible tattoos that spell LOSER across their chest.....Give such men a wide girth, regardless of his race. Look ONLY for men with character and integrity (and a good job certainly helps) to spend your precious time on. Other women get this intrinsically. Let go of the unrealistic blk love dreams, and go find yourself a REAL man.....