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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to get a brand new start in the new year!

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry about the long hiatus. First we went on a business trip/family trip
and then upon coming back, we find out that my God-mother is very ill and not expected to
last through January. Although she is in her 80s, it is still a shock to see someone you love
go down so rapidly. I've been spending as much time with her as I could as I will obviously,
never be able to have this time with her again. Thank you all for your support and understanding during this time.........

Lets move on.... I think most of us want to make a fresh start in 2010. I know many of you are looking forward to that more than anything. In order to make 2010 a different kind of year you MUST set goals. Decide what you want in life, and make a plan to get it.

It sounds too simplistic, but it is the basis for all achievement. I wanted to give you ladies some advice that would really make a difference in your new year, so here goes. These are the things that most people want to change.

lose some weight.
Many of us want to drop a few pounds, and the easiest way to do it without alot of stress and strain, is to simply start to walk everyday.
Even if it's too cold to walk outside and you don't have a treadmill, then simply walk to your favorite shows, back and forth in front of the tv.
If you want to drop weight super-fast, then walk to your shows for I hour per day, and add lots of fruit/vegetables to your daily meals.
Don't worry about diets, just add lots of fruits and veggies to your meals. (especially fruit-because the only fruit that does not bring on weight loss
is banana. They are still very good for you but they don't cause weight loss like apples, oranges berries (all) pineapples, watermelon, -well pretty much all the rest do.
Citrus fruit is especially weight -reducing. The reason is that your body has to work so hard to break down the fruit for consumption, you end up with negative calories, and lose weight....

Learn something new!

Many people want to finish a degree or pursue some self-study. This is an
excellent idea because we should always keep learning.
And speaking of learning. Did you know that the more you learn the easier it is to learn more? The brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the more connections and neurons it creates. This facilitates learning, and in essence, you become smarter.
So even if you are finished with college and don't feel that you need any further schooling, always undertake self-study or pursue some type of learning.
One of the greatest area's of study for black women is to learn to speak a new language. Nothing seems to elevate one's sex appeal, and image like being able to converse in a new language.....

Change your habits-change your life

Some of us are stuck in a rut due to the bad habits we have engaged in time and again. The best way to get out of a rut, is to start with a list of 6-10 things you want to change. Take 2 of those things and put them up on your wall for the month. Every day work on those things you want to change. A new habit usually takes about 1 month (28 days). So in order to bring a new desired habit, all you have to do keep doing it! When it becomes entrenched, then move on to the next
habit you want to change, and repeat the process. The process for getting rid of bad habits, is to do the opposite. Simply refrain from doing those things until you no longer desire them. Think of habits like a path through a forest. When the path is seldom walked, it is difficult to discern, and unclear. But when it is heavily walked, it becomes more and more visible and grooved. Your
mind is the same way. Any habit that is done consistently will become more deeply entrenched and likely to produce after itself....

Get into a better crowd!

Drop whatever in your life that is NOT in your best interest. This includes people! Did you know that 95% of people make within 3-5000.00 of what their 3 best friends make? You see people rub off on each other. This is why wealthy people donot like to hang out with broke people. They are aware that the energy WILL rub off, and they are aware of how detrimental it can be to their finances. Whatever you are trying to be in life, get around those types of people. When a friend of mine was complaining about her daughter skipping school and getting into trouble, one of the teacher's recommended that she get her away from the people she hung with (delinquents) before it was too late. My friend immediately moved her child to a better school where she would not have access to her old crowd. She began to hang with a more studious crowd, and her grades, as well as her behavior, immediately improved. This dynamic will work
wonders in your life as well. If you are hanging with negative, mean spirited, spiteful, and angry people, you will find yourself acting the same way. And your life will be a reflection of this. Try putting yourself around a better crowd and hanging with winners, and you will immediately see how much better your life is turning out to be.....

Finally since for most of us, our finances are the main problem. I wanted to throw some really great info at you ladies. Since I'm a real estate consultant, obviously most of it will deal with real estate.....

How to get a FREE HOUSE in 2010!

Did you know that there is a law on the books called the Adverse Possession law. Now it varies
by state, but the gist of it is that abandoned houses are basically free for the taking. Let me explain.
Say someone named Donna walks home from work everyday. And everyday, she passes a boarded up house. She looks at it longingly because it's twice the size of the house she rents, and she desperately needs more space. As she's telling her friend Jane, about it at lunch the next day, her friend suddenly snaps to attention. "Why don't you check title and ownership? " she asks. "Perhaps the people are deceased, or don't want it. Donna had no idea what you was
talking about but Jane took the lead. The next day, she takes Donna down to the tax assessor's office, and armed with the address to the property-they look up the owner's name. Come to find
out, the owner had been missing for 3 years. No one knew where he was. Taxes had accumulated on his home and the city had boarded it and placed a lien on it. Jane immediately ordered a title report, and carefully went over it with Donna. Upon learning that it only had one lien and back taxes, Donna immediately began to pay the taxes. She ran an ad in the paper for several weeks. It announced that if anyone was interested in the property, they should contact her. (This is called giving constructive notice) afterwards, she had the boards removed, and began to repair the property. Several weeks later, she moved her family in. And even though she had to pay a few thousand for back taxes, and repairs. She was able to stop paying rent, and after the first year, and save a fortune. A few years later, she hired an attorney and was able to
obtain a 'quiet title'.
That's adverse possession in a nutshell. You can order a book on eBay or the 'net' if you feel you
don't have enough detail, but that's really the basis of it. The main thing to remember is to 'live openly'. That's why it's called adverse possession, because you are living 'adverse' to the owner's interests. Don't choose houses with extreme defects, because you'll eat up your savings making
extensive repairs. Easy ways to spot prospects are:

Boarded houses
neglected houses
overgrown lawns
broken windows
sagging porches
lots of notices left on door
high weeds
No electric (check box on side)
'feels vacant'
When you spot these signs, check for vacancy, and then talk to the neighbors. I guarantee you
they will know how long the owner has been gone, and probably, they will know what happened to them.

How to live in a Mansion and make 100.000 in 2010!

I love this plan. I actually didn't think of it. A realtor friend of mine has been using it for awhile.
It goes like this.

Go, and get a real estate license. Now if you go everyday, this will only take 2 weeks. If you go at night or only on Saturday, it will take longer. But you must have it to put this plan in action.
Market your services in the upper crust areas. Advertise in high end magazines, that you are a licensed agent, and that you will house-sit and sell their property for them.
Get them to sign an agreement that you will live in the house, take care of it, and sell it at the end of one year. You move in and run your business from the home. Towards the end of the year, you aggressively market it. 6% on a 2 million dollar home is 120.000. As long as there is
no listing agent, you will be able to keep the entire commission. If there is another agent, you will need to complete 2 transactions per year to make your targeted income.....

Hope this gets you all off to a great start-And Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is he looking for true love, or a chocolate fantasy? -ways to tell.....

Vilayna Lasalle, considered to be one of the most beautiful black women in the world........

Does he want YOU, or just a good time??.....
How do you know if a particular wm wants you, or sees you as a stereotypical fetish? Many of you ladies worry about this so much, you are unable to relax, around ordinary men, and often find yourself second guessing everything they do.

The truth is that men are just not smart enough, to obscure their true motives for long. Some aren't smart enough to hide it from the introduction. All the average woman has to do, is to ask questions, and really listen. He will reveal everything you need to know. Use dates -not to get a good meal,-but as interviews. Start slowly, and from the first date, really begin to probe his psyche. Ask about his family, his job, his hobbies, then let the conversation evolve to past relationships, and really listen to how he refers to other women. If he is calling other women b*tches or hoes, I guarantee you, YOU will be the next b*tch or hoe he refers to! Men are like leopards, they don't change their spots. If he has so little respect, that he can use those vile and filthy terms to describe other women, know that he will also utilize them in his descriptions of you. He will also treat you as he has notoriously treated other women in his past. I see women all the time, who make the mistake of thinking that although a man mistreated a woman from his past, he'll be good to them. That's not the way it works. In fact one of the best ways to really find out what kind of man he is, is to talk to his ex. Now if she is vindictive, or shady, skip her, and talk to someone more objective. But do vet him carefully, and never allow him to move the relationship faster than you feel comfortable with. I've seen bw turn down good wm because they believed he had a bw fetish, yet, I've also seen a few wm try to fulfill their stereotypical expectations of bw, by getting her into bed. So yes, it does happen, yet it's pretty rare because most bw have an automatic shield up anyways when it comes to wm. It's often a monumental effort for some wm, because many bw will look for any excuse to kick him to the curb.... The same way many bw will look for innumerable reasons to keep a bm.

The trick is to judge all men by high standards, and not allow anyone to slip through the cracks because of skin color. I always encourage bw to date 3 men at once. What will happen time and again is that one of the 3 will begin to far outpace the other 2. When their trying to take you to see a fight, he'll be the one who asks where you want to go. When they talk over your head, or forget their manners, he'll be the gentleman, who gives you his undivided attention. After you have vetted them, and 2 have fallen short. Dump them, (and if nec.) vet the winner against 2 more just to be sure. But I certainly don't want you ladies to worry about wm using you for sex. Accept the fact that ALL men want sex! But it's up to you -who will get it. So he can want indefinitely. It really does not mean much, unless you decide it's time. But the best rule with sex really is to put it off as long as possible. You really want to get to know this man, and second, it's a very bad idea to give your body to someone because you like them! So you like them -so what! You probably like the person who does you hair, and the person who serves you in a restaurant, and your mailman etc. You should NEVER be in bed with someone based on liking them. If you cannot wait for marriage (and I know-waiting is often difficult for women too) then wait for love, and a committed relationship. Never allow anyone to pressure you into bed. I can't stress enough how much you will resent- not only yourself-but him. At this point the relationship is often doomed....

Don't sabotage yourself........
It's very important that bw stop repeating the garbage that their is a shortage of men! Their is NOT a shortage of men! There may be a shortage of bm, but so what? There are plenty of other kinds all over. They are ubiquitous. You will have a hard time attracting something you have convinced yourself is scarce. This is why the news orgs are touting this crap every time you turn around. They don't want bw in loving, happy unions, and especially not with top of the line wm. As more and more wm cross the line, notice the verbal attacks against bw grow in frequency, and viciousness. First of all they have a vested interest in bw being tired, beaten, angry, and dejected. And second, they want good wm reserved for ww! That is why it is imperative that you disregard what these purveyors of malice tell you. Remember that there are enough wm in this world that ANY and EVERY bw who wants one, can have one. The marines may be looking or a few good men, but you're only looking for one! The best way to find him is to frequent the places of YOUR interest. If he's there, it's likely he shares your interest. And you can build from there. When you catch him looking, smile softly, and turn away. When you turn back, he should be looking with new interest (based on your smile) If you are with a group, move by yourself to make it easier for him to approach you. (men hate to approach women in a group) You have to give him the green light in order to bring him to you.

Green light

Smiling genuinely, /with happiness

being friendly and open

Cocking head to side, while watching him

Air of happiness and or confidence

Open body language-facing him, head up, biting lip-while taking quick glances, etc.

Red light (Y'all should know these by heart-so many of you use them!)

Set/angry chins

Rolling eyes

Never looking up at him/no eye contact

Turning away from him

Using a blocking item (book, head sets, other ppl etc.

Arms folded (as in -get the hell away from me!) He will know right away which light you have on, and he'll act accordingly....

What if it's a date from hell, and he really is looking for a chocolate fantasy.....
When it comes to DFH, we've all been there at least once. When it happens, laugh it off, and vow to vet more carefully next time. I will tell you how I saw one young woman handle a DFH, and I thought she did a splendid job............As for the chocolate fantasy part. I told you don't worry about it, because he's not going to get anything you have not consented to anyway. So discard the concern of what he might want.....check out how this young lady handled her DFH.......

I was watching some dating show a few yrs ago. It took place on a cruise ship. (some of you may remember it) Anyway, there was a blind date between a wm, and a beautiful ebony-hued bw. (Girl-really, she looked about 24) So anyway, I remember thinking how lovely she was. She was very dark with light eyes, and the effect was quite stunning. She had long brown hair, and was fairly slim. When she met him, he seemed decent enough at first. He told her that she was gorgeous, and that he was happy to meet her. She smiled, said thank you, and gave him a brief hug. But I began to get a 'funny feeling' about him as they entered the dining hall. It was a formal setting, (the whole cruise was very upscale) and she was dressed formally, in a long mauve colored gown. Now keep in mind that she looked right at home, because she was a very classy, and elegant looking/speaking woman. Several men turned and gave her approving smiles, but he seemed disturbed about something. As they sat down, he turned to her and said:
"I'm surprised you wore that dress " She looks up surprised and says: "Why?" (He) "Well, I would have expected you to wear something more..... alluring!" (She, blinking, and confused) "To a formal dinner-what exactly do you mean by alluring" (He, shakes his head-changes discussion) They talked about other things, and the date seemed to be going ok, but it was obvious she was still bothered by his earlier comment (probably because it made no sense) Then I noticed that he kept looking at the bodice of her dress. He can hardly tear himself away to answer her question. He's just staring like a dog in heat. Since the dress was not revealing in anyway, his behavior borders on lascivious. She grows tired of trying to converse with him, while he stares at her dress, and grows angrily quiet. He finally notices that she's quiet and rather annoyed, and he gives a brief apology. He says something about the dress reminding him of something-she does not believe him, but lets it drop. Later when they don their swimsuits, he gets upset because she has not chosen a bikini. (she'd brought a one-piece) He begins to question her on how this is not typical attire for a black girl!!! She gets very offended, and informs him that bgs come in different sizes, shapes and personalities! He offers a weak apology, and they go swimming.... (This is a 3-day date)
The next day they meet for breakfast, and the tension they've experienced earlier seems to have dissipated somewhat. She's bright and cheerful, and obviously trying to make the best of a bad situation. They are joking around, when she laughingly asks him how tall he is. (He's short-about 5.6), at this point he goes ballistic! and starts yelling that she's trying to embarrass him. She tells him that she was only asking because she's 5.5 and wanted to know if he was taller. He mentions that he's rather sensitive about his height, and without bothering to apologize for his ridiculous behavior, he falls silent. She tries to put his rude behavior aside and see the date through. A little while later, she is talking to the camera, and she is saying that although she agreed to this date, she could not wait for it to be over, and that she suspected that he thought she would be a hoochie type woman because she was black.
At dinner that night, her suspicions and mine, were confirmed. She wore an off-white gown, had her hair up, and her make up perfect. She was stunning. When she walked into the dining area, all the men turned to stare, and several men got up from their seats, as if it might entice her to join them for dinner. Her date not only refused to get up when she came to the table, but he looked up at her and scowled. She looked uncomfortable, and surprised, but she took her seat. He then turned to her and said:
"Why the hell are you wearing a LONG dress-is this sh*t supposed to turn me on?" She gazed at him a moment, and said,
"I was not trying to turn you on, I was trying to get to know you"
At this point he threw down his napkin, and stood up.
"I've had it" He shrieked, "You don't even act like a black girl!-you act like a princess for God's sake!-and this date is OVER!!!"
With that he stood back like he was hoping she would 'go off' but she remained calm, and collected. She shrugged her shoulders casually.
"Well, it was nice meeting you" she lied. "Have a safe trip home...."
He turned and stormed out, while several white men nearby rushed to take his place........
Ladies, never tolerate disrespect from ANY man. He obviously thought because this young woman was black, that she would be a shenehneh, (loud, ghetto, vulgar, and/or easy) when he saw that she was the epitome of class and grace, he was livid. I guess he thought he was in for easy sex for the whole week end. etc. She handled it wonderfully though, and I was very proud of her. You don't have to act like a jerk because he does. A lady knows that actions speak louder than words every time. If he shows that he has no home training and wants to disrespect you on a date, make a flimsy excuse (that he'll see right through, ) and LEAVE. The only thing I would have changed about the girl on the show, is that I would have told her not to waste another night on this jerk. I would have told her to leave on day 1. This man was extremely rude, arrogant, insensitive and abrasive. But notice there was a roomful of other men who could not wait to take his place. When you are quality woman, there are ALWAYS other men waiting to take the present man's place-remember that....
As for discerning whether he's there for you, or just wants to fulfill a fetish-use the following clues, and keep in mind that men are just not smart enough to fool anyone for long. Their real selves always emerge, and give them away. All you have to do is listen, wait, and observe.........

Here are some signs that he's looking for something more serious -possibly marriage....

1. He's respectful

2. He wants to spend more time with you

3. He talks to you about the good, bad, and insignificant things in his life.4. He introduces you to his family

5. He looks at you 'proudly

'6. He treats you like you are something special

7. He is extremely interested in pleasing you

8. He has extremely good manners and behaves like a gentleman9. He refuses to let others speak ill of you10. He thinks you're beautiful even when you look like whoopi (no offense whoopi) and takes you everywhere.

Here are some signs that he just has a fetish for bw (RUN!)

1. He calls only at night

2. He wants to come over late, (no date just a late call) -don't let him!

3. You have never met his best friend or his family

4. You only seem to go out to strange, far away places

5. He looks embarrassed when ww look at you two together.

6. He seems to be uncomfortable with you in public

7. He lets him family and friends say nasty things about you- or ignore you.

8. He makes a lot of sexual references to your body and barely notices your face

9. He's always groping you, even when you ask him to stop.10 He seems to be rushing the relationship toward the bedroom even after you tell him -you want to take it slow... /He does not seem genuinely interested in the 'real' you. 11. Instead of looking at you with pride, and respect- he constantly 'leers' 12. He does not give a damn about the things you think, because he 'knows' you won't be around long enough for it to matter...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
For those of you who keep emailing me asking for wealth tips -here are a few

.... 1. Car flea Market Riches!Here is a very easy way to make thousands of dollars per month. Many men will take to this idea but there is no reason why a woman cannot do it, provided she takes measures to protect herself from strangers....You see in the paper every day people selling cars and people buying cars. A great number of those ads are really from car dealers who take over the newspaper much to the frustration of people who want to buy from the seller to avoid the high dealer costs/add ons. You can help the buyers and the sellers, as well as make a fortune each month by simply creating a car flea market....Many ideas to make a fortune are easy to come up with. An idea does not have to require a PHD to think up or facilitate. Unfortunately many people cannot grasp the simply realization that simple things can often make more money than the complicated. Look at the paper clip for example... To implement this simple plan go out and find a decent sized lot. Abandoned drive ins are great but there are any number of spaces that can be made usable for this simple purpose. When you find a decent spot negotiate with the owner on a lease fee. That done, advertise in the paper that you have car lot where people can display their cars for 25.00 per vehicle. Try to get some publicity from the radio stations or advertise heavily in the newspaper or use bandit signs etc. Any number of ways will get you customers, and this type of business will grow by word of mouth bigger each month. It's fairly easy to be pulling in 10,000 per month in this easy business within a few months with some work. You can let vendors come for free and take a small percentage of their profit or make them pay up front. All negotiations are between buyers and sellers you have nothing to do with problems with any cars or anything like that. You are merely the 'place' where the transactions occurred. This businesses can be operated for most of the year and many people are getting quite wealthy in ventures of this kind. Simply write up an agreement stating your terms (25.00 per vehicle, you are not liable for any transactions etc.) Get a signed agreement from each vendor and put it in a file (you can use a folder in an ordinary drawer-but don't lose it) You can have a mechanic there who charges for vehicle inspections and you can take a percentage of his profit! Use your imagination wealth is for the taking not for the dreamers.....

2. Car Service Reminders.....
Many people are so very busy that they cannot remember to have their car serviced. Then they have problems at the worst times (ie bad neighborhoods, late at night, all alone etc.) You can approach any number of dealers, and have too much business to handle in no time. You would be taking over service reminders (which many dealers are too busy to undertake) you would send postcards to the people who are due for service and take a percentage of everyone who comes in to have the service done. You would negotiate with the dealer on how much of a percentage, but a good rule of thumb is 20%. With just 3-4 dealers you could easily make double what most people are making working 40 hours per week! This is a bit detailed as there is a lot of record keeping. This type of biz would be best for someone who is detailed oriented and loves numbers. If that sounds like you-give it a try. You can print up business cards and presto! You are in business honey. The dealers will be so happy to have this tedious task off their hands they will practically overwhelm you! Just keep your day job and let it grow-and it will try it and you'll see......

3. Details for rich kids!
If you have kids who want to make extra money and you have a good amount of drive way or lawn space, try this: Place this ad in paper or around town.Best Car Detail in town! done by young professions-working their way to college! People love to help young people get to college and as long as your children are responsible (not too young now) they will let them clean and detail their cars especially if the work is superior and the prices are a little less. Always supervise your children and teach them to very, very carefully detail the cars (you can easily get a library book on this) 3 kids can do a very good job in about 45 minutes and by charging 25 % less than a typical detailer for your area you WILL get jobs. USE the paper, or bandit signs or word of mouth if you want to build slow and steady. What most people do not realize is that almost anything can become a business. I was reading recently about a young kid who started taking back the neighbors trash cans as a courtesy in an area where they receive heavy fines for leaving cans out. (125.00) Many people had to leave work to go take their garbage cans back to the house from the street! As a result he soon had numerous people who begged him to do the same for them. He began to charge 5.00 per house and made so much money he quit his job and hired his 2 sisters. One as a secretary and the other to help him recruit more kids so he could expand. Within months he was making more than his parents who have worked for years by adding 2 more neighborhoods! You must learn to think outside the box. You have million dollar ideas EVERYDAY -its time to dust off a few and put them to work......thanks for tuning in see you next time -S

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How the media distorts and discourages bw/wm couples....

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Rick and Eleanor Hemmert, looking unhappy and dejected: On ABC's World News Tonight...

Last night’s ABC World News Tonight profiled an interesting story entitled “Male Nurses, Stay-at-Home Dads: New Norm?”. The story involved remarks, and commentary from several couples, most of them mono-racial. But the one IR couple they featured included a wm/bw couple. Wouldn't you know it, they chose an unhappy couple which featured a very belittling, and non-supportive wife. The wife, Eleanor Hemmert, actually criticizes, and embarrasses her husband before all of America as she declares:
"I don't like coming home and seeing him in my apron-I wish I could say something else, but I've lost so much respect for him!"
I was livid watching the segment because it seems the media ALWAYS tries to use an overly-aggressive black woman and a passive, sour, unhappy-looking white man. I noticed the other couples they used all adjusted rather nicely to the husband's abrupt work departure. The other women understood that bad times happen to good ppl, and they were very supportive of their husbands. One lady even recommended that her husband become a nurse. He said he felt that this way, he would never be out of work again. The couples smiled and showed an amazing amount of support for one another. The only ones looking sour and upset were the mixed couple. This really upset me on several levels. Most of all the fact that they probably searched far and wide to find a bw who would disrespect, and embarrass her man on public television this way. After all, who knows how to hold it down in hard times better than us!! A man losing a job is nothing for your average bw. Many bw have dated and married men who did not even TRY to work! So having a husband lose a job, is nothing to most of us. We know how to ride out a storm. What really infuriated me the most was that they would subtly imply that had he not had a black wife, he may have gotten some support. I really resent the media's subtle, and constant, negative perceptions of bw. Whenever I watch wife swap, I notice if it's a bw/wm IR couple, they'll always use a very disempowering, aggressive, almost bitchy type bw. Then they'll pair her with a nauseatingly passive wm, and 'pretend' it's just a coincidence that the couple happens to be that way! The last time I watched one of these 'coincidental pairings' the very dark wife got angry that the husband had wine while she was away. She acted like a complete fool. Her mother also acted a fool, and their 3 beautiful daughters were caught in the middle.She had the nerve to come in screaming at him, that SHE did not allow wine in her house! (like it wasn't his house too lol!) The husband (a handsome wm) seemed inordinately happy to see her when he got back, but then she lit into him and destroyed the whole mood, in a matter a few scant minutes. The girls tried to intervene to no avail. She was off on a screaming tangent, and the husband dropped the flowers he had bought for her, and dejectedly slunk away. The segment ended with the white wife crying happily to have her husband back, and the black wife screaming, shrieking, and locking him out of the bedroom!
See the media has an agenda. It always has, and it always will. The point of picking a very passive husband, is to make it seem like the majority of wm are weak, passive, can't stand up to their women, and are woefully lacking a backbone. The truth is passive men come in ALL colors, and most wm are NOT passive! The purpose of throwing these men under the bus is to make them as unattractive, and unappealing to non-white women as possible. I'm sure you ladies know that most women (regardless of color) favor the take charge type man. Most heterosexual women want men who walk tall, speak with authority, and can handle a crisis. This is why women are often accused of wanting 'thugs'. She may simply be drawn to his air of authority, but this is often confused with an attraction to his 'thugness'. Men, just to clear the record, regardless of what you've heard-very few women want thugs. And it's usually the very young women at that. The older a woman gets, the more she longs for a 'real' man. If a bw thinks when she sees a handsome wm: "Hmmmm he is so handsome! But......Everybody knows how wm are! He's probably scared of his shadow, can't speak his mind, and has a small penis...hmmmm I think I'll pass...........
When this happens, then once again-the media has won. You see the reason they keep repeating these tired stereotypes, is because they become like auto-reverse cassettes in our minds. Once they are believed, they become convictions, and then they will automatically play upon sight...
Of course you ladies know why they present very aggressive, belligerent black women. This falls right in line with their proclamation that all bw are angry, loud, overbearing etc. They'll fight arduously to retain this antiquated stereotype alive, because it fits in with their program. This enables them to sleep better at night while they uphold ww as the epitome of beauty, purity, innocence, and womanly essence. It also discourages some non-bm from approaching bw.
Afer all, our subconscious guides everything our conscious mind does. So if his subconscious is saying; "Hmmm, she's beautiful, but you know how black women are! -I don't want her to go 'off' and start screaming and neck-twisting on me! Soooooo..... I guess I better not ask her out" *dejectedly walking away*
Once again, to the victor go the spoils. And it's a home run for the media, while both wm and bw lose out. It's important that you question WHY they do things, so you can understand the desired results, as well as the reasoning that goes with it. The media knows that ppl believe what they see! Even if what they see has been chopped, cut, altered, or literally made up! The truth is bw/wm couples are some of the longest lasting marriages out there. They are reportedly some 44% more likely to last than even WW/WM marriages!!! (check out Evia's blog for the latest stats) This would not be so, if these couples were miserable and unhappy as the media loves to portray..... Be not deceived-the devil is a LIAR, and so is the media.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

The art of Covert Nefarious Delusion, and how it's used on bw.....

"Psss... "White men don't want you-so you might as well stay!"

"You need bm, you know it..."

"Give a brotha a chance, he'll get it together one day...."

"Oh, so you gonna sleep with the slave master!-the ones who raped your grandmother!"

Covert Nefarious Delusion- in action.....
I remember watching a real life-type program on TV a while ago (true story type) . There was a handsome white father who had divorced his wife, (also white) and was living alone. The wife took their young teen aged child, and moved to start a new life. The father was reduced to seeing his child a few times a year. When the child was 16 she decided she would like to live with her father. He was estastic. He had a business, and nice home, and new girl friend, but they happily set up a room for her, and went to the airport to meet her. The girl came off the plane, and flung herself into his arms. She was dark haired and quite pretty. She in fact, looked alot like him. He and his gf made her feel at home, and welcomed her happily into their lives. He enrolled her in school, and she settled in-seemingly happy. A year later, the teacher in chemistry was giving a lesson on a very dangerous substance, and was telling the class how if ingested, this particular substance would be fatal-and very difficult to identify in the body, as it mimicked a heart attack. The girl listened with rapt attention. Later, for seemingly no reason, she grabbed a paper towel and stole some of the substance.....

About a week later she made a Mexican dish for her father and his gf. The family was happily eating, and talking, when the father became violently ill. The gf panicked and called 911, but by the time they arrived the father had what looked like a heart attack, and was DOA. The gf was inconsolable with the daughter seen crying next to her except when they panned in on her face, it was obvious there were no tears! Simply a blank, dead look. Shortly after wards she went to with her grandparents (her mother had remarried, and refused to take her) she bragged to her friend, that she had killed her father because she wanted to go live with her mother! Her friend soon told on her. The body was excavated, re-autopsied, and she was subsequently arrested. But the most important thing is; when the judge asked her how she could murder the man who loved, take care of, and raised her most of her life. She just gave him a cold, insidious smile, and shrugged! Killing her father meant absolutely nothing to her!-it was like he didn't even matter. The psychiatrist told the police (who also wanted to know) she was a sociopath. she had no empathy for others. Her only role in life is to get what she wanted, and that she saw ppl as objects for her use, and enjoyment. However, the minute the 'object' got in the way, she would simply eliminate it...

I remember being shocked and horrified at the actions of this girl. Her father was so kind and good to her, I could not understand how she could treat him this way. How she could take his life when all she had to do was leave! And the mother, she was murdering him- to get to, did not even want her! She was a cold blooded murderer, but on the outside, she was a young pretty dark haired teenager. This is what made her all the more deadly. Her looks helped her mask a very dark and evil core. Her father had been deceived by her very covert, nefarious delusion. She pretended to love him, and the moment his back was turned she had poisoned him to death, -and felt absolutely NO REMORSE....

And this is exactly what happening to many bw in America right now. So many of you are looking into the faces of men you see everyday, and thinking they care about you while you are being slowly poisoned! And it's every bit as deadly as the substance the evil girl used on her unsuspecting father. It just works more slowly, and methodically. Every day, bw are made to feel low, unloved, useless, hated, and unattractive. Then they are blamed for feeling this way, and made to feel as if they are imagining it, or brought it on themselves...

For instance, if any of you have ever checked out the things said about Whoppi, let me enlighten you. They are saying things like this:

"She's so black and ugly -why doesn't she kill herself?"
"Who would want that ugly-black thing?"
"Man, she looks like a monster!"
"Ugly ass B**** she should slit her own wrists, to save our eyes!"
Then they have a nerve to turn around and become enraged because she only dates wm! Saying that she should bring that money back to the blk community! (Can you blame Whoopi for running?....They've all got their arms extended, offering flasks of poison, and are livid because she won't sit still, and drink!

Let me give you some examples of this poison being used against ordinary bw everyday:
Young Berg: " I don't do dark butts!"

Neyo: " All the prettiest kids are mixed!"
Westley Snipes " "Black women got too much attitude, that's why I don't date them..
Ice Tea: "I don't give a damn what bw think-they're just jealous of my wife!"
DL Hugley " They was some ugly ass women!" (referring to Rutgers girl's team)
Clarence Thomas " I would never touch her, (hill) She's too damn dark!" (he's darker than her) Wilt Chamberlain: "I can't date black women-they don't even know which fork to use!"
Damon Wayons: " Imus was right-I have no issue with him calling them nappy headed hos!"
DJ Barnes: Originator of the light skin party......

Yet bm insist that bw are lying when bw call them color-struck and accuse them of being intra-racists.... And this can go on and on and on...
Bw wake up! You are being systematically poisoned by degrees in covert fashion, everyday. The longer you engage in magical thinking the more viable and immediate, the danger becomes. The most significant reason you have not reconciled the danger, is because the ones administering the poisoning, ARE CALLED BROTHERS! This is no accident. This is systematic mind programming. (Covert Nefarious Delusion) These ppl have designed this pernicious program to capture a bw's mind, and turn her into a slave for the bc, in whatever purpose is deemed most necessary, at any given time. The trick is to make her feel so lowly and undesired, that she is quite vulnerable, and hungry for ANY type of attention. When this task is completed, she won't dare utter the word marriage, she will bet too afraid of offending her mind captors. Besides, by that time she will know that she is garbage, and they will no longer have to remind her on a daily basis. She will happily comply with fatherless children, being used for money, sex, her home, her laundry skills, her cooking skills, her connections etc. This begins with causing her to think all bm are her brothers. They are NOT your brothers, so stop using that expression. That in and of itself lowers your defenses, and leaves you open to attack. What you are experiencing at the hands of these men is nothing short of spiritual - homicide. And any fool knows that once the spirit dies, the body follows suit!! This is warfare for your sanity. This is not just a few innocent remarks. These 'remarks' are leading to all sorts of malfeasance being committed against bw.

The remarks are ONLY the beginning! Black women are not being allowed to walk the streets in peace, or live in peace. They are being bombarded all the time, with disparaging remarks, insults, that grow more deadly, and acts of violence that grow more malicious all the time. Bw are living and dying (sometimes by suicide) because of these 'innocent remarks, and the accompanying actions of 'brothers' everyday! Yet many bw cannot for the life of them, figure out why they are constantly depressed, on edge, or eating to the point of oblivion. They are being told that a few innocent words mean nothing. they are over-reacting. They are acting 'white'. (expecting bm to treat them in a decent manner.)This is why bw are constantly told they are imagining things COVERT NEFARIOUS DELUSION- this causes her to question her own mind, and her own sanity. She begins to think: 'But if everyone thinks nothings wrong-then I must be complaining about nothing!" Even though her heart (and often her body-via- pain) is telling her everything is NOT all right. She sips minute amounts of the poison daily and dies by degrees. Learn to recognize poison for what it is, and remove yourself from it's source. The reason so many bw are walking zombies of pain now is because half the folks in the black enclaves are screaming: "Black women are fat, loud, ugly, no good, baby mommas etc....

Bw are constantly attacked emotionally, spiritually and even physically. Yet she is the least likely to be protected and aided, should she fall. Now ask yourself- what do other blacks say when bw are attacked? Listen to how her feelings are disregarded, and brushed away...

"Just ignore it" "It don't mean nuthin"
"You're too sensitive""We just need to show that brother some love that's all"
"If the white man wasn't hurtin him so bad-he wouldn't hurt you"
"You tryin to claim he raped you! -Oh, so you tryin to lock another brother up-right!"
"So he squeezed your butt!-You shouldn't been wearin those tight pants!"
"He threw that rock at you cause you thought you was too good to speak!"
"You a sista-you should understand what a brotha goes through!" etc etc etc.....

The whole black construct seems predicated on using bw, and convincing them that they are not seeing and hearing what they think they are seeing and hearing. You are hearing them right! You are seeing them right!
When you walk by, and you see the evil glare in their eyes, you are NOT imagining it. When you see their lips curl, and their eyes squint with malice, you are not imagining it!

I remember someone talking about being on a bus, and pulling up to a stop. She said she watched as a bm attacked a bw in full view of everyone at the stop and on the bus. He was punching and calling her B**** as he beat her senseless in front of her two screaming, crying children. The little girls were screaming in fear, while a dozen bm stood by, some of them laughing!!! This woman was being beaten to death in front of these animals, and not one of them intervened, and some of them laughed!!! Bw-you MUST GET OUT!!

As I remember it, the bus driver (a wm) had to leave the bus and scare this fool away. While her so-called 'brothers' stood there! That's why I say those words are designed to confuse, and dis empower you. These men are NOT your brothers-they never have been, and they never will be! And even though they are trying to pull a CND on you, (Covert Nefarious Delusion) you can get away if you move fast.

I will give you another example of what I'm talking about. In one of the mixed schools I went to, I was accosted one day by several black guys because they didn't like the fact, that I was dating a wb. (although many of them had w-gfs) When they asked me why I was messing with a 'white devil' I responded 'None of your damn business! " They didn't like my answer. "Well since you like white d--k," one snarled. "You'll like the real thing alot better!" They grabbed me (we were on the outside of the school,) and pretended to be 'playing' as they tried to 'feel me up' while I kicked, punched, and screamed. An officer who was nearby, ran over, and immediately, they released me. The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes, but I was hysterical and crying. He knelt down, and gently pulled me back up- asking me what happened. They immediately began to chuckle, saying "Girl, you know we was just playin wit you" and "Don't make a big deal, and get a brotha in trouble over nuthin now" The officer told them to shut up, and I went inside with him to make a report. Ms Getty, A bw in the main office convinced me to drop the charges saying a good bg would never send young brothers to jail or get them suspended. She made them apologize the next day, and they snickered as they did so....

Several years later, two of these same 4 boys (men) are in jail for raping and murdering several black women! Recognize CND for what it is. Don't let the wool be pulled over your eyes-it's too dangerous to be blind in this world. These jerks who had attacked me actually tried to 'pretend' it was a game, even though I was crying hysterically! I see this everyday. Bw being hurt in the worst ways, while everyone tries to tell her she's imagining things. Bw wake up to the fact that some ppl have NO CONSCIOUS. Stop thinking because YOU could not knowingly hurt someone, that they could not knowingly hurt you. One has nothing to do with the other. While bw are being hurt, insulted, used, maltreated, abused, and sometimes killed, other bp will still be insisting that you that you are over-reacting! You provoked it. They didn't mean to kill you blah, blah, blah....

Refuse to be misled, and guided down the path of spiritual suicide, or acquiescence. They are attempting to engage in Covert Nefarious Delusion, and you are the pigeon. It does not matter if they are male of female, black or white. Anyone who tells you the blk enclaves are not death traps, and that most bm are not trying to harm you emotionally or physically, is either lying to themselves or knowingly lying to you. Ether way-get away from them. Some bw have been treated so badly, that their critical analyzing faculties, are short circuiting from the numerous lies and distortions they've swallowed. Some to the degree, that they can no longer trust their own reasoning skills anymore, because they've become so mangled by misuse and distortions. These women are likely to be horribly confused and vulnerable. Some of these vulnerable weaker souls, will be turned into sycophantic minions and be used to go out and gather more fools to come into the bc. The new fools will be groomed and readied for sacrifice...... This is why you have some bw who will actively go out and bring other bw into the hellholes to be harmed. This is usually done by friendship (false) intimidation, lies, pressure, or even fear if necessary. Whatever it takes, these bm-identified pathetic souls-will bring in new victims...

Here are some of the primary ways ppl will try to brainwash bw into thinking they are imaging things, and that everything is honky-Dory in the bc.....
Do any of the following sound/feel familiar?

1. Get a bunch of ppl around you, and keep repeating that you are wrong.
2. Tell you how crazy it sounds, and try to force you to explain how it makes sense
3. Quote well known damaged men, and pretend their words mean something
4. Call up ppl in your family or theirs who will back them up
5. Tell others so they can all laugh at your ridiculous assertions
6. Tell other bm/bw so they can look at you like you've lost it
7. Talk about black love, and how we need to support each other
8. Send you articles, and emails that supposedly ' prove' bw are back stabbing bm
9. Talk non-stop about how bw don't support bm anymore
10. Talk about how horribly bad bm have it, and how bw are now turning their backs and running off with wm
11. How 'good' bw would NEVER do to bm what today's bw are doing.
12. How only 'whorish' bw would ever consider dating white....
13. "Bw should raise bb better, then they wouldn't be filling the jails!"
14. "Bw ain't standing behind bm, that's why bm is leaving them for white girls"
15. "If bw had they sh-- together, they wouldn't be all alone"
16. "If bw would stop thinking they better than bm, they wouldn't have a 70% single rate!"
17. "Bw won't let bm be fathers, that's why bm don't take care of their kids"
18. If bw didn't wear so many hair weaves, and act so fake-bm wouldn't have left .....
19. If bw weren't so fat,mean, uppity,etc... then bm wouldn't have left them....
20. We just need to come together and love our brothers-then they'll change/come back etc...

And on and on ad nauseum. The point is, that this is Covert Nefarious Delusion at it's finest. These words and many others are used to convince, persuade, and corrupt bw's minds to think that everything in the bc is their faults, and their responsibility to fix. These ppl and their enablers know that once you control the mind, the body will surely follow. This is why they are in such a rush to convince bw that they're bad, mean, lazy, ugly, fat, too ambitious, uppity, heartless and most of all UNWANTED BY ANYONE ELSE! Because once the mind is sufficiently demeaned, and dulled by pain, and repetition. These women will become like living zombies. Malleable, and easily controlled (used) for their whims. Never doubt for a moment that there is a war for your mind. It is up to you to exercise and use your critical thinking abilities along with your intuition. These are inherent weapons given to you by nature to aid in your survival. But if you abrogate these precious gifts, then the effect is the same as not having them....

Start NOW! 60-day action plan to escape!
Start stashing money now. Every chance you get, put those dollars away. Don't tell anyone. the bible says "Go, and tell no man" this is reference to a get away. Act like you believe all the bs the bc is putting down.

Nod your head with the other cartoon characters and say: "um... hmm girl, you are right-sistas need to stop stabbing good brothers in the back!"

Make a power fist to the bm walking by with the white girl on his arm, like you believe his bull. Pretend you don't notice that he's giving his name, his money, his time, his progeny, his home, vehicles, and possessions to the wg. while handing out 'black literature' about how terrible the 'man' is, and how he's keeping the bm down...

Then, instead of going to church 5 days a week, cut back and go spend some time in a much nicer, and culturally diverse area. Really soak up the feel of fresh air and clean streets. Come back as often as you can. When you are not there-picture it. What you are doing is creating the scene in your mind so that you can draw it into your life. Along with picturing, you must ACT. Get a membership to a health club in this area, or library card (if you can use someone else's address) spend as much time here as you can, so it becomes a very 'real' part of your life. Then look for employment here, or see if you can transfer on your job. When you land employment in this area, rent a U-haul for a few hundred dollars, and get the hell out of the hellhole known as the bc. Don't even let your children come back to visit-they don't need to see these evil places again...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Black woman's guide to *social elevation* Part 1.

------------------------------------- --------------------------
Black women are getting degrees at 3x the rate of bm. They are buying houses, starting businesses, as well as seeking mates in the upper echelons of society.

Lets examine other areas in which we can expedite and exploit other avenues of social mobilization available to us....

These are small but profound steps up the ladder of social dominance....

Intelligent, upwardly mobile bw+ powerful well connected wm= SOCIAL DOMINANCE!

This lesson on social elevation is geared toward all the women who want more than to escape the black enclaves. If you are such a woman, and you want to engage, mate, and marry into the highest tiers of society- pay careful attention to the following advice.Many women think social mobility = a college degree, but this is just a minuscule segment of social climbing. You can go so much higher. This is entirely possible with adequate instruction, and ongoing support. Black women, in fact, MUST be socialized, and taught to reach the highest pinnacles of their respective fields, and become bastions of high society. Why? Because there are innumerable benefits that avail themselves to participants, for each ascending tier one reaches in life. Beginning with, but not limited to:

1. Access to the best Institutions of higher learning available
along with the accompanying respect,long term prospects, career boosting criteria, and critical thinking skills, these institutions are able to afford to one's life. The ability to offer one's progeny or offspring the best education money can buy.

2. Status and clout-over generations...
These intangibles can open doors not just for oneself, but for one's future generations, thereby being able to effect, influence, and 'exert' aid to one's offspring long after you have departed this life. Surely, you've all heard many wealthy ppl say things such as: "Yes, well our grandfather started that company when he was just a poor immigrant many years ago, and our family has kept it going for over 50 years...."

3. Having a database of contacts and connections
These are the type of connections that ppl in the lower tiers can only dream of. The truth is contacts =contracts! Many of the most successful, and well connected people in the world have been carefully mentored and 'guided' to the top.

4.Sophistication, Savvy, and social conditioning indigent to the long-term wealthy
The class savvy, confidence, and savour fair that comes from being well-traveled, and able to move among differing types of people with poise and comfort. The social graces, that scream class and decorum before one opens one's mouth. It becomes almost tangible with time, and enables one's to be treated with a higher degree of respect and deferment.

5.Ease and comfort with wealth, and privilege
The ability to be relaxed, unstressed, and comfortable with large amounts of wealth, and the ability (that is wealth 101 for many rich) to make wealth grow and to use wealth as the preamble to greater wealth and not to squander 15,000 on a pair of ridiculously ostentatious rims!!! No cultured, eloquent, sophisticated upper crust person would do this ever! Even a middle class person lacking extenuating resources, but having a modicum of common sense, would not engage in such foolishness.

6. Class and comfort-of course.
One of the primary goals of social climbing is so that one can have a life of leisure, as well as one of contribution. Being able to contribute to one's community, church, schools, etc is quite soul-as well as ego-fulfilling. Yet, being able to raise one's children in relative comfort, in a luxurious, pampered, and unstressed environment is the most profound, and desirable element of all. We all want to give our children better. Social climbing in a highly concentrated, and substantive manner, allows us to exceed the minor goal of giving our children better-we can give them the best!!

It is extremely imperative for bw to be socially mobile, much more so than others, lest they be inadvertently shuffled to the bottom. Too many of you ladies see wealth as unattainable, and beyond the scope of your grasp. In an age where black women are marrying Princes (Prince Maximilian and Angela Brown), Counts (Count Ferdinand, and wife Mary) or simply setting their sights on mega rich celebrities/and or businessmen (Wolfgang Puck, Boris Becker, Luc Bessom, Peter Norton, etc. This could not be further from the truth! The truth is that anyone who undertakes serious work, dedication and diurnal conditioning, can position themselves to reach higher echelons. Even if you never reach the moon, you can certainly reach the stars, and be much higher than you originally started on your journey. Many black women in this day and age are beginning to understand this theory inherently. This is why more and more black women are severely limiting this time in black enclaves, and amongst those with an internally impoverished mindset. More and more bw are grabbing at the chances availing themselves to partake in gifts of social mobility, and betterment. More women seem to intrinsically understand that life is NEVER stagnant, either you are growing or heading for your imminent demise.

How the black man -dynamic comes into play....
This is why many bm will try to grab onto the skirts of the mobile bw. You will see this dynamic play out again and again as a soon to be, college graduate gets pregnant by some around -the- way, LOSER. The loser set his sights on her from the start. He could have just as easily gone after a woman on his level, who had no aspirations of betterment, but he CHOSE to go after the aspiring woman and stagnate her progress. This selfish act serves a dual purpose. Most bm know (even if they won't admit it) that they are slowly becoming extinct. They must latch onto a host body (like any parasite) in order to survive. They have no plans in play for their own survival (as any reasonable man would) so they use bw as a lifeline. As more and more bw try to 'shake them off,' and move on to better lives. They grow more resentful- angry, defiant, and desperate. They cannot allow her to discard them! Their lives are intrinsically bound to her, for she has the majority of the wealth, education, businesses, houses, contacts, and other resources they need in order to survive. This is why they would rather she be annihilated than happily cavorting off into the sunset with an equally mobile white man. And this is why they go after the up and coming college student instead of shenaynay. It serves a dual purpose, if she is able to navigate the treacherous landscape of academic study and coursework, she'll become an asset which can be used at their disposal, for discretionary income, social connection/contacts, sexual gratification etc. If she is able to prosper despite the 200 lb weight hanging off her neck, than they can coast along on her back and vicariously 'achieve' and live the good life. But if she falters, stumbles, and is unable to remain upright, then they can easily eject themselves from her back to her head and 'stomp' her further into the ground. This in effect, vastly increases the likelihood of her never getting up. The parasite has now done his job, and can now jump off, and look for fresh prey. Either way this is soul satisfying for him, because her ambition is a constant irritant to him, since it amplifies the lack of his own. If you think I'm lying about this, take note of the alarming amount of young bw college students dumped by their predator -boyfriends, shortly after becoming pregnant, and having their academic careers derailed. This is parasitic behavior in action. Did you think it was a mere coincidence, that all these once-promising career women have been mysteriously turned into struggling baby-mama's, and that now they are, (gasp!) all alone?

Black women if you wish to be socially mobile (and you should) -your first order of the day is to avoid lower tiered men like the plague!!! ESPECIALLY IN THE BLK ENCLAVES!!!
I'm aware this may sound harsh, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to make it up a hill with a 200 lb weight around your neck!

This lesson begins a series of instructions, and mentoring for bw who want, need, or must socially elevate their lives. These posts will be stuck in under regular posts for those who need them. Many bw do not understand many concepts in life which if understood, could serve to add to, and better their lives in countless ways. There are so many misconceptions about class and status and betterment, that I really feel the need to clear some ambiguous theories up. First of all, bw need to understand that if you want to move up-you MUST encounter, engage with, and accompany those who are already up! In other words, drastically limit your time with losers if you are trying to be a winner. And certainly limit your time with the perpetually indigent if you are trying to be rich! I was reading another BWE blogger the other day (no one from sidebar) and while I was blown away by her level of critical thinking, and analysis, (as well as the fact that she's an incredible writer) I was put off by her myopic views concerning Upper class individuals. She's obviously under the impression that the upper class is a closed back room in which very few individuals , regardless of personal resources, ie wealth, education, upbringing, etc, can enter. She insinuated that the comment calling Michelle Obama a ghetto girl- because she grew up in a working class environment- had merit. She did not explicitly state this, but I (strongly) inferred this from the text of her words. I would like to discuss why I feel that this label is 100% erroneous, and why (in many circles) the first lady would most certainly qualify as a member of the upper crust. First of all the first lady exudes class from her pores, second she is extremely intelligent, well spoken, and sagacious. Although, I do understand that these qualities are irrelevant to a certain segment of upper class elitists, but what this author, as well as others, fail to understand is that there are diverging tides of upper class. I feel that most highly leveraged thinkers can discern that ghetto people ( I hate this term) and hard working, under-class people are two very different demographics. I would also go so far as to add that poor and ghetto are not mutually exclusive. There are many good, decent people who lack monetary resources. Just as there are people who are extremely financially solvent, yet are completely morally bankrupt! I'm sure the very wealthy would agree, but lets talk about the issues that are far more substantive.

Pay attention ladies, because these lessons will be essential if you intend to move up into the higher echelons of society, or look for a mate in these privileged quarters. First of all know that there are about 14 layers of class, not 2 or 3.
I will start with the first 4.

1. Wealth
-Now this is subjective, but usually starts with around a quarter of a million dollars and up. Wealth is NOT interchangeable with class-it is merely one level of class. This is why most wealthy celebrities would still NOT be considered upper class.

2. Lineage -think LINE through TIME.
When you hear the UCL's talk about lineage they are usually referring to the family line of money, and or status. How long has your family had money? Old money usually refers to money in the family for at least 100 years! This is why many of the UCL's who toot their nose at the nuveau riche are not as upper class as they think they are! Many of the black elite have money only 2-3 generations deep. Now perhaps my math is off, but doesn't a generation = 20 years? This means that many of the ppl tooting up their noses at other bp, would have legitimate 'old money' tooting up their noses at them! Also, if you have no money in this generation yet you are related to royalty-then you still have a degree of lineage ( this is referred to as: reflected glory)
The only way to get lineage if you don't have it is to marry it, or be adopted into a lineage family. This is why Elton John paid a member of a royal family to adopt him (although he was already grown) so that he would have access to the lineage of this family, as well as being able to take the title of Sir Elton John!

3. Memberships
Memberships can be quite exclusive, as I'm sure you've all noticed. The exclusivity of memberships serve a dual purpose. One, it avails people of similar educational, community standing, and/or monetarily leveraged backgrounds to band together. It enables them to make, benefit from, and enjoy the intimate connections with like mannered, similarly bred, and often class-conscious individuals. These connections will serve them through life, and benefit not only them, but undoubtedly their offspring as well. And two, it restricts the access of less resourced, and lower tiered, individuals from being able to ingratiate themselves into these exclusive domains. Some memberships will be closed to you eternally unless you have a family member who has/had a membership. Some will be closed by the very nature of their exclusivity, or because you must be sponsored by a certain number of the other members. Yet surprisingly, many of these clubs are not as exclusive as most people think they are IF you make friends with well connected individuals, and/or have other similar lines of class, breeding, educational, or community standing (regardless of reason) and are accepted in. ..

4. Education
The last one we'll cover today is the layer of education. Whether you went to college on an academic scholarship, or your family paid is irrelevant in this instance. Academic achievement very highly regarded, respected, and rewarded in the high class community. It is so coveted, in fact, in the upper echelons of society, that it ranks higher than money in most cases! This is why there was such an uproar when Ms Obama was singled out as first a baby mama, and later on as a ghetto girl. The intelligentsia intrinsically understand that anyone who graduates at the top of an Ivy league Institution can NEVER be regarded as a mere 'ghetto girl' regardless of her humble origins! Black women if you intend to find quarry (mates) from the upper echelons of society-please be sure to include liberal arts in your educational curriculum. This will give you a decided advantage over other women (who are not in the know) , as liberal arts stresses understanding of many requisite subjects, with an emphasize on the humanities. Many wealthy individuals see Liberal Arts as a requisite-for their children's educational development! Get yourself into the highest institutions you can possibly manage because the connections alone with the most elite of society, can often 'set you up' for life! Few public schools have the clout and connections of the premier, elite, and more private Ivy League schools. (Beverly hills Public School -is a definite exception) It's important to remember that if you have several layers of class, a conspicuously absent one will often not necessarily deter you from reaching the highest echelons of society. Think about Princess Di. Although she was enshrined in lineage, money, connections, and social savoir faire, she lacked a degree from a prominent institution (or even a community college). Yet, you'll notice with interest, that she had so many other salient lines of class, that this fact was nonchalantly disregarded, and never hindered her social standing...
Now we will subsequently delve into the next 4 at a latter date, but I also wanted to let you ladies know that just as there are layers of class, there are layers of wealth. All rich are NOT born of the same vein. Wealth and class are NOT mutually exclusive! This is why (very rich) Paris Hilton was referred to as 'white trash' by the family of her ex-boyfriend, who's name was also Paris. Because she lacked so many of the other layers, (as well as being indifferent to class-etiquette) she was ill regarded in the mega-rich community, and considered quite common! This is also why in most high class circles, Mrs. Obama would rate exceedingly high! Her educational achievements, combined with her imperious social decorum's, combined with her standing as the first lady would by far outweigh her working man's origins, and jettison her to the top of the social tier. Just as Princess Di's other layers outweighed her lack of scholastic achievement.

For all you social climbing little butterflies, join us next post. The lesson will be posted right under the post. We'll resume with 4 more tiers of wealth, and how to attract men from the higher echelons of wealth.
thanks for tuning in-see you soon

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Down Low judge indicted- but bc comes to his rescue!!!

Another Down low Bm gets unlimited love and support from the cesspool *better known as the BC*!!
Just in: Judge Herman Thomas is accused of sexual misconduct with over 15 men from a correctional institute. This judge is accused of having sexual relations with numerous men (inmates) in return for lenient sentences. Now since over 15 men (and counting) are accusing him, we KNOW they are not ALL lying! His lawyer is claiming the men lack credibility based on past crimes, and records, but the sheer volume of victims alone, leads me to conclude that this man is very, very guilty.

What's unbelievable about this case though, is that once again bw were out in front like brain-dead jack asses defending this lying, cheating, down low criminal!!! His own wife (seen at top) is also standing by her damaged man! Lawd have mercy!!! There really is a sucker born every minute!
Now keep in mind, some of the charges go back so long ago, that many have been dismissed by the statute of limitations. In other words, this man has been leading this double life for years, and has exposed this silly woman to God knows how many diseases, and yet here she is, proudly holding the hand of the man who could be responsible for giving her AIDS!!! When are bw going to wake up? How long are we going to stay stuck on stupid? She was front and center out front protesting the arrest of this man, who not only took advantage of his position of power and authority, but also violated every ethic, he was supposed to stand for as a Circuit County Judge!
The article is below. I'm just blown away at how stupid people really are! BP are actually protesting because they don't think this man, who violated every tenet of his office, and engaged in the most improprietous acts, a judge can engage in, should be arrested, and held accountable!!
Lord help us all -Truly this is the death of common sense in the black enclaves/communities....

A rally to protest his indictment on 57 felony charges took place on the east side of Government Plaza Saturday April 4 and capped a flurry of activity over the past two weeks in the case of ex-Circuit Court Judge Herman Thomas.
The rally, which took place at noon, featured a crowd of roughly 200 people holding signs and chanting for justice for the former judge, who many of those in attendance seemed to feel is the victim of a racial conspiracy. Speakers included retired Alabama State Port Authority Chief of Police Herbert McCants and President of the Mobile NAACP Jimmie Gardner.
Thomas also spoke briefly but limited his comments at the behest of his attorneys, saying only, “There are three things that are important at this time in my life and are important in your life. That’s faith, family and friends.”
Thomas carried a stack of pre-printed placards to the edge of the gathering, then handed them to another person who handed them out to the crowd before the rally began. They contained slogans asking why Thomas hadn’t been presiding judge when he was the circuit’s longest serving jurist and several admonitions to investigate attorney Joe Kulakowski, among other things. Kulakowski began independently investigating claims of sexual abuse by Thomas about two years ago after he says he learned about it from several clients.

(Press-Register photo)Herman Thomas MOBILE, Ala. -- A lawyer for Herman Thomas -- a former Mobile County circuit judge accused of paddling inmates and defendants -- said he expects at least some of the 15 purported victims to recant their statements during the trial proceedings that begin Monday.
But a prosecutor said the men's allegations have been corroborated "in a number of different ways," all of which will be revealed.
Jury selection begins Monday at Mobile Government Plaza in downtown Mobile, launching what will likely be a monthlong trial with dozens of witnesses.
Thomas, 48, faces more than 100 charges including kidnapping, assault, extortion, sodomy and ethics violations.
Prosecutors have argued that he conducted spanking and paddling sessions as a form of sexual gratification, using his authority as a judge.
Thomas lawyer Robert "Cowboy Bob" Clark said that the 15 men "are not trustworthy and are not believable" and that the defense plans to question their credibility.
"We're talking about murderers, burglars, drug dealers," Clark said.
Nicki Patterson, chief assistant district attorney, said the prosecution has 15 named victims and substantial supporting evidence.
Last month, Clark hoped to depose Thomas' accusers as part of a bid to overturn the suspension of Thomas' law license by the Alabama State Bar.
Clark dropped the attempt amid intense opposition by Thomas' prosecutors, who maintained that the men would be subjected to intimidation and harassment during the deposition sessions as Thomas looked on.
Prosecutors and defense lawyers said they're not concerned about finding a fair and impartial jury -- although they don't expect to encounter potential jurors who have never heard of the case.
Thomas, a former district judge in Mobile, moved up to the circuit bench in 1999. In 2007, he was suspended after being charged with state ethics violations. He resigned from the bench later that year once allegations of paddling inmates became public.

With the combined felonies charged, Thomas faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What if his family is trying to break up your marriage?

What do you do if his family is trying to drive you apart?

The following is a reader question that I have recently answered. She is ok with her question being used in the post as long as her name is not used. This is why she is being called: worried sick. This is a good example of a good man with a hard to deal with family. It's easy to say that you are marrying him and not his family, but for most ppl they WILL have to deal with the families of the men they marry. If any of you have had to deal with racist, or trouble making family members of husbands, -how did you handle it?-Was it a make or break factor in your marriage? Would you marry that person again knowing how his family would be? Read below and see the advice I gave to worried sick, then give your own opinions...

Hi Sara, I love your blog. I"m a 30+ yr old bw in my first IR. He's wonderful, and you are right about how much better life can be with a good man in it. Never have I been treated so well! And never have I been told that my dark, dark, dark skin is beautiful! I love it. The only problem between us is his family. They are the Beverly hillbillies without the new money! He's worked his way up to a good life from nothing and now they are hanging on with hands, feet, and any other body parts they can use to grasp! They are always in his ear trying to break us up (he's just asked me to marry him) and I was formerly ecstatic, but now they are trying everything in their hillbilly power to get him to go back to his old gf. You see she's white, and she's just like them-a broke ass country bumpkin trying to get over- He just shrugs them off, but I'm terrified he's going to cancel the wedding and run off with Sue Ellen Walton! (that's what I call this country wg) I'm at my wit's end. They hate me with a passion, not just because I'm black but because I'm educated, and 'don't know my place' (that's actually what they said-that I didn't know my place! To me, that's code word for: " That Negress don't seem t' know she's a darkay!! They keep telling him that white men don't belong with black women, and that our babies will be funny looking, and crazy. And that no white woman will ever want him again.
He says our kids will be beautiful if they look like me, but they might be crazy if they take after them! He's trying to use humor to lighten the situation, but I'm worried sick. he's told them to back off, and now he seems to be avoiding them, but won't that just hurt us in the end? I mean, I know he loves his family, what if he becomes resentful and feels that I caused him to lose his family? I just don't know what to do-I'm so confused and scared. All I really know is that I love him more than banana nut bread-and I don't want to lose him! please write back!!!

-Worried sick-


Hi worried sick.

Sorry you're in such turmoil, but calm down, and I'll try and give you an honest and helpful answer. First of all, you need to ask yourself how close your fiance is to his family. Then ask him. really listen to what he says, and watch his body language. Are his shoulders 'drooping ' under the weight of this stress? Does he look close to tears? or are his shoulders back and squared-with chin set, and resolute? This is important because many times ppl will say one thing, and think another. It's very important that his body language is telling you that he intends to weather the storm no matter what his family says. But if he's looking down with a dejected, and sad expression, or indecisive look, then honestly I would take another look at the marriage. (to be). You really need to talk to him in depth about this, and make it clear that you cannot be around his family if they intend to continue this behavior. Be firm about this, but keep it respectful. Respect the fact that he loves his family, and wants them in his life. But the question is, will he put them in 'their place' and let them know that you are the woman he loves and intends to marry. It's also important that he makes it clear that disrespect toward you will NOT be tolerated. Unless he is willing to make this stand irrevocably, then the relationship will be in jeopardy. They don't have to like you. They may never like you, only time will tell. However; they must know that they cannot act any way they want, and that they're going to have to back off, and accept that you'll be his wife. You see you could beat your head against a wall complaining about them all day, and yield 0 results. The words MUST come from him to have the authority of consequence. In other words, they may not care that you're upset and angry, but if they really love him, the last thing they want is for HIM to be upset and angry. What they are doing is pushing to see how far they can go. When he puts his foot down, that will be considered the newly constructed benchmark of conduct toward you. This is why it is so important he puts his foot down from the start! Keep your head up, and let me know how everything goes..... -S

R.E. WEALTH POST FROM late 2007.
Hey ladies and Gents. The reason I included this old wealth post is because I wanted you all to decide whether I was right or not. As you read the following post, you'll see that I made some coming predictions as to the state of RE, and how best to protect yourself. How many of you took me up on it?
Well, it's not too late, if you haven't, because this advice still holds! Read what I was saying then, and ask yourself if I was right or wrong.......
Post from Aug. 2007
.... Why do I keep posting about wealth? because most BW who are in IR are financially stable! They are calm and collected about their relationships because they can take care of themselves, so they can just relax and go find a good man with no problem. Ladies if you are focused on survival, you are NOT relaxed. You are upset, worried, constantly under stress. Your energy will not be loving, attracting and carefree. It will be stressed, worn out, and REPELLING! This is why taking charge of your finances is so incredibly important. And this is why I include wealth ideas.
URGENT!!!! Speaking of finances there is a tip I must give to my readers: Please take action on this information NOW!!! This is extremely important information - Please Listen carefully and ACT!!! Please do not say I did not warn you!
The ARM mortgages are Adjustable rate mortgages. Many people took these mortgages, because when they start out, they are cheaper than regular mortgages and they are far easier to qualify for. But it is a horrible trick!!! They (ARM Mortgages) are good for flips, that is property you intend to sell in a few years. They are horrible if you intend to LIVE in the property as your home!
Their interest rate is based on 1. Credit 2. Economy 3. Financial Solvency. What this means is that if the economy becomes embroiled in the need for more cash (LIKE A WAR) the rates will go up! If the institution which initiated them has solvency issues the rates will go up! If you have even one negative credit problems (and most people have many) The rates will go up! So what is the impact on the unsuspecting home owner? It means his/her house payments can easily DOUBLE!!! The ARM mortgages are escalating and will continue to escalate into astronomical figures in the next few years (3-5 years)causing a massive overturn of the housing market.
For the first time in history, millions of people will become vulnerable to losing their homes in record numbers. - Dr. Morris of Realty Consultants Inc.
Ladies: because of the war in Iraq, and because the banks are looking for a reason- almost any credit blunder you commit now will result in that Arm rate going up! Your payments will ascend in correlation to that rate and many people Will, over the next few years LOSE THEIR HOMES! Now is the time to start a business or squirrel away money or best yet: GET INTO REAL ESTATE! I know it sounds like taking advantage-but somebody is going to be grabbing these houses! If it is not you, it will be others! the best thing you can do for you and your family right now, is to GET INTO REAL ESTATE! This way you can not only position yourself not to lose your own home-you can get some of these houses that will be on the chopping block and help family members, who may be losing theirs!

Folks the market factors are indicating we are headed toward a recession-depression And with that being said: I would estimate that 5-7MILLION PEOPLE LOSING THEIR HOMES IN THE NEXT 3-5 YEARS!!! That means over the coming years MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL BE HOMELESS!!!

Do your own research, don't take my word for it. But please protect yourself ladies and your families! Black people are always the last to know because we major in the minors. We are busy gossiping and looking up who is dating who instead learning to invest, start businesses and get ahead. We must change for our own good. Please research this topic for yourself; and Then take action.
Do not bother writing me or trying to argue with me that this is not going to happen. It IS GOING TO HAPPEN! AND GETTING ANGRY AT ME WON'T STOP IT! Many people with ARM mortgages will find their house payment go up by 30-120%! Most people cannot afford that no matter how hard they work. The result will be a whole new class of HOMELESS IN THE COMING YEARS (mark my words!-and don't say you were not warned) The President will step in to help some of these people-but we all know who those people are, that he will help. (and they ain't US) Now is the time to protect yourself and your families. Tell your families to squirrel away money and get their credit together. If you can convert your ARM mortgage to a flat rate Do It NOW! The very best thing you could possibly do right now, is to learn Real Estate, like I said. You'll be a position to help many, many people preserve their homes or get another one when they are thrown out! I know sometimes people get scared and then get angry.

I am sorry but fear will not stop it. Anger will not stop it. You can spend your energy getting angry if you want, But someone else will spend their energy getting your home when it's in foreclosure! Take Action Now!!!!

3 WAYS TO GET HOMES NOW!!! (my readers only may email me with added questions)

The following are written in story form for easy comprehension. Just know that what someone else can do, you can do as well.


Mike wanted to buy some farmland yet had very little cash. He did however, have a lot of ideas, and he had enough sense to know that if the idea is good, you can always get the cash. He looked around outside his city and decided to make a few offers. He had nothing to lose as all they could say was no. He did get a few nos because he asked for nothing down. Then when he kept thinking about it, his inner mind began to whisper answers to him (this happens all the time with you too, -you only have to listen) The next time, he went to look at some farmland, he proposed that he would pay 10.000 at the close of escrow. He also proposed (on paper) that he take immediate control of the property, including all responsibilities and Assets. He finally proposed that the property not close for 6 months. The owner was motivated. He wanted to go be with his daughter who was having a baby all alone, and since Mike agreed to take full responsibility for the property (and he had checked his references ) he felt he had nothing to lose. He happily agreed. Mike then set off to check the property. It was full of timber trees which were extremely valuable to the companies he contacted. They happily cleared the land for him and paid him so well for the trees, that by the time escrow cleared, he paid the 10.000 and still had almost 10.000 for himself. He got permission to parcel the land, and sold a few parcels, keeping the rest free and clear. This is the value of a good idea. However folks a good idea is worthless if you do not use it. Your subconscious is constantly trying to give you million dollar ideas. Unfortunately most folks just will not listen. They are too busy going to jobs they hate, and trying to survive....This idea can be used with any resource, wood, oil, coal, rents (apartment building) water, or even air (in NY the air rights are frequently sold to airlines) Use the cash from the assets for your down payments, and get yourself some property!

Use Sweat Equity -to get property!
Tom wanted to own property, any property. He was desperate to get his start in the RE game, yet he had no money. He walked around looking at addresses and wrote down the vacant, dilapidated, and neglected ones right around his apartment. He began to contact the owners, and found many who were desperate to get rid of their places. Many owners owned several places, so tom made deals with 5 owners to raise the value of their other properties (that they wanted to keep, or were not desperate to be rid of) in exchange for no down payments on the ones they were desperate to get rid of. He worked hard cleaning, painting, and repairing the properties they were keeping. and in exchange, at the end of a year tom owned not one but 5 properties! Now his were in dire need of work as well, but now that he was done with the others, he was able to concentrate and fix his own up. How many people at the end of this year will be no better off than they were at the end of last year? Begin to use your mind NOW to get rich. Your mind is the greatest computer in the world. stop using it to find some crappy job you'll hate, and use it to make you wealthy! there are young kids desperate for a job. They would be great at cleaning, painting, maybe even light repairs to some of these properties. You could negotiate with the owner to fix up properties and sell them -splitting the proceeds 50/50 ! There is no reason to ever struggle, use your mind to make you rich!

This technique was undertaken by a 13 year old boy, I am embarrassed to say. He went to a seminar with his parents on Real Estate. The boy took business cards from 5 people at the seminar. The next day he started to call (for rent ads ) in the paper. He found 2 owners who were so desperate to get rid of their properties that they virtually begged him to take them.(of course they did not know he was 13) He contacted a few of the people whose cards he had and they virtually threw money at him for the 'leads'. He sold both leads for 500.00 a piece. Yet now he had gotten a taste of the power of RE he had no intentions of taking 500.00 anymore. He wanted real money. So he teamed up with one of his 'card investors' and he (the investor) quickly taught him to put the houses under contract. The boy began to do just that. the investor would consummate the deal and they began to split the proceeds 50/50. The first year the boy cleared 80.000! Just by having the guts to do it. Do you think that if this kid can make 80 grand his first year, that you can't! Of course you can. There has never been a better time to be in RE. than now. Soon there will be people losing their homes left and right. You can set up a program to help them keep their homes, or buy them out so they won't walk away with nothing. Either way, while many in the US will be going broke and trying desperately to hold on to their house (which most will not be able to) Others will be becoming jaw-droppingly rich snatching those houses-which side will you be on? the next week, I will give you 3 more ways to get houses. Please take this advice and use it. The experts are predicting that soon America will be divided between the haves and the have nots (almost NO middle class) which do you want to BE? I want my readers to have the best life-I am not trying to scare you I just want you to be prepared, and to use this information to get rich and not to be on the streets! God bless-see you next post. PS if you use these techniques please tell us your experience so that other women may be helped. thank you