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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And they call BW -GOLDDIGGERS!

Tiger and Elin in days gone by....

The former nanny hit the big one for sure!


It's absolutely incredible to me that this woman (so called super model because she's white, pretty, and took a few pictures) can legally extort this much money from this man! I mean this is better than the best robbers in the world could ever plan. She is set to get an whopping 75% of his money!!! The most bothersome part is everyone is so hush hush like she deserves it! It reminds me of the Michael S. case where the judge assigned more money to his ex-ww than he was worth! My point is ww have been doing this as long as bm have been becoming successful and then finding a ww. Yet ppl were up in arms because because Kelis asked for spousal support (temporary) to support her new child after her divorcefrom Nas. Many bp called her a gold digger and accused her of trying to take her rapper ex-hubby to the cleaners. For asking for temporary support!

It's unbelievable the amounts of money ww often take these foolish bm for while everyone shakes their heads and remain silent. Yet I think we all know if bw ask for ANYTHING-she's immediately labeled a GD. The point is Nobody needs this much money! There has never even been a lottery this big! Think about it. This little NANNY can marry this man, and literally take him to the cleaners and nothing is said, yet all hell breaks lose if a bw asks a bm to support his children!

In case anyone is clueless to what I'm saying, I'm saying un-equivocally that this woman is a TRUE GOLD DIGGER, and has the help and support of the lawyers and others to rob this man of his hard earned largess. I think it should be illegal to get a divorce settlement of this magnitude. It absolutely reeks of rampant greed and uncontrollable excess.

But of course this is what Lionel Richie's ex ww did to him after SHE was caught cheating on him! It kind of hard to feel sorry for men who are enamored with white that they'll put up with anything. I guess Tiger the (I hate anything black) learned the hard way that the the grass is not always whiter on the other side... But truthfully though even though he was a fool, it still sickens my stomach to think of this nanny being legally able to rob him so easily, and with the blessings of many significant people. I think it's outrageous, but that's just my opinion. I remember when he married her and everyone had the nerve to saying how HE WAS LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! To me this translated into beautiful WHITE WOMAN, which even the white media seems to know is secretly the dream of many bm. I couldn't understand how they could say that HE was the lucky one because as a billionaire, I'm sure beautiful women are like leaves on trees for him-IOWs- everywhere!

I mean far be it from me to stick up for this sexaholic, that is not the point of this post before some of you lose your mind, I just don't think ANY man should lose 75% of his livelihood in a divorce settlement!! Can you imagine being a man and working for years to lose 3/4 of your resources in 1 divorce! That's just unbelievable! He originally offered her 70 million which the former nanny had the nerve to turn her pretty nose up at,-just unbelievable! Anyway, I've got to ask you ladies what you think of this situation-do you think this was fair in any way???


Well it's all said and done and her take is 750 mil, said to be the largest settlement of any Celeb couple. So I guess next time he'll definitely 'keep it in his pants. It's just interesting to me because I think we all know that if their races were reversed any bw asking for even one fourth this type of money would be crusified in the media as well as the BC (think Robyn Givens) so it just goes to show that ww are definitely on that pedistal, and many ppl have a vested interest in keeping them there.....