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Friday, July 3, 2009

Wow! --- and they call BW gold diggers!!!..........

Linda Hamilton, and Heather Mills. Two women who got very big divorce settlements for very short marriages. Below: Lionel Richie and second wife-Diane

Why is it that bw are so often called gold diggers??? That question really intrigues me especially sense 70% of the wealth of all AAs, resides with BLACK WOMEN!

I have seen bw called gold diggers for asking men to help with the bills, asking them to take them out once in a while, and even for asking them to help pay for THEIR children!

I had to post on this because even the media will often call bw gold diggers (or they'll strongly imply it. Case in point, when Mike Tyson was divorcing Robyn Givens, the media often called her a gold digger, and claimed that she was arrogant, bitchy, overzealous in her need for control, and money grubbing. She was vilified in the press, and slandered repeatedly. She was so maligned the Enquirer at the time was calling her the most hated woman in America, and polls showed that 97% of the ppl felt that she should not get one dime in a divorce settlement! 97%! That's how effective the media was at portraying this woman as a gold digging, celebrity chasing tramp. You see them doing the same thing to Tameka Foster these days (Usher's soon to be Ex) She is also constantly vilified and crucified in the press. She is portrayed as a hood rat who chased and cornered a naive, highly talented rich singer. And somehow got her blackened fingers into him..... This is soooooo crazy because so often the REAL gold diggers are ignored while everyone is concentrating on bw who have the audacity to marry a man with money. The media will often hound and hunt down bw who have the temerity to marry up regardless of the man's race, and regardless of how much she herself brought to the table. But will often IGNORE ww who come to the table with practically nothing and demand large exorbitant paydays for short obligatory marriages. Case in point, do you know what the media said when Tiger Woods married Elin? They said she was mega-hot and he was lucky to get her!!! Lucky to get her!! Are you kidding me? She was a nanny (regardless of how they claim she was a top model -that's bull, she just had some swim suit pics) The truth is, she was the nanny of another golfer, and had practically no assets of which to speak, and yet when she marries a multi-millionaire world famous golfer, the media claims --HE WAS LUCKY TO GET HER!!!--- Lord have mercy! Can you imagine the furor if the situation had been reversed, and she was a blk nanny who married an international world famous rich white golfer??? The papers would have ripped her apart, and we all know it. But have you noticed that when it's obvious the woman is a gold digger, but is NOT black, the media is extremely reluctant to call her what she is.--- (Not saying that Elin is-just that she would be called one if she were black)---It seems, if said woman is white, she is almost never referred to in a negative fashion or accused of being avaricious, and opportunistic. I'll give a few examples of what I mean. Notice how of all 3 cases, these women are almost given license to fleece the men they CLAIMED to love! With the media practically defending them!

Farm Sanctuary's..
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LONDON — Heather Mills was a less than candid court witness whose $250 million divorce claim was exorbitant, a judge said in his ruling on her divorce from Paul McCartney.
The judgment by Hugh Bennett was released Tuesday, after a court rejected Mills' attempt to block publication.
On Monday, Bennett awarded Mills a $48.6 million divorce settlement after her four-year marriage to the former Beatle. Mills had sought almost $250 million, while McCartney had offered $31.6 million, including Mills' own assets.
In his ruling, the judge said Mills' claim "is and was unreasonable, indeed exorbitant."
He also said Mills' evidence was "not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid. Overall she was a less than impressive witness."
McCartney's lawyers didn't object to publication, but Mills claimed details in the ruling could compromise the security of her 4-year-old daughter Beatrice.
"Miss Mills believes her daughter will be put in real danger. It is most disturbing," said lawyer David Rosen, who represented Mills in court. She did not attend the hearing.
Mills, 40, walked away from court with a settlement worth about $34,000 for every day of her marriage to the 65-year-old McCartney. But it was only a fifth of what she had sought and a fraction of McCartney's $800 million fortune.
Mills declared that she was "very, very, very pleased."
The settlement included a lump sum of $33 million, plus the assets Mills currently holds worth $15.6 million.
Some legal experts were surprised the former model did not get more.
To me this is blatant gold digging of the highest order. Where does she get the nerve to ask for 250 million dollars??? She was married to this man for less than 4 years!!! He worked his whole life to make this fortune. Why should someone come in and be entitled to it because she was married to him for four years!!!
Then she tries to block publication of her outrageous requests because she does not want everyone to know just how greedy she really is.....

MARCH 2--Five months after filing for divorce from Lionel Richie, the singer's estranged wife has just weighed in with a whopping--and remarkably detailed--demand for at least $300,000 in monthly support payments. According to Diane Richie, 37, the couple has led an "extraordinary extravagant lifestyle" and that she had "no limit on what I could spend," according to the below Los Angeles Superior Court declaration filed last week. The Richie's, who wed in December 1996 and have two young children, live in a $40 million Beverly Hills mansion, with its 30 rooms spread over 18,000 square feet. "In addition to nine full time staff members, we also employ people to maintain our plants, detail our cars, care for our pool, groom our dog, maintain our aquarium and a painter for regular touch ups on the house," noted Richie. She also made sure to point out particular monthly expenses that Lionel, 54, needs to cover: clothing, shoes, and accessories ($15,000); dermatology ($3000); laser hair removal ($1000); massages ($600); jewelry ($5000); gifts ($5000); and vitamins ($500). There are plenty of other costs Richie listed--like $20,000 annually for plastic surgery and her nine-year-old son's $125,000 boarding school tuition--but TSG will let you discover those chestnuts. According to Richie, she began dating the pop star in 1984, when they met at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles (she was an 18-year-old dancer). Since those teen days, the performer "paid my rent and/or mortgage, purchased automobiles for me, and regularly bought me expensive gifts," recalled Richie....
More gold digging, First of all, she stole him from another woman (Brenda) and then she cheats on him, while demanding that he take care of her in the style to which she has become accustomed! I would think that a woman voluntarily surrenders up that life style when she begins to have an affair!

James Cameron & Linda Hamilton -- (more than) $50 million James Cameron is the visionary filmmaker who gave the world grand Hollywood spectacles like the first two Terminator movies, in which Linda Hamilton starred, True Lies , and Titanic . The romance between the two reportedly began on the set of T2 in 1991, although they only got married in July 1997. But at that time, Titanic was released and Cameron apparently spent more time with one of his stars, Suzy Amis, than with his wife. During their 17-month marriage, which produced a daughter, they were separated for eight months. Cameron, whom Hamilton describes as an "absolutely miserable, miserable, unhappy man," was forced to give her more than half his revenues from Titanic -- over $50 million -- in 1999.W
I think this proves my point. Why in the world is a woman entitled to 50 million dollars for a 17 month marriage!!

This is what I mean. if you research any of these cases ( or many more) on the Internet, you will see that ww are given card blanch to rake men over the coals, while bw are expected to walk away with nothing regardless of how many years said couple is married. I am NOT saying that all ww are gold diggers or that all bw are innocent. Not at all-we all know that's not true. But what I am saying is that even when it's blatantly shown that SOME ww ARE gold diggers, they are never called this, and instead are excused, pampered, and protected. Lionel's first wife (bw) got almost nothing. Yet his second wife expects him to accommodate an extravagant lifestyle (she only lived because of him) for the rest of her life- regardless of the fact that she admitted to a long term and ongoing affair! The point is, when ppl call bw gold diggers -they really have no idea what an actual gold digger is, and even when they do, they are extremely reluctant to actually use the term, in connection with women who are not black....

So I want to be clear. I want bw to understand that wanting a better man is natural, that is not gold digging (because some women get it confused.) Wanting a man who is prosperous and can take care of his offspring is prudent, not gold digging. There is NOTHING wrong with that, and you should be trying to marry UP rather than down. I merely wanted to point out to bw the difference between wanting more, and being a gd. Wanting a man who has more and can do more is common sense. Asking for 250 million dollars after you've been married to someone for 4 years is Gold digging-there is a distinct difference. So absolutely want more, look for more, and marry more (up) don't allow the world or the bc-and the cartoon characters in it- to fool you anymore into thinking that you should be marrying down, and 'helping a brotha out!' Look for men who can definitely elevate you to a better life, and understand that only rapacious greed makes a gold digger, not simply wanting more, and wanting more for one's children.....