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Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's wrong with adopting a white child?

The Wares and their new baby daughter.

Ok, I need someone to explain the problem here to me because I just do not get it. These blk ppl have suffered several miscarriages, and a son who was stillborn. Still they managed to put their grief aside and adopt a precious little girl. I am completely shocked that bp are angry because the little girl appears white. What exactly is the problem? White ppl adopt black children everyday. It's bewildering to me why the bc is upset about the ethnicity of this little girl.

And while you are explaining the problem to me, make me understand why it is anyone's business but the Wares, who they adopt. Is it not their money, their resources, their time and their child????

Why would anyone think they have a right to tell this couple who they can and cannot adopt?

To me this is just small minds thinking in their typical fashion-small! This little girl needed a home and love, this couple had love and a home to offer her-sounds like a wonderful story to me. Instead the Wares are having to deal with angry blk ppl who have NO intention of offering a home to ANY child-telling them who they should have adopted! It's gulling to think that ppl seem to think if they share your skin color, they should have a say in YOUR LIFE! That's preposterous. Many of the comments geared toward the Wares ranged from irritated to downright hostile. Read the following article and give your thoughts on this. Do you feel the host has a right to question the Wares on their choice of child? And if you do, think about how you would feel if the BC were to try to tell you who you could or could not adopt. A friend of my mother's recently (well 2 yrs ago) adopted a Chinese baby. (she's always been extremely attracted to Chinese ppl, customs, traditions etc.) She told us that bp have walked up to her and cursed her out, wanting to know why she did not adopt a black baby. She is not one to take mess, so she has gotten into a few altercations with ppl. Last year, she married a Chinese man. Now bw simply think the baby is theirs, and looks more Chinese than black. This immediately seem to diffuse their anger. Now they ask a million questions, and especially about where they can meet a handsome Chinese man like Yoshi (sp?). This however, has done nothing to quell the anger of bm. Who are more angry than ever *but that's another story* The point is, no one had the right to approach her in the first place. She did not owe total strangers an explanation about HER life! And neither do the Wares......

Read the following article.....

Alright I am going to be a little messy with this post. But hey, I wouldn't be me if I didn't keep it real with you. Now you see the picture I have up with this post right? That is DeMarcus Ware (a very fine football player with some serious skills) and his lovely wife Taniqua, with their newly adopted baby, Marley ( I love the name for obvious reasons). But...okay, let's keep it 100%. Do you mean to tell me that the Wares couldn't have found a little black baby to adopt?
I mean honestly, like WTF? And please don't tell me that the baby in the picture could be black, or Mexican, or whatever. I know that. But....come on now.

Still, there is a serious side to this post. Honestly, Mrs. Field and I are considering adopting down the line, so when I see stories about adoptions, I pay attention. And apparently the Wares had three failed pregnancies and a young son who was stillborn. So I really do feel their pain, and I sympathize with what they had to go through. But come on now; there are thousands and thousands of black children in the foster care system who need good solid homes and loving couples who will take care of them. Couples like the Wares. Unfortunately, not enough professional black folks who can afford to adopt, go that route, and it's a shame. That is an option we should always consider. In the previous post we damn near all agreed that there is a crisis in our communities with many black families. Many of them being held down by single parents. But what about the scenarios where none of the parents are around, and the poor children are forced to bounce around in state agencies? Shouldn't we be trying to help those kids as well? And to be fair to the Wares, they have said that they will probably adopt foster kids in the future, and that they will do charity work with similar agencies, so we will see.
I have a white colleague who tried to adopt a little African American boy and he was discouraged from doing it. He is still pissed about that shit. Apparently black social workers and psychiatrists don't think that's such a cool thing for white folks to go adopting little black kids. Something about f**king up their minds culturally. I won't get into that right now, but there is a post in there down the road.
In spite of that, white folks adopt little black kids all the time. (See Angelina and Brad) Primarily because there is such a shortage of little white ones. So much so that the biggest import to this country from places like Russia and China for awhile were those beautiful little bundles of joy. But black folks adopting little white babies? Come on now. Ya think Taniqua played with white dolls when she was a little girl? Oh stop it field you are such an asshole. Yeah, I know, but the guy is a stinking Cowboy. (Digression alert)Let me stop, I don't want to be mean to DeMarcus and Taniqua. Besides DeMarcus is a big boy, I don't feel like going even one round with his big ass.