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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Still believe the dbrbm won't kill to keep us from getting away?

The 4 fellow marines charged with killing the young couple....

So horrible! This lovely young couple was massacred in their home by 4 savages, passing as Honorable Marines.
Do you ladies still believe the threadbare lie that bm don't care if you date/marry out?

I am so sorry to report the following story...

Court records indicate four Marines acknowledged they had roles in the robbery, sexual assault and murder of a Camp Pendleton-based Iraq veteran and his wife last month in Riverside County. Pvt. Kevin Darnell Cox, 20, of Tennessee; Pvt. Emrys John, 18, of Maryland; Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, 20, of North Carolina; and Pvt. Kesuan Sykes, 21, of California face murder charges in connection with the case.
Sgt. Jan and his wife, Quiana Faye Jenkins-Pietrzak. The couple, who were originally from New York, were found gagged, tied and shot in the head on Oct. 15 in the living room of their home in Winchester. Sheriff's deputies were called after the sergeant failed to show up for work. The couple's home was ransacked and jewelry and other items were taken. A fire was set, apparently in an effort to destroy evidence. The Camp Pendleton-based Marine sergeant and his wife were tortured before they were shot execution-style, according to a published report.
Investigators said they believe the motive was financial in nature. Pietrzak's mother, Henryka Pietrzak-Varga, prepared herself the possibility that her son could die in Iraq, but, in her words, "to die like this, in their own home? They were good kids. They didn't deserve to die like this."
The couple married in August and had been living off-base in Winchester in a five-bedroom home they recently purchased that had been foreclosed, according to the paper.
Read the New York Daily News story "Brooklyn Marine Sergeant & Wife Tortured" story for more details.

Reader comment:
I'm hurt and disgusted that BW are hated so much. this is not a robbery. it is a racial attack. If this was a black man a white woman they would not have done this. BW need to wake up and see that BM do not want us to be happy. they have an deep hatred and jealousy of us.this is so sad that this lovely couple has been wiped out. it really hurts me. I cannot stop crying. so now I'm supposed to keep my relationship under raps because some weak,coward wants to hurt me?

The paper claimed it was a financial motive that resulted in the death of this poor couple. Now does anyone here believe that someone would go through such extreme measures to steal a few hundred dollars? This story has hate crime written all over it! Ladies, please recognize that some of these animals have paper-thin egos, and anything that can be construed as insulting to it, (including you appearing happy with or without another type of man) is enough to cause them to snap like the monsters they are! I feel so bad for this couple. They seemed so happy and carefree. It's such a shame that these damaged animals who make it clear they do not want us, can't stand the sight of us with anyone else either! They only seem happy when we are sad, miserable and alone. To every sister within range to read these words, get as far away from these animals as you can! I think you can deduce now that they are lying when they say they don't care if bw date/mate out! ANY attempt by a bw, to have a happy life, seems to throw their insecurities in their faces, and result in them degenerating into the true beasts they are! I won't leave this post up long because it's just too sad, but I wanted you all to recognize the need to protect yourselves in any and every way you possibly can. I believe it was Evia who said that when bw try to escape it's going to truly get ugly. As you can see, once again, she was right......So sad

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stop accusing us of being bougie, for wanting more!

Stacey is accused of being bougie because she's beautiful. Ms USA because she won a crown. And Mrs Hall because she married a rich white man.....

Why does it seem that if a bw excels, or succeeds on any level, she is considered a sell out or bougie? I constantly hear about sista's who have succeeded on one level or another, and are having to deal with contempt, name calling, shame, and sometimes fear for their very lives! We are supposed to excel! No one works hard to fail! Are we expected to be the losers many urban men have proven themselves to be? How come we are damned if we do and damned if we don't? If we marry white, we are sell outs. If we settle for one of the pathetic mass pieces, that pass itself off as men today, we deserve it when he turns on us like a wild animal. If we throw him out when he's no good, we are turning our backs on good BM. But if we stay and end up in a horribly tragic situation (Jennifer Hudson's fam. anyone) then we are attracted to thugs, and deserve what we got. Basically, it's completely apparent that we need to just do us, and leave the damaged alone. The sad truth is I am convinced we cannot help bm. They are going to have to help themselves. Regardless of his problems, and regardless of how bad we feel for him, he will have to make his own way in this world. BM are not babies in need of coddling. The truth of the matter is that you cannot love all a man's hurt away. He is going to have to get his own self together. All you can do is love YOU enough to steer clear when you find that he is damaged. For many men, no matter what you do, it's going to be used against you. If you try to help them, you are impeding his man hood. If you let him find his own way, you are not being a strong sista etc. Why do bm think if they have a job,they are automatically in the good man category, and every bw should be falling at his feet, like he's a king? The following excerpts illustrate my point. Notice these men are ANGRY because these sista's wanted more out of life than they had to offer. I only printed the printable ones, the others became more and more angry, profane, and erratic, so I deleted them.....

Nothing irks me more these days than bourgie black women. You know the type: nice job in some high respect industry (doctor, lawyer, etc.), usually have more than one degree, own property, keep themselves in good shape and dressed to the hilt, well manicured, etc. Essentially, the women Tyler Perry writes about.These chicks are worse than snotty white women (who we've been conditioned to believe were off limits anyway, so don't phase us as much).My brother was on the Fox movie lot recently and ran into an old classmate from UCLA. She's a hot-shot entertainment attorney now. He was there to meet with the producers of a movie that's being made into a video game by the company he works with. When they went to UCLA together, they both worked in parking services, giving out passes and directions to people who would come to the campus.Anyway, according to him she tried to act all high level and like "what are you doing here?" Mind you, this girl originally hails from Compton! He's like "I'm here to meet the producers from (blank)" He said she acted stunned, like she couldn't believe he was actually there for something that cool.My brother is married with kids, got a nice house -- he doesn't have a lot of hang ups, so I know he wasn't reading into it.As he told me the story we were both struck by the irony of how things have changed. In the 60s, a black woman stood by her man and even supported him. But I guess one too many of us married white girls. Now when they make it they treat us with contempt.
"You can always tell someone's character by how they treat those they don't need to treat well." Owen Davian (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Re: Bourgie Black Women - There is no breed more despicable
Yeah I hate that condescending tone. She forgot where she came from. That goes to show every sista ain't a sista. Offline

Re: Bourgie Black Women - There is no breed more despicable
Black women are the only women who want to be independent from their man. They aint playing no Robin to our Batman. Its ok to shine too but damn Scottie its Jordan's team.

Re: Bourgie Black Women - There is no breed more despicable
Despicable is a harsh word but I see what you mean. The types that think they know everything. If they are all so smart- why are they all single? Sure it has something to do with the men, but it also has to do with their lack of true character. Game recognizes game. They work hard to get the superficial on point and never work enough on the inside to recognize internal quality that would compliment their lives. If you're doing what you gotta do to get it together, a woman like that wouldn't help you in the long run.Why even get mad about it? All that arrogance comes from pride and pride comes from gaping insecurities.

Ladies, don't listen to this nonsense. This is nothing but anger and jealously masquerading as concern, and racial chicanery. For those sistas who are doing their thing, keep on doing it. They are going to talk about you regardless! Know this. I think their insecurity is showing because more and more of us are stepping out of the box, and living to the fullest. Don't ever dumb down to capitulate to someone else's insecurities. Their issues are theirs to deal with and not yours. Bottom line, instead of accusing bw of being wanting too much, bm need to ask themselves why don't they want more......

Thank y'all for tuning in -see you next post
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